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Hi! This is my me page!

I'm Master Thiefster on the official forums, Master Thief Garrett on Wikipedia, but Garrett everywhere else. I'm also the Garrett you see doing all the updates at the Oblivion Mod Wiki.

I seem to naturally gravitate towards positions of great responsibility on websites, even though I'm not very outgoing in real life. I've been a moderator of a few forums over the years, and more recently I've become a sysop on Wikipedia and Wikibooks. I've also done administerial stuff and general busybodying for various other gaming-related wikis. Basically if it's a wiki about games you'll probably find something to do with me there. :)

My focus: Tamriel: namespace[edit]

My focus right now is on upgrading the rather unloved Tamriel pages.


  • The first (and easiest) step was adding maps from the new Oblivion Codex to take the place of the terribly outdated Arena one. You can see them all right here.
  • Removing the Oblivion trails from Tamriel race pages. Oblivion pages are now done via transclusion.
  • I wrote a Tamriel: page for poor forgotten Solstheim.
  • Converted the entirety of the Factions and Places indices into transclusions.

To Do[edit]

  • Track down redlinks and create them
  • Add things from Oblivion to the indices
  • Check the other games' race pages and ensure they're using transclusions of the Tamriel: ones
  • Convert all Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon and Oblivion places into ones transcluded from Tamriel: equivalents
  • Rework [[:/WinArena/]] manual into an adequate description of its functionality, and merge with Arena: namespace.


These are also high on my to-do list.