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01:09, 27 May 2014 (GMT): I'm back playing Skyrim once again. I am not in ESO, so please don't ask.

Transparent.gif introduction  
Transparent.gif This page is where I play around under the hood of the wiki, creating my own templates, learning how to implement advanced wiki tricks, and other wiki-wizardry.

Template Toolbox

Namespace Sandboxes

Until such time as the {{Sandbox Space}} template is fixed, the following sandboxes are useful for testing any templates that rely on a particular namespace for their functionality. For a full list, see Category:Sandboxes.

My Templates

This is a collection of custom templates that I have created or modified from other peoples' custom templates, and which reside within my own Templatespace as subpages of this one. I may use these within my main user page, but they are mostly for use in my fan fiction Reference Material.

  • box — A direct copy of Rpeh's box template. I use this throughout my userspace.
  • Custom Template Warning — used when I create a new custom template.
  • Fan Fiction Disclaimer — adds a disclaimer and Creative Commons license to my fan fiction pages.
  • GaerYear — links a date to my custom History Pages.
  • GaerNav — a floating navigation bar for the pages of The Gaersmith Legacy.
  • Patriarchs — a navbar for all the Gaersmith patriarchs in order.
  • Person — used when creating a new character in my fan fiction tale.
  • PlotIdea — adds a User-Daric Gaersmith-Idea 32x32.png and a link to the Plot Ideas page.
  • ResetSandbox — applies a consistent heading to all my sandboxes.
  • SubstNewPerson — for {{subst}}ituting into a new, blank Person.
  • Userspace Layout — provides a more consistent feel for pages within my userspace. This template also contains my Standard Definitions, and other database additions I use for harmonizing my userspace.

Common Definitions

As I use a lot of subfolders in my userspace, I have developed a standard set of {{#define:}} definitions to make it easier to type in those long path names. Note that I generally terminate a path with the ending forward-slash. As a consequence of this, these definitions can only be used to address sub-pages under them, but NOT the page itself. Note that I have now moved these definitions to the Userspace Layout template, and they can simply be loaded from there by using the code below at the start of the page.

<!-- My Standard Definitions -->
{{#load:User:Daric_Gaersmith/Templates/Userspace Layout|pathtotemplates|pathtorefmat|pathtopeople|pathtoplaces|pathtoitems}}


  • Creating a Plot Idea. eg. "What would majicka smell like,User-Daric Gaersmith-Idea 32x32.png I wonder".
{{{{{pathtotemplates}}}PlotIdea|The smell of majicka}}
  • Creating a link to my History pages. eg. "It is likely that Tiber Septim was born early in the ninth century of the Second Era".
{{{{{pathtotemplates}}}GaerYear|2E 828|Second Era}}
  • Creating a link to a character in my fan-fic. eg. "The grandfather of Daric Gaersmith was Andoryan".
  • Creating a link to a place in my fan-fic. eg. "The Gaersmith family home in Bruma was Travendon Hall".
[[{{{pathtoplaces}}}Travendon_Hall|Travendon Hall]]

Other Templates I Use Often

The following list is a quick reference for some of the existing UESP templates that I use often, would like to use, or really should be using. The bold parameters are required, others are optional.


General Editing

Images, Maps and Charts

  • {{Chart|border|boxstyle}}
  • {{Chart/End}}
  • {{Chart/Start}}
  • {{Image Mark|x|y|label|mark_alt|x%|y%|mark_link|position|x_delt|y_delt}}
  • {{Perk Tree|image|label|float|alt|perks}}
  • {{Perk Tree Setup|width|mark|mark_color|mark_width|mark_height|font_size|text_bold|text_italics|text_color|background}}
  • {{SkyrimBox|text|width|text-color|main-color|background-color}}


  • {{?}}?_Maybe
  • {{F}}Female
  • {{M}}Male
  • {{V}}☑Yes
  • {{X}}☒No


  • {{Book Link|title|alttitle|qty|authprefix|descprefix|namesp}}
  • {{Cite book|name|ns}}
  • {{Cite web|url|title|publisher|date|accessdate}}
  • {{intnote|1=name|2=mark_type}} — no named variables. This one goes in the body of the page.
  • {{Linkable Entry|display_text|exname|exname4}} or {{LE|display_text|exname|exname4}}
  • {{Note|1=name|2=mark_type|3=text}} — no named variables. This one goes in the footer.
  • {{UOL}}
  • {{PGE|ed|sec|alt}}
  • {{ref|name|group|note}}
  • {{TIL|display_text|link}} — for link options, see the list of Save Named Values.

Difficult Concepts

I have trouble remembering the syntax for many of the parser functions and Metatemplate functions that I use often, so I am building this library of examples that I can quickly copy from.


{{#switch: {{{variable}}}
| if_it_is_this=    do this
                    and this
                    and this too

| if_it_is_that=    just do this

| if_it_is_me
| or_if_it_is_you=  do this

| #default=         just do this instead, as it wasn't any of them