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Transparent.gif This page contains information about a character in The Gaersmith Legacy, a TES fan fiction tale.
Andoryan Gaersmith
A custom character
Race Breton
Gender Male
Date 4 Rain's Hand, 4E 82
Sign The Mage
Place Winterhold
Father Tristyn Gaersmith
Date , 4E 185
Cause Died peacefully at home, with family around him.
Spouse Arielle
Date , 4E 128
Place College of Winterhold
Heir Rerlas Gaersmith
Children Rerlas Gaersmith

Basic Information


Andoryan was born in Winterhold in 4E 82. He was the last of the Gaersmiths to have been born in Winterhold.


Andoryan's father Tristyn was an itinerant merchant, as had been his forefathers before him. The family have for many generations peddled their wares as artisans, crafting fine blades and enchanting them themselves. The skills of smithing, enchanting, and mercantile prowess run strong in the Gaersmith family. Andoryan spent much of his childhood at the foundry in Winterhold, at the College of Winterhold, and often travelled with his father to Whiterun to learn the ways of the merchant.


From the age of 30 to the age of 40 years old, Andoryan entered the College of Winterhold as a full time student in the arcane art of enchanting. Family tradition among the male Gaersmith's holds that each generation sends their eldest son to the College of Winterhold to study enchanting there for 10 years. Andoryan was the eldest son of his generation, and by 4E 112 he was ready to enter the coven. His father was 71 years old when Andoryan was a novitiate.

There was no formal graduation ceremony for any of the students of 4E 122 however. Andoryan was the first in his family line to not gain his Mage robes at the College of Winterhold. This occured because, before graduation day, the Great Collapse occured in Winterhold. As he was studying at the College at the time, Andoryan survived the catastrophe. He was the only member of the Gaersmith family left alive when the waters finally receeded, and the ancient family home was totally destroyed, along with much of the city of Winterhold.

Over the next couple of years, Andoryan helped with the aftermath of the disaster. While most of the Restoration School was busy with their healing arts, there was not much call for an enchanter, and magicians of any variety were shuned by most in those days. Andoryan instead used his skills as a blacksmith, forging large numbers of nails, iron fittings, locks and hinges for the rebuild of the least damaged buildings in Winterhold. The worst houses, such as the Gaersmith holding, were washed out to the Sea of Ghosts by the cataclysm. Others, which were beyond repair, were left to stand as a reminder of the loss of life in Winterhold.

Andoryan chose to finish off the last months of his training at the College of Whispers in Cyrodiil, as there wasn't anything holding him to Winterhold now, with all of his family dead. It would also be a great opportunity for him to put his mercantile skills to use in the Imperial City, the grandest marketplace in all Tamriel, to rebuild his family fortunes. In 4E 124, Andoryan graduated from the College of Whispers, and was granted tenure in Bruma as a Professor of Enchanting. It was a research position only, and left him free to pursue the family business and to build a new family home on the outskirts of Bruma. With the completion of the new holding in 4E 127, Andoryan established a new market for his finely crafted enchanted daggers at A Fighting Chance in the Market District of the Imperial City.

It wasn't until 4E 128 that Andoryan met and married Arielle, the daughter of a well-to-do merchant in the Imperial City. Her dowry and Andoryan's profits brought the Gaersmith family back to some semblance of the fortunes they once had enjoyed in Winterhold. A year later, Arielle gave birth to a son, whom they named Rerlas.


At the ripe old age of 103 years, Andoryan died peacefully during 4E 185 in his home. He died in his bed with family around him, including his grandchildren Daric (14 years) and Sabine (15 years), of whom he was very fond.


Andoryan embodies the altruistic Breton attitude of questing for a greater good, and mutual reliance. His time given freely in Winterhold in the wake of the Great Collapse was for the benefit of others more than for himself. However, on reaching Cyrodiil, his focus was more on reclaiming the status of the Gaersmith family through wealth. This too is a strong racial trait, of seeking to attain Nobility. This brought Andoryan into conflict with his heir and successor, Rerlas, who was more interested in reclaiming the family's traditions than their wealth. Andoryan became embittered when Rerlas chose to return to the College of Winterhold rather than to study at the College of Whispers, which would have strengthened the family's trading relationship with A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City and grow the family coffers.

By the time Daric was born, Andoryan was 89 years old and wizened. Throughout Daric's childhood, Andoryan pressured Daric to study at the College of Whispers and reestablish a trading relationship for the Gaersmiths in the Imperial City, just as he had tried to convince Daric's father before him. Andoryan was stubborn and persistent, and very wiley, traits often found amongst merchants, and his character can often be seen reflected in his grandson Daric.

Major Events

Major events in the life of Andoryan Gaersmith.
Date Event Age
4E 82 Andoryan was born. 0
4E 112 At age 30, Andoryan went to the College of Winterhold. 30
4E 122 The Great Collapse of Winterhold. 40
4E 124 Andoryan graduated from the College of Whispers. 42
4E 127 Andoryan built a new family home just outside Bruma. 43
4E 128 Andoryan married Arielle. 46
4E 129 Andoryan's eldest son Rerlas is born. 47
4E 159 Rerlas disobeys Andoryan and returns to Winterhold. 77
4E 169 Rerlas returns to Bruma. 87
4E 171 Andoryan's grandson Daric is born. 89
4E 185 Andoryan dies peacefully in his sleep. Daric was 14 yrs old. 103