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This template superimposes a location marker and a label on an image. It was created so that skill perk information can be displayed on top of a perk tree image, in conjunction with the Perk Tree template. However, it could be used in conjunction with any other "container" template that generates the image. In fact, it could even be used without any image at all, to place markers/labels at arbitrary locations on a page.

The template is derived from Location map on Wikipedia. Although the basics of the template functions are still the same as the Wikipedia template, it's essentially been irreversibly changed. UESP-specific functions have been added; new parameters and features have been added; label positioning bugs have been fixed.

This template was originally copied from Wikipedia.


The parameters listed under "Inherited Parameters" are ones whose values can be initialized using {{#inherit}}. In most cases these are parameters that should be applied uniformly to all of the Image Marks shown on a given image. The easiest way to set these parameters using the Perk Tree Setup template.

Image Mark
Parameter Scope Description
1 or x required The location of the mark in the horizontal axis. One of x and x% must be set. Always based on a 1000-pixel width image. See Wikipedia for details.
2 or y required The location of the mark in the vertical axis. One of y and y% must be set. Always based on a 1000-pixel width image (which is probably not a 1000-pixel height image). See Wikipedia for details.
3 or label optional The text to display next to the marker. If empty, no text is displayed. Note that standard wiki markup can also be used within the labels (e.g., for bold text, label='''Text'''). However, if any wiki markup is included in the label, then the mark_alt can not default to being the same as label.
4 or mark_alt optional The hover text (alt-text/tool-tip text) to display. Displayed over both the marker and the label. Defaults to the same text as the label. Can not contain any wiki markup (any wiki markup will be displayed as-is instead of having intended effect).
x% optional The location of the mark in the horizontal axis, as a percentage of the image width. If both x and x% are provided, x% is used preferentially.
y% optional The location of the mark in the vertical axis, as a percentage of the image height. (Unlike y, which is relative to the image width). If both y and y% are provided, y% is used preferentially.
mark_link optional Specifies a wiki link which will be followed if the reader clicks on the mark or the label. This parameter is not currently being used, because it overrides the displayed mark_alt text for the label.
position optional The position of the label relative to the mark. Valid values are left, right, top, bottom, on, topleft, topright, bottomleft, and bottomright. If none is assigned then the template will place the label either to the right or the left depending on the location of the mark. If an invalid value is provided, it will default to right. This parameter can be inherited, although normally inheritance is not appropriate.
x_delt optional x offset to use for the label position. Defaults to 1+mark_width/2. Normally, x_delt should not need to be set. However, if some unusual custom positioning is necessary, x_delt could be manually set. Negative values can only be used with position=left and position=right. Has no effect with position=top or position=bottom.
y_delt optional y offset to use for the label position. Defaults to 1+mark_height/2. See comments for x_delt. Has no effect with position=left and position=right; negative values can be used with all other positions.
width optional The width of the image. The default is 240px.
mark optional The name of an image to display as the mark. The default is File:Yellow pog.png. If set to "none", no mark image is displayed, just the optional label.
mark_color optional The color of 'pog.png' marker to use. Ignored if mark is also set. Currently the only valid values are Green, Red, White, and Yellow, but many other colors for pog.svg exist at Wikipedia and could be imported to UESP. Default is Yellow.
mark_width optional The width of the mark in pixels. The default is 16px.
mark_height optional The height of the mark in pixels. By default set to be the same as mark_width.
font_size optional The font size to use for the label as a percentage. The default is 90%.
text_bold optional Set to a non-empty value to display the label using bold text. Default is empty (non-bold text).
text_italics optional Set to a non-empty value to display the label using italicized text. Default is empty (non-italicized text).
text_color optional The color to use for the label's text. Default is black.
background optional The background color to use behind the label text. By default the background color is inherited from the image behind the label -- which means by default the background is transparent when used with Perk Tree.


See Perk Tree.