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This is an archive of all the old news articles where we announced our milestones and the occasional bit of news about the outside world! The log was a precursor to the News page, the Community Portal, and the Administrator Noticeboard.


February 2005[edit]


  • Wrye 21:54, 26 Feb 2005 (EST)
    • I've got about half of this done, I hope to get the final last half of the Gods section done this weekend. However, I almost certainly won't have time to do anything other than that in Tamriel (RL isn't just beckoning, it's coming in dragging me out by the collar!), so if someone has the time, they they should feel free.
    • For whoever extends it, please note the way I've used templates for the link bars. This is easy to do. I'm not sure the using the "NOTOC" was correct, but that's easy to fix by removing it from the header templates.


  • --Odhiambo 10:35, 25 Feb 2005 (EST)
    • I did a ton to Morrowind cheats. Almost everything... I added it and all. I know on GameWinners they have a giant list of Console cheats, I'm going to look up their policy to see if we can put some on here.
  • --dUc0N 16:36, 27 Feb 2005 (EST)
    • Making decent progress... I filled out the Hints page and about half the subcategories so far (the ones on seperate pages). I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks, and anything from me will be sparse if it's there at all during that time. March 15th I'll be back near full swing though.

Thelys Wiki[edit]

  • Wrye 01:56, 27 Feb 2005 (EST)
    • MadPauly has set up a Morrowind focussed Wiki. Almost empty at this point. Elder Scrolls forum topic is Morrowiki? (Hm, guess that's kind of an obvious name, 'cause it's the same one I used for my topic.)
    • Scrimmage! Steyr (the original poster for the Elder Scrolls topic above) is also building a wiki (Morrowiki) (see same forum as above). No site address yet. Note that both theLys and Morrowiki are focussing on listing and reviewing mods, so they now look to be in competition. I believe it best that UESP avoid this particular area, and let theLys and/or Morrowiki handle it.

March 2005[edit]


  • Elanor 03:33, 11 Mar 2005 (EST)
    • I finished the rest of the subcategories on the the Hints page (the ones on separate pages) and formatted the Birthsigns table on the page itself (lots of fun with tables this week!).
  • --Sstasino 13:07, 11 Mar 2005 (EST)
    • All the quest pages are complete for all walkthru pages, including the main quest, and formatting should be ok. Go on over and check it out! Morrowind Quest Page You will notice that they are laid out very similar to what is on the html pages (on purpose), but with the addition of the TOC for those of us who prefer navigating that way.


  • Elanor 03:33, 11 Mar 2005 (EST)
    • Done.


  • Elanor 03:33, 11 Mar 2005 (EST)
    • Done.

April 2005[edit]


  • --ctishman 19:07, 1 Apr 2005 (PST)
    • Working on my places database for Morrowind. I'll start by getting just the names up there, then filling articles in as I get around to it. Anyone who's got a moment, feel free to pitch in and describe a Telvanni Tower, Imperial Fort, Ashurnibibabibimbimbabi or whatever.


  • Elanor 20:37, 10 Apr 2005 (EDT)
    • Done.


  • Robmods 15:44, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)
    • Just the index page for now

MWE Modding Section Added[edit]

  • Halo112358 02:48, 11 Apr 2005 (EDT)
    • Howdy all, I created a small MWE modding section under the morrowind namespace and linked in from the Morrowind index page. I'm doing my best to get people using MWE to compile information here to avoid conflicts. Hopefully I can get the MWE documentation cleaned up enough to post online as well. Thanks for your time creating a place to store community data!

May 2005[edit]


  • --Errabee 04:41, 3 May 2005 (CET)
    • Working on the factions pages, completed high-level structure, but still needing much info.


  • Mdimitro 02:15, 22 May 2005 (EDT)
    • Almost all original pages have been converted (have been for a while, actually). Work is progressing well on adding Morrowind lists and expanding/correcting existing content, as well as reorganization and reformatting of said content.

August 2005[edit]


  • --Dr. Faust 09:40, 18 Aug 2005 (EDT)
    • Reformatted Combat for Wiki.
    • Still a lot of work to be done on the Daggerfall pages (more or less all of them) seeing as how nobody probably even looks there much anymore.
    • Images in Artifacts & Monsters: are these actually missing from the uesp.net 'server'? If so, I guess I'll start hunting for replacements...
    • Started work on importing all the DF books. They'll need just a little formatting, which may take quite some time, plus I'm on holiday next week. Please be patient!  ;O)

September 2005[edit]

UESP Wiki[edit]

  • DaveH 21:21, 9 Sep 2005 (EDT)
    • Slowly Moving Over to Wiki: I've added a small note to all the original static pages that point them to the Wiki site. The site's bandwidth and response speed has been fine the past few months as the Wiki has been getting good use, and hopefully it will be fine as we begin using the Wiki for all content. If things do slow down, there are a number of things we can do including various caching options or moving to a real server (currently we're operating as a virtual server as its much cheaper).

October 2005[edit]

Thelys Wiki[edit]

  • Wrye 23:11, 12 Oct 2005 (EDT)
    • I saw a note from MadPauly on the Elder Scrolls forum several weeks ago that Thelys Wiki never really took off and so he's basically abandoned it's goal of listing mods.
    • Accordingly, I've been expanding the Morrowind Mods section.


