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Cover art of the Skyrim soundtrack

Skyrim's music was composed by Jeremy Soule, who also composed the music for both Oblivion and Morrowind. A four-disc soundtrack release was available physically from DirectSong and it is digitally available from iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. For the first time in the series additional music was created for add-ons for the game, though no official soundtrack of the music from Dawnguard and Dragonborn has been released. The complete soundtrack for Skyrim totals almost 4 hours in length.



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Original Game Soundtrack could previously be purchased from DirectSong and is still available on iTunes. The physical release is split over 4 CDs. The fourth disc contains "Skyrim Atmospheres" which consists of various pieces of ambiance, sound effects, and music from the game, notably the mus_palette tracks.

Two extended pieces of music are missing from the original soundtrack release: mus_combat_boss and mus_dungeon_cave_02. Most of the shorter tracks have also been excluded.

Disc Track number Title File Name Length Form ID Type
01 01 Dragonborn mus_maintheme 03:57 Unknown Special
01 02 Awake mus_special_cartintro_01 01:34 000FED05 Special
01 03 From Past to Present mus_town_day_02 / mus_explore_day_02 05:06 0002C3CC / 0008FC1A Town
01 04 Unbroken Road mus_explore_day_06 06:26 0010486B Explore
01 05 Ancient Stones mus_town_day_04 04:47 00100F89 Town
01 06 The City Gates mus_town_day_01 03:48 0002C3CB Town
01 07 Silent Footsteps mus_dungeon_03 02:53 00094BDB Dungeon
01 08 Dragonsreach mus_castle_stormcloaks 02:22 0008DE5E other
01 09 Tooth and Claw mus_combat_01 01:50 00034186 Combat
01 10 Under an Ancient Sun mus_explore_day_01 03:43 0006D543 Explore
01 11 Death or Sovngarde mus_combat_06 03:02 0001740F Combat
01 12 Masser mus_explore_night_03 06:06 0002482F Explore
01 13 Distant Horizons mus_explore_morning_02 03:54 000EF540 Explore
01 14 Dawn mus_explore_morning_01 03:59 0006C76E Explore
01 15 The Jerall Mountains mus_explore_day_04 03:21 000E0C83 Explore
01 16 Steel on Steel mus_combat_02 01:45 00034187 Combat
01 17 Secunda mus_explore_night_02 02:05 000899AF Explore
01 18 Imperial Throne mus_castle_imperial_01 02:22 0006BBCF other
02 19 Frostfall mus_explore_day_03 03:28 0008690E Explore
02 20 Night without Stars mus_dread_04 00:43 00089A97 Dread
02 21 Into Darkness mus_dungeon_01 02:54 0002D4BD Dungeon
02 22 Kyne's Peace mus_explore_night_01 03:51 0006D545 Explore
02 23 Unbound 01:34 Not in game
02 24 Far Horizons mus_explore_day_08 05:33 0010D9F7 Explore
02 25 A Winter's Tale mus_tavern_03 03:21 00017032 Tavern
02 26 The Bannered Mare mus_tavern_02 02:30 000BCF52 Tavern
02 27 The Streets of Whiterun mus_town_day_03 04:06 0002C3CD Town
02 28 One They Fear mus_combat_boss_02 03:16 0010486A Combat
02 29 The White River mus_explore_day_05 03:31 00100F2E Explore
02 30 Silence Unbroken mus_dungeon_02 02:23 0002D4BE Dungeon
02 31 Standing Stones mus_explore_night_06 06:38 000E0C84 Explore
02 32 Beneath the Ice mus_dungeon_ice_01 / mus_dungeon_ice_02 04:16 00052289 / 0010793C Dungeon
02 33 Tundra mus_explore_dusk_02 03:51 0008551A Explore
02 34 Journey's End mus_explore_day_07 04:09 001071D3 Explore
03 35 Before the Storm mus_intro 01:09 0008DC78 Special
03 36 A Chance Meeting mus_tavern_04 03:11 00017033 Tavern
03 37 Out of the Cold mus_tavern_01 03:04 000622AA Tavern
03 38 Around the Fire mus_tavern_05 03:11 001071D4 Tavern
03 39 Shadows and Echoes mus_dungeon_cave_03 02:21 00094BE0 Dungeon
03 40 Caught off Guard mus_combat_03 01:12 00034188 Combat
03 41 Aurora mus_explore_night_05 07:23 000DDDC3 Explore
03 42 Blood and Steel mus_combat_04 02:12 00034189 Combat
03 43 Towers and Shadows mus_dungeon_fort_02 02:23 00094BDC Dungeon
03 44 Seven Thousand Steps mus_discover_highhrothgar 01:08 00017410 other
03 45 Solitude mus_explore_night_04 02:12 000D7B40 Explore
03 46 Watch the Skies mus_combat_boss_03 02:22 0003418A Combat
03 47 The Gathering Storm mus_explore_dusk_01 02:55 000D3E41 Explore
03 48 Sky Above, Voice Within mus_explore_dusk_03 03:58 0009DE40 Explore
03 49 Death in the Darkness mus_dungeon_cave_01 02:37 00094BDE Dungeon
03 50 Shattered Shields mus_dungeon_fort_01 02:40 00056152 Dungeon
03 51 Sovngarde mus_sovngarde_chant_lp 03:38 0001713C other
03 52 Wind Guide You mus_explore_day_09 09:05 00000DCF Explore
04 53 Skyrim Atmospheres none 42:34 none other


Dawnguard adds several more unnamed tracks as background music when exploring Castle Volkihar, the Soul Cairn, and the Forgotten Vale. The song mus_eclipse, an edited variant of Seven Thousand Steps, plays when firing a Bloodcursed Elven Arrow and causing a solar eclipse. None of these tracks have ever been officially released.

File Name Length Form ID Type