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The Dragonborn Merge Project is focused on merging all of Dragonborn space into Skyrim space.


The move will take place in phases. Editing phases will take place on the development server before being run on the live servers, to iron out any wrinkles. Note that, for simplicity, HoodBot is assumed to be the bot for most bot-related tasks, but particularly for the pre- and post-move phases, other bots could be an option.


  • Update development server with a recent copy of the main server. (Dave)
  • Have a bot identify the pages that will need to be merged, e.g. Dragonborn:Spells and Skyrim:Spells. The initial merge can be a simple copypaste job, adding the Dragonborn contents to the bottom of the respective pages (see e.g. Skyrim:Achievements). However, human intervention will then be needed to merge the lists, which is where the bulk of the work lies. (HoodBot)
    • Latest results can be found here. These can be updated at need if pages are moved/merged before the job is run.
  • Check templates that will need to be either renamed or altered to update namespace checks. (Template Editors)
  • Figure out a list of pages the bot may want to skip over, such as Dragonborn and add a marker of some kind to it. The most viable options would be to create a separate page with a list of pages to skip, or use {{Bots}} or a category on each page to be skipped. (Editors)
  • Section started below for input of these, a maintenance category [[Category:DBMerge-No Bot]] will be added to this pages before any bot writes/moves take place.
  • Update {{Place Link}} - currently has no functionality built in for map namespace, will require editing before bot run. (Template Editors)
  • For each page in Dragonborn space, update templates as listed below. This is easiest to do prior to the bulk page moves, and will not have any effect while the page is still in DB space. (HoodBot)
  • Delete pages as noted in Special Cases.

Articles for Bot Avoidance[edit]

Articles that should not be moved by Bots, and should instead be handled by Editors:

Special Cases[edit]

Moving Articles[edit]

  • Before moving the pages, Skyrim and Dragonborn spaces will be locked down so that only the bot can edit it: $wgNamespaceProtection[namespace] = ['bot'] for namespaces: 134, 135, 146, and 147.
  • Do the actual moves. (HoodBot)
For each page in File space starting with DB-:
  • Update the name to start with SR-.
  • Update all links.
For each page in DB space:
  • If it's proposed for deletion, skip it.
  • If an SR page of the same name exists, and either the DB or SR page is a redirect or disambiguation, add [[Category:DBMerge-Redirects]] to the DB categories and skip the move.
  • If no SR page exists, create a redirect that is identical to the DB one, but update any links as per "Edit after Move".
  • If no same-named SR page exists, move the page and leave a redirect.
  • If a same-named SR page exists, append the DB content under a = Dragonborn {{DB}}= header. (L1 header is to provide clarity that everything below is DB in the likely event that there are L2 headers already on the DB page.) Add a [[Category:DBMerge-Merged]] to flag the page for further attention. Since we're editing the page directly anyway, do any editing tasks as part of the update (see next bullet).
  • Add Category:Redirects from Moves to all DB pages - can be done with the initial move and redirect. (Bot)
  • Edit After Move: Once the pages are moved, relink all moved/merged page titles across the wiki.
  • If it's a full move, add {{Mod Header|Dragonborn}}. If it's a new section, do not use Mod Icon; the text header should make it clear, and any need for a Mod Icon should be decided by the editor.
  • Update transclusions and links from Dragonborn to Skyrim, adding a #Dragonborn section link if needed and a different section link does not already exist. (Should the bot check for section link conflicts? This is doable, but is it worth it for what's probably a rare occurrence?)
  • With the exception of {{Map Link}}, change any template call with a |ns_base=Dragonborn (and variants) to |ns_base=Skyrim.
  • At this point, the Dragonborn editing restriction can be removed. (Rob/Dave)
  • (Possibly after job queue clears) For each page in Category space starting with DB- or containing -DB-, find the template that generates the category, or the manual link to it, and adjust it. (More detail needed...probably a limited number and can be fixed before, then move Category pages during/after that.)
  • Most of the above categories should already have SR equivalents, but if they don't, move the category page itself to the SR equivalent. (HoodBot? These may be few enough that an admin could do them. These can probably be checked pre-move, then we can decide.)
For each page in DB Talk:
  • If a Skyrim article or talk page already exists for the page, move the talk page to [[Skyrim Talk:PageName/Dragonborn Archive]] and add that to any existing Archive Table on the SR talk page (creating the table and/or page if they don't exist). Otherwise, move the talk page with the page, as normal.

Post-Move Updates and Checks[edit]

  • Update any templates that couldn't be updated prior to the page moves. (Template Editors)
  • Check any maintenance categories related to the move and do whatever is most appropriate. (Editors)
    • Manually move/merge pages that were tagged as not to be moved by the bot.
    • Handle redirect conflicts.
    • Review merged pages to figure out the best way to integrate that information. Ensure level 1 headers are removed or changed to level 2, as needed.
  • Editors need to generally keep their eyes open for anomalies that happened during the process, and fix them. (Editors)
  • Mark any pages for deletion. The general idea is to leave all current Dragonborn pages as redirects permanently, since it is a long-standing namespace and there could be numerous external links. There may be some, such as template-like subpages or similar technical pages where this doesn't make sense. For safety's sake, these should probably be tagged with {{Prod}}, even if they would normally qualify for {{Speed}}, unless the page was created in error after the namespace move. (Editors)

Pages left for Editor Review[edit]

See the Merge Results page for things that may still need attention.

See Also[edit]

To compare this to a similar project to see if anything further needs to be done, see Namespace Move Project.

Project Members[edit]