  • Wrye 23:11, 12 Oct 2005 (EDT)
    • I've done a major reorganization, clarification and consolidation of the various "site" pages. This should fix a lot of the duplication that we've been seeing (e.g., Community portal plus Site:Site). Woohoo!
    • There's still a fair amount of to do stuff on the UESPWiki:Editing and UESPWiki:Configuration pages, but at least this will take care of the meta stuff.

November 2005[edit]

We're Back (I Hope) -- Posted by DaveH 17:53, 21 Nov 2005 (EST)

The site finally outgrew it's previous server so I had to upgrade to a beefier one. The new server should have plenty of CPU and disk space to last us a while. The bulk of the older pages and the Wiki have been restored and it will take a couple more days to ensure everything is back in order.
Please notify me if you notice anything strange with the Wiki (corrupt pages or errors editing, etc...). Its the first time I've restored a MySQL database and while I think I did things right, there's a small chance not everything was restored.

December 2005[edit]

DNS Problems -- Posted by -- DaveH 10:18, 15 December 2005 (EST)

We've been up and down the past few weeks due to some DNS issues which prevented the www.uesp.net domain name to be correctly associated with its IP address. The site has been up, you just couldn't reach it. Unfortunately I have been travelling lately so it took more than the usual time to have it looked at. It seems the problem has now been solved, or will be very soon.

January 2006[edit]

Database/Wiki Issues -- Posted by DaveH 20:02, 18 January 2006 (EST)

The recent downtime over the holidays appears to be related to the MySQL database freezing or crashing the server a few hours after rebooting. I've upgraded the Wiki to 1.5.5 (from 1.5.0) in hopes that this will clear the problem. If not we'll down a few more days until I can revert to an older Wiki (1.4.8 seemed to work fine) or upgrade MySQL/PHP. Note that some Wiki functions (special pages, Recent Changes) won't work correctly until I have time to update them.

February 2006[edit]

Still Up and Down -- Posted by DaveH 11:58, 1 February 2006 (EST)

I've been unable to trace or solve the site crashing issue so temporarily the I've set the site to reboot once a day. Hopefully this will make it available the majority of the time and let me try more things to solve it.

New Site Features -- Posted by DaveH 12:20, 1 February 2006 (EST)

There have been a number of new and interesting things added to the site in the past few months which include:
  • Morrowind:Places - A great addition by Wiki contributors which details the locations of Morrowind.
  • Site Forums - Quite empty so far but good place to discuss the site and everything 'Elder Scrolls'.
  • Tes3Mod:Modding - Lots of great Morrowind editing information has been added.

March 2006[edit]

Even More Content and Copyright Reminder - DaveH 17:38, 29 March 2006 (EST)[edit]

I've been checking out the Oblivion content and...Wow!...it is sure being added fast. Thanks to all the contributors.
Also a reminder to not add copyrighted material to the site. I'm not naming names (yet...) but I saw a few pages that looked like they had information copied exactly from the Oblivion hint book. Paraphrasing or using the hint book/manual for information is fine, but exactly copying their text is not. Similarily, scans of the hint book, manual, or game map are no-nos.
I do get e-mails from time to time about copyrighted material on the site and the fewer of these I get...the better.

Content - DaveH 09:58, 27 March 2006 (EST)[edit]

I see the Oblivion section is getting a good work out with tons of content being added. Great stuff! I haven't had time to go through and edit most of it (like correcting major formatting, article names, etc...) but that will happen in time. Keep on playing...

Oblivion is Mine! - DaveH 19:43, 20 March 2006 (EST)[edit]

I managed to snag the last copy at a local EB Games just now! I did actually pre-order a collectors edition from the EBGames website but there's no guarantee it won't be a week before it arrives (no confirmation e-mail yet and it probably has to go through customs)...though now it will be on my desk in the morning.

Oblivion Construction Set Download and Wiki - DaveH 16:58, 20 March 2006 (EST)[edit]

It seems the construction set for Oblivion is now available for download over at WorthPlaying along with all the countdown videos for the game. Of course its not much use without the actual game but its still something to occupy you until you get the game.
Bethesda also has a new site for the Construction Set Wiki which looks like it will be a very good start on modding Oblivion. The Wiki is currently locked but will be opened later for new accounts and editing.
Note: It may require the latest version of DirectX as I received some error about a missing 'd3dx9_27.dll' when I tried running it (either install the latest 9.0c DirectX build or download the Missing D3DX9 DLLs).

Oblivion Almost Here! - Posted by DaveH 10:41, 18 March 2006 (EST)[edit]

Only another few days and it should start shipping! The Official Site has some new interviews and short countdown videos. I actually received my pre-ordered game hint book from EB Games last week which I'll try not to read too much this weekend and avoid spoiling the game (the book looks awesome btw, 370 color full sized pages).
Fortunately the new server appears to be behaving itself very well which means I can start to work on actual content rather than server maintenance.

New Server - Posted by DaveH 12:13, 12 March 2006 (EST)[edit]

Since the last dedicated server wasn't working out very I decided to change servers. I managed to find something for the same price but with better features (twice the RAM, disk, and bandwidth, remote reboot port, MySQL 4, etc...). It may be a few days until things are back to working order.
Update: The problem with v1.5 of the Wiki may have followed me to the new server. Database has been locked until I confirm it and move back to v1.4 or not. -- DaveH 20:35, 13 March 2006 (EST)

April 2006[edit]

Rumours of Oblivion for the PSP and PS3 - DaveH 16:20, 25 April 2006 (EDT) [edit]

A Gamautra News Article released today seems to indicate that Oblivion might be available on the PSP and PS3 platforms by the end of the year. While not yet officially verified it's interesting news none the less.
Update from IGN: We contacted Bethesda and sadly they had very little grist to add to the rumor mill. Their official reply: "At present we have no announced plans to bring Oblivion to any platforms other than PC or Xbox 360." GarrettTalk 00:10, 26 April 2006 (EDT)

Third Oblivion Plugin Released - Endareth 05:56, 25 April 2006 (EDT)[edit]

The third official mini-mod for Oblivion, Wizard's Tower, is now out for US$1.89. Hopefully they'll keep popping these little mods out, and with any luck some bigger ones are on the way!

Orrery Plugin Released, Official Patch Promised -Garrett 23:25, 20 April 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Late news is better than no news, right? Oblivion Downloads is now stocking the second official Oblivion plugin, the Orrery, for US$1.89. Xbox 360 players can get in on the act too, downloading it straight from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 150 Microsoft Points. Regardless of the system, this is actually cheaper than the Horse Armor Pack, which sold for US$1.99 (or 250 Microsoft Points). According to this post the prices will continue to be tweaked for future plugins based on both sales figures and forum feedback. Despite its widespread criticism on the official forums, the Horse Armor plugin sold even better than they were expecting.
To further sweeten the deal, the first official patch has finally been announced. Because of the problems many PC users have been having the PC patch is being released early as a strictly beta patch, so if you have been having problems running the game it seems your suffering is almost at an end.

Site IRC - DaveH 17:38, 10 April 2006 (EDT)[edit]

If you want to chat about the site, Oblivion, or Elder Scrolls feel free to join us on IRC at irc.chatspike.net, channel #uesp. Thanks to JigglesTheFett for setting this up for us.

Slooowww Site - DaveH 23:14, 9 April 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Site response has been up and down the past week while I was trying to tweak settings to get the best performance. I'm hoping the last set of changes will do it but only time will tell. Site traffic has really picked up the past week or two and the default settings the server was using just wasn't cutting it.

Official Oblivion Plugins - DaveH 13:23, 4 April 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Some official Oblivion plugins have been released over at Oblivion Downloads. There are currently 1 small mod available and 2 more coming soon for US$2 each.
Like it? Hate it? Discuss it in our Forums.

May 2006[edit]

Ken Rolston Retires - DaveH 09:36, 30 May 2006 (EDT) [edit]

Almost missed this one since there was no 'official' announcement. Ken Rolston, designer for Morrowind and Oblivion, has recently announced retirement from Bethesda (see the forum thread for more details). I wish to thank Ken for all his excellent work in the series and wish him best luck.

Oblivion Beta Patch - -- DaveH 12:19, 3 May 2006 (EDT) [edit]

A Beta Patch for Oblivion has been released by Bethesda that has a number of fixes. Read the Patch Notes for more information. Since this is a Beta release you may wish to wait until the final patch is available in the near future.

June 2006[edit]

Meeting Results? - Aristeo 22:52, 25 June 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Unfortunately, we didn't see many people at the meeting, and we were forced to postpone it to a later date. The time of the next meeting is currently undetermined, so keep an eye out for the rescheduling date and time.

IRC Meeting in #UESP - Aristeo 22:04, 19 June 2006 (EDT)[edit]

We will be having a meeting in our IRC channel on Sunday, June 25th 2006, at 9:15 PM EST (-5 GMT). This will give us the opportunity to talk about the future of UESP, address the concerns of the readers and writers, and promote the IRC room in general. I encourage you all to come join our conference, so you can voice your opinion on the imminent future of our project.

Oblivion Patch v1.1.511 Available - Wrye 23:08, 6 June 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Final version of first patch is available. Get it from Bethsoft's Patch download page.

Oblivion patch arrives next week! - GarrettTalk 20:25, 3 June 2006 (EDT) [edit]

Joystiq has discovered that the final version of the Oblivion patch is on its way as soon as next week! What's more, they linked to us! Oblivion:Glitches may become quite popular over the next few days.

July 2006[edit]

Site Upgrades - DaveH 18:02, 30 July 2006 (EDT)[edit]

I'll be performing a few upgrades of systems on the site today and the following few days (Wiki, forums, extensions, etc...). Any strange things that happen during this time are likely due to this.

Content Under Creative Commons - Aristeo 19:25, 27 July 2006 (EDT)[edit]

The content of this site is now freely under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license, except where we do not legally have the ability to do so. For more information, see the Copyright and Ownership policy page.

Pretty Tables! - Aristeo 23:04, 24 July 2006 (EDT)[edit]

As I've been exploring through UESP, I've noticed that a lot of editors are trying to use a table class called "wikitables". Now, I really don't know why, because nothing happened when they did. So seeing this as some sort of popular demand, I took the liberty of adding the wikitable class to UESP. Now whenever you add the wikitable (or prettytable) class to a table, you get a pretty table that looks just like what mamma used to make. (Or maybe even better.) You can do this by using the code class="wikitable" or class="prettytable" after the {| of the table. Feel free to try it out on the sandbox, or see the test that I made. Also, you may need to hard refresh (CTRL + F5) a page on the wiki so your browser can get an updated copy of the Common.css file.

"The Vile Lair" - New Official Mod - Aristeo 19:12, 14 July 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Bethesda will be releasing a new mod for Oblivion on July 13 called The Vile Lair. It's a refuge for evil charactors, with many cool features.

Our forums are broken, too! - Aristeo 01:00, 10 July 2006 (EDT)[edit]

What is it with forums these days? I highly recommend that you don't visit our forums, as spammers have finally taken it over with advertisements to suggestive sites. We are currently discussing this issue on the community portal, and we need your advice to help debate the future of forums on UESP.
Update: They're back up without guest posting enabled. Enjoy! :)

Official Forums were hacked - Aristeo 16:27, 9 July 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Yes, it's true. Around 2:36pm EST, the Official Forums we're hacked and a virus is currently being attempted to be downloaded onto anyone's computer who visits the site. Moderators on the forums have been telling everyone to not use the tan skin (default) while viewing the forums, and they are assuring everyone that the matter will be resolved as soon as possible. In the mean time, I don't recommend visiting the forums, especially if you're using Internet Explorer. [1]
Update: The forums have been closed for maintenance so the hack can be fixed.
Update #2: It looks like they have been fixed with no official comment from the technical staff. The tan skin still doesn't work yet.

Progress Report - Aristeo 15:00, 1 July 2006 (EDT)[edit]

I want to dedicate this news update to all of the people who have been working hard on the progress of UESP. This project couldn't succeed with all of you, and I'm proud to say that the site has really come along in the past few months.
The move from the old site to the new wiki is becoming more and more complete. The articles yet to be created have lessened greatly, which is pretty cool. Recently, the Redguard section's content has been completed, and the only improvements needed now are layout improvement. Information on the Battlespire section has also been ported over and improved upon. The articles on those two sections and the site in general have really gotten more standardized, which has improved the overall look of the site.
On the UESPWiki namespace, we've improved a lot of pages meant to help new and experienced contributors with the project. The editing page was recently improved a lot, and a few policies, including a copyright policy, have been proposed to the community. The community ruled recently that the paragraph format (versus the step-by-step format) shall be the global style of all quest pages. We also have agreed to use {{Quest Header}} on the top of all of the quests and {{Quest Footer}} for all series quests, and that all quests will be on a sub page under the "Quests" page of their appropriate namespace. (eg. Oblivion:Escape From Prison)
The section I've been working on, Morrowind's main quests, has been moving along slowly but surely. Pages have been slowly conformed to the style of the site, and improvements on the content have been made over time as well. It won't be long until that section is finished! The Oblivion section, on the other hand, has shot up quick since the game's release in March. It won't take that section long to be finished as well.
Last but not least, the IRC meeting will have to be delayed for about three weeks. There is currently a discussion on the community portal on when the next meeting should be, so keep that in mind when opting for a time and date.
The wiki is looking better and better with each passing day. Keep up the good work!

August 2006[edit]

"Spell Tomes" Official Plugin Announced - Garrett 00:33, 30 August 2006 (EDT)[edit]

Oblivion Downloads has a new preview of the latest plugin, Spell Tomes. This plugin adds spellbooks to the random loot spawn lists. When opened they add the single spell within to your own spellbook Diablo-style. Some of the spells are said to be very powerful, and so (in a nod to Daggerfall) the most powerful ones come with deliberate side-effects to balance their power and reduce the casting cost. What's more, this mod costs a grand total of 99 cents.

Oblivion Online Map - DaveH 19:53, 12 August 2006 (EDT)[edit]

If you're looking for a certain Oblivion location or just want to check out the landscape feel free to try out the Oblivion Online Map. This is its first release and will be a work in progress for some time so any sort of Feedback and Discussion is welcome.

Help Us Improve - Aristeo 19:04, 12 August 2006 (EDT)[edit]

I've set up a page where you can give your thoughts on what you think about the site. Check it out, see what other people are posting, and give your two cents.

September 2006[edit]

Oblivion is coming to the PS3 and PSP[edit]

Months of rumors and speculation can finally be put at rest. It has been confirmed by Bethesda that Oblivion will find it's way onto the PlayStation 3 in November 2006 and on the PlayStation Portable in Spring 2007 in North America and Europe.[2] These versions will have new content and enhancements, and 1Up's coverage even mentions a new faction called The Knights of the Nine, a name that was discovered a few weeks back. Whether this faction will also be available to PC and Xbox 360 players is as yet unknown. For now, you can drool over the first screenshots and listen to the podcast. (Sources: [3] [4])

New Alchemy Calculator Available - Nephele 03:22, 16 September 2006 (EDT)[edit]

The Alchemy Calculator, a new tool for Oblivion players interested in exploring alchemy and finding powerful potions and poisons, has been posted. This is still a preliminary release; any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

"Knights of the White Stallion" Confirmed Fake[edit]

Pete Hines, Bethesda's marketing V.P., was asked by gaming site GamersReports about the truth behind the GameStop listing[5]; he had this to say:

"There's no expansion in development called Knights of the White Stallion. That's the name of a quest in Oblivion. Right now we have no announced plans for any new content, add-ons, or expansions. If that changes, we'll let folks know."[6]

Note that he only denies this one name; GamersReports neglected to ask about the other two potential names, meaning they could still be the names of expansions.

Possible Expansion Packs?[edit]

On August 17th, ZeniMax Media Inc. applied for registration on the trademarks "Shivering Isles" and "Knights of the Nine". Bethesda Softworks has neither confirmed nor denied that they are developing expansion packs for Oblivion, so it could be possible that they are developing expansion packs by these names. Alternatively, these could be the names of two unrelated projects. Let the speculation begin! (Search for these US trademarks here.)

A member of the official forums has argued that the wording of these two trademarks indicates that these titles will instead be Elder Scrolls Travels games. [7] In brief, the four core TES games and their expansion packs are all registered under "Computer game programs", while Shadowkey and Oblivion Mobile as well as these two unused names all use the wider description "Computer game programs; computer game programs offered via handheld computers, wireless telephones and wireless devices."

Knights of the Nine is now known as an upcoming official mod/plug-in, albeit one that will be released as a boxed set including all the previous official plug-ins, meaning that it can be viewed as an "expansion" of sorts. Some speculate that "Shivering Isles" will take place in Lore:Summerset Isle.

Remixed Logo Design - Aristeo 22:38, 1 September 2006 (EDT)[edit]

As you can see, we have a new site logo. Thanks again, Booyah Boy, for making this for us. (You may have to refresh your cache to see it. Using CTRL+F5 on most browsers will force a hard refresh.)

"Spell Tomes" Official Plugin Released - Garrett 00:27, 1 September 2006 (EDT)[edit]

The latest plugin, Spell Tomes, has now been released. Initial reports are that the Tomes "seem to be fairly rare". Eventually the entry here will list all the spells it adds, and any locations where non-random Tomes are located.

October 2006[edit]

Possible Expansion Packs?[edit]

On August 17th, ZeniMax Media Inc. applied for registration on the trademarks "Shivering Isles" and "Knights of the Nine". Bethesda Softworks has neither confirmed nor denied that they are developing expansion packs for Oblivion, so it could be possible that they are developing expansion packs by these names. Alternatively, these could be the names of two unrelated projects. Let the speculation begin! (Search for these US trademarks here.)

A member of the official forums has argued that the wording of these two trademarks indicates that these titles will instead be Elder Scrolls Travels games. [8] In brief, the four core TES games and their expansion packs are all registered under "Computer game programs", while Shadowkey and Oblivion Mobile as well as these two unused names all use the wider description "Computer game programs; computer game programs offered via handheld computers, wireless telephones and wireless devices."

Knights of the Nine is now known as an upcoming official mod/plug-in, albeit one that will be released as a boxed set including all the previous official plug-ins, meaning that it can be viewed as an "expansion" of sorts. Some speculate that "Shivering Isles" will take place in Lore:Summerset Isle.

PSP Travels details[edit]

October 3, 2006

The November 2006 edition of the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (aka OPSM) has more details about the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion for the PlayStation Portable.

The game will be a more action-oriented dungeon hack with 10 levels and no free-roam. All of Oblivion's attributes will make it into the game, as will 18 of Oblivion's 21 skills with their mastery perks intact. There will be no connectivity with the PlayStation 3 version.

Regarding controls, OPSM had this to say: "The designers of Travels cite Metroid Prime as an influence on the control scheme: The analog stick controls front-and-back movement and turning side to side, holding down the L button allows your character to strafe, and holding down the R button engages free-look." (Sources: [9])

The Reference Desk[edit]

October 5, 2006

A Reference Desk has been set up for everyone who needs to ask questions about the Elder Scrolls or about the operations of our site. If you have a question that you would like our editors to answer, then you should post it there.

Knights of the Nine a PS3 exclusive?[edit]

October 10, 2006

From the moment it was revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of Oblivion included a new "Knights of the Nine" questline, fans have speculated whether PC and Xbox 360 players will also be able to enjoy it. [10] Unfortunately, Bethesda has confirmed that this quest is indeed PS3 exclusive. [11] On the bright side, more about this faction has been released to the public.

The Knights of the Nine are an order of religious fighters, described as "the good Dark Brotherhood". [12] They task the player with reclaiming the Crusader's Relics, which will boost the player's combat abilities. Other items are available from them, but only if their principles are strictly followed. Players must uphold the knights' virtues by not doing anything that raises their Infamy level.

Keep in mind that this news does not come from a Bethesda press release. The item of news was most likely based on a Games Rader story from the previous day. [13] Supposedly, their item describes the quest as being exclusive, but it does not say that Bethesda told them this. The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine's November "world exclusive" has yet to reach non-subscribers, so it's strange that new details would emerge so soon after their article's publication, especially since their exclusivity period should still be in effect.

As of now, this news should be treated as suspicious until a source other than PS3Land says otherwise.

Update: according to a recent interview, this confirmation of exclusivity is indeed fabricated.

PS3 interview: Knights of the Nine not an exclusive[edit]

October 11, 2006

Today IGN posted an interview with Todd Howard, Executive Producer of Oblivion.

When asked if the Knights of the Nine questline would be made available for PC and Xbox 360 players at some point he replied, "We always aim to have all our content available across all platforms, so that is our goal." This confirms that PS3Land's story was indeed fabricated.

Howard also stated that the PS3 version will have no new content other than that relating to the Knights of the Nine questline. The current official plug-ins will not come packaged with the game. He also expressed his uncertainty about PS3 ever getting them due to Sony's non-unified content distribution service: "How Sony will handle this is still a little fuzzy to us ... it is our intention to make that content available for PS3". He agreed that a content disc was another possibility for supplying downloadable content.

He also explained some further details about the new content. In Oblivion, your current level determines how powerful the items you find will be, and that is then permanent; the new blacksmith is able to repair and upgrade your Crusader armor to match your current level.

There will be no Collector's Edition, nor will the game support the tilt functionality of the SIXAXIS controller. The PS3 hard drive will apparently be use to the same extent as the 360's, rather than relying on it heavily.

Anonymous Editing is now Enabled[edit]

October 16, 2006

We no longer require our editors to sign up or log in order to edit the wiki. All edits that are made anonymously will be attributed to that user's IP address, so editing under an account will conceal your IP address. There are more benefits and tools available to registered users than to anonymous users, but anonymous editing may be ideal for the more casual editors.

Knights of the Nine available November 21st for PC and Xbox 360[edit]

October 17, 2006

In today's press release Bethesda revealed that the PC and Xbox 360 version of the Knights of the Nine questline will be available on November 21st. Not only will it be available from the Xbox Live Marketplace and OblivionDownloads.com, but also in a boxed product on store shelves (PC only). The boxed version will also include all the previous official plug-ins (Horse Armor Pack, Repairing the Orrery, Wizard's Tower, Thieves Den, Mehrunes' Razor, Vile Lair, Spell Tomes).

According to the press release, players will seek "answers [to] many of the questions surrounding the Ayleid ruins" and "found their own order of holy knights – leading them into battle against a sorcerer-king and his demonic minions while exploring massive dungeons and searching for legendary relics – the holy armor and weapons of the Divine Crusader."

As yet, no price has been announced.

Update: the official PS3 gallery is now up with two screens of the Knights of the Nine content and one of the PS3 version's improved shaders.

Knights of the Nine boxed set price and cover[edit]

October 20, 2006
OB-cover-Knights of the Nine Box Art.jpg According to Amazon.com's listing, the Knights of the Nine boxed pack will be US$20.

Interestingly, the boxart (left) does not incorporate the artwork used on the cover of the Official PlayStation Magazine (right).

The prices on OblivionDownloads.com and the Xbox Live Marketplace are as yet unknown.

OPM November 2006.jpg

Fighter's Stronghold plugin on its way?[edit]

October 21, 2006

Today, several users of the official forums have reported receiving an Xbox.com newsletter mentioning a new official plug-in.[14] In addition to describing the current plugins it also mentions one where "You can become Lord of The Fighter's Stronghold deep in the Colovian Highlands."[15]

Fans are already speculating that this could be the elusive Dragonfire Castle. The different name does not necessarily rule it out, as the other houses have had different names then their plug-in: the Wizard's Tower plugin's titular structure was actually called Frostcrag Spire, the Thieves Den is called Dunbarrow Cove, and the Vile Lair is called Deepscorn Hollow.

Vandals, Be Warned[edit]

October 31, 2006

A lot of editors, new and experienced, have been contributing a lot of good material to our site. We know it has been hard to figure out our rules, procedures, and customs on the wiki, so we congratulate everyone who has been trying to learn how to write good material for our articles. Everyone who wishes to contribute is welcome, we only ask that all contributions to the site are constructive and help improve the site.

For those of you who do not know how to contribute yet, it's easy: Simply find a page that needs to be improved and click on the edit tab on the top of the article. We even have a sandbox available for everyone who would like to practice their wiki syntax skills.

As with all online communities, sometimes the problem children of the internet pass through our site, and to these people we say the following: If you deface a page or otherwise introduce harmful material specifically meant to damage the site, you may be blocked from editing without warning!

Now that we have that out of the way, we hope that you find what you are looking for on the UESP. If you don't, then feel free to create it!

November 2006[edit]

Knights of the Nine DLC price, new screens[edit]

November 1, 2006

OblivionDownloads.com now lists the Knights of the Nine for US$9.99. According to this listing the plug-in weighs in at an impressive 155 MB. The previous plug-ins are barely 58 MB in total. There are also some better screenshots of the Aurorans, the underlings of Umaril, an ancient Ayleid sorcerer-king.

Judging by the filesize there's a lot of new adventures waiting in the Knights of the Nine plug-in. The download will be available worldwide on November 21 for both PC and Xbox 360(estimated 800 MS Points), and PC players can also look for a boxed version in stores for US$19.99 that also includes all the previous official plug-ins. The PlayStation 3 version of Oblivion, which includes the Knights of the Nine plug-in, is currently slated for release on November 17.

Updated Site Skin[edit]

November 22, 2006

As you can probably see, the theme for the site has changed significantly. Although the buttons and links are all still in the same place, the colors are more on topic with our content. Let everyone know how you feel about the changes by commenting in the community portal. Note that you may have to refresh your cache by hard refreshing (CTRL+F5) this page.

Knights of the Nine In Stores[edit]

November 22, 2006

Knights of the Nine PC box set is now available in stores, as is the XBox downloadable version. The PC downloadable version will be available from OblivionDownloads.com on December 4th.

The PC box set is essentially shovelware. You get a clear box with a CD-ROM containing separate, plain exe installers for Knights of the Nine and all previous released official plug-ins. You also get a single page fold-in sheet saying "run the installers". I.e., no fancy loot, fancy booklet or even fancy installer! Given the shovelware nature, these may well still have the copy protection scheme that you would get if you downloaded them in the regular way.

In related news, Gamespot reports that Oblivion for the Playstation 3 (which would include the Knights of the Nine) has been confirmed by Bethesda to now be a "Q1 2007 title"

December 2006[edit]

UESP Server Problems[edit]

December 12, 2006

Since 5pm PST Friday, December 8, UESP has been experiencing severe problems with its server, which has resulted in the web site being completely unavailable most of the time. We are critically aware of the problem, we are fairly certain that we know what is causing the problem, and we are working to fix it. At the moment, we are only able to implement a temporary fix, that allows access to the site for at most two hours at a time, during which time response will get slower and slower, until the site is effectively unavailable any more. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will provide an update once a more longterm solution has been implemented. How long it will take to fix the problem is currently unknown and out of our control: it could be fixed in 15 minutes, it could still take a few more days. For more discussion of this problem, see the Community Portal.

UESP Server Update[edit]

December 13, 2006

A fix for the recent server problems has now been implemented. We'll be continuing to monitor the status of the server, but hopefully the site is now back to normal (and not just for an hour or two). Thank you for your patience over the last few days.

January 2007[edit]

Happy (Late) Holidays -- January 4, 2007[edit]

Hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday this year. The web server, unfortunately, decided to take some 'time-off' shortly after I left for the holidays. The problem simply seems to be due to the hard drive filling up. Some disk space has been made available and hopefully we won't run into the same problem anytime soon.

Oblivion Expansion in Q2 -- January 4, 2007[edit]

Voodoo Extreme has a quick news item mentioning that details of the first real expansion for Oblivion, Shivering Isles, will be in the next month's version of PC Zone UK (issue #177). Although the details are slim it apparently has an estimated released date in Q2 of this year and features that include the ability to change the land.
Update (19 Jan 2007): Bethesda has released a Shivering Isles announcement with a few details and screenshots.

Fan Interview -- January 31, 2007[edit]

The good folks at Bethesda have decided to answer a Fan Directed Interview on Shivering Isles, Oblivion, and TES in general. The group that's organizing the interview is currently taking questions from a thread on the Official Forums. This is your chance to ask any questions about upcoming TES games, lore, and anything else that you really want to know. This is the Fourth Fan Interview that Bethesda has agreed to complete; the first, second and third ones are all available.
Update: The Interview has been written, and sent off to Bethesda. It ended up with 28 questions, which can be found here.
Update: The Interview has been completed, and can be found at Oblivion:Fan Interview IV.

March 2007[edit]

Oblivion PS3 Released — March 20th, 2007[edit]

Oblivion for PS3 has been released for North America.

Oblivion 1.2 Patch Released — March 23th, 2007[edit]

The Oblivion v1.2 patch is now available. Download the patch and read the associated Read-Me file. The patch is required to playing Shivering Isles.

Note that some major mods (for example; OBSE and Frans) need to be updated to work with the patch. You may want to wait for these mods to be updated before getting/installing the patch. For discussion of which mods work and which don't see the official forums.

Shivering Isles Expansion Released — March 27th, 2007[edit]

The Shivering Isles expansion pack for Oblivion was released in North America today. If you have a copy feel free to start contributing tips and quest walkthroughs.

April 2007[edit]

Serious Shivering Isles Ref Bug — April 7th, 2007[edit]

A very serious bug has been found with Shivering Isles that will render the game unplayable after about 50 to 120 hours of play, higher performance systems will be affected sooner. The bug will occur regardless of whether you access Shivering Isles content or not. The basis of bug is that an internal "space" of identification numbers for objects created in the game (e.g., a dropped arrow, a new creature, etc.) becomes exhausted — at which point the newly created objects disappear from the game world. (Crashes To Destop and other problems are also almost certain.)

PC A patch is available which PC users should install immediately! If you wait until the bug shows up, then not only is your savegame unfixable, but most savegames prior to the one with the bug are highly subject to developing the problem later.

Xbox It is not known whether this affects X-Box users as well (it is reasonable to assume that it would, but might not hit until around 150 hours of play assuming 30 FPS on XBox).

PlayStation Shouldn't be a problem for PlayStation since Shivering Isles is not yet available for PS3.

For more info, see Reference Bug.

Shivering Isles Beta Patch Released — April 11th, 2007[edit]

An official beta patch has been released by Bethesda, which is available for download. The patch has been released in response to the Shivering Isles Reference Bug, as detailed in Reference Bug. This is only a beta patch and therefore may not yet be fully tested, and it is only available for PC users.

For more information, see Reference Bug and patches.

Update (April 16th, 2007): The Beta patch has been updated (to v1.2.0416) to fix some side effects reported with the original beta patch.

Final FormID Patch Released — April 30th, 2007[edit]

An official patch has been released by Bethesda, available both for download by PC users and over Xbox Live for Xbox 360 users. This patch fixes the FormID bug, which was the underlying problem with the Shivering Isles Reference Bug. It is recommended that all players, even those who have not installed Shivering Isles, install this patch, because the FormID problem affects all versions of Oblivion. Further details on the Oblivion patch information page.

July 2007[edit]

Bethesda Blog — July 23rd, 2007

August 2007[edit]

Zenimax Online Studios — August 2nd, 2007[edit]

The latest Bethesda Blog is an interview with Matt Firor, the head for Zenimax Online Studios, a new division of Zenimax, the parent company of Bethesda. The official press release doesn't mention any specific titles or whether the MMO will be Elder Scrolls based or not.

Server Upgrade — August 19th, 2007[edit]

In the next few days the UESP server will be upgraded to a more powerful machine. While there should be no downtime the Wiki and forums will be locked for a few hours when we switch to the new server.

Update: The switch to the new server will occur the morning of August 21st.

Update: You are now on the new server. The Wiki/forums are unlocked. There may be brief downtimes/performance issues as I fix and update things in the next couple of days.

September 2007[edit]

Oblivion GOTY Edition — September 6th, 2007[edit]

A Game of the Year (GOTY) edition of Oblivion is scheduled to be released for PC and Xbox 360 on September 10th, as originally announced by Bethesda on July 9th. This release of Oblivion will include both Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine (but apparently it will not include any of the other Official Plug-ins that have been made available).

In addition, Bethesda has announced the release in October of a Shivering Isles retail disc for Xbox 360 players, that will also contain Knights of the Nine. This disc is intended for Xbox 360 players who already own Oblivion but do not have access to Xbox Live, and will be less expensive than the full GOTY edition. More details are available at the Bethesda blog.

Both a GOTY edition and a Shivering Isles retail disc have been mentioned for PS3, but details remain uncertain. Although the PS3 GOTY edition was originally due to be released at the same time as the PC and Xbox 360 versions, it is now rumored that the PS3 GOTY edition will not be made available until October.

TESSource.net is now tesnexus.com — September 20th, 2007[edit]

The popular TesSource.net download site has moved to tesnexus.com. All original databases and files (except images) have been restored at the new site.

Also, The Imperial Library previously hosted at TesSource has moved to imperial-library.info.

October 2007[edit]

Fighters Stronghold Free Download — October 10th, 2007

Shivering Isles Released for PS3 — October 19th, 2007[edit]

Shivering Isles was released for the PS3 on October 16th as part of the Oblivion Game of the Year (GOTY) edition. So far the PS3 GOTY edition is only available in the US; European release is scheduled for December. The disk contains Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine, but does not contain any of the other available official plug-ins.

Shivering Isles will also be made available for PS3 as a separate retail disk, to be released on November 20th in North America. The availability of Shivering Isles on other platforms is summarized in the FAQs.

November 2007[edit]

Online Elder Scrolls? — November 2nd, 2007[edit]

Over the past few months, there have been quite a few rumors about the Elder Scrolls series going online. These were started when ZeniMax Media, Bethesda's parent company formed a new division, ZeniMax Online Studios headed by Matt Firor, a developer with experience in the MMO field. Then, on October 25, Bethesda received a large $300 Million investment from an outside firm. Now it has come to light that ZeniMax Media registered ElderScrollsOnline.com back in mid August. Still, this is speculation, but it definitely appears that Bethesda and ZeniMax are cooking something. Here's the 'whois' lookup confirming the domain purchase

Forums Anniversary Party — November 19th, 2007

December 2007[edit]

Wrye Interviewed by Bethblog — December 11th, 2007

January 2008[edit]

UESP Reaches 10,000 Articles — January 1st, 2008

April 2008[edit]

Fan Fiction Competition — April 3rd, 2008

June 2008[edit]

Bethsoft.com Down? — June 4th, 2008

New Map for Morrowind — June 22, 2008

October 2008[edit]

Elder Scrolls in 2010? — October 30th, 2008[edit]

According to gameindustry.biz, a Bethesda publishing executive, Paul Oughton stated that we may be seeing the next Elder Scrolls title around 2010. He didn't say anything about what we can expect from the game, or whether or not it might be an MMO from ZeniMax Online Studios or a single player game developed internally at Bethesda, but since he is quoted as a Bethesda Executive, the single player option seems more likely. Currently speculation on the next Elder Scrolls title points to it taking place in Skyrim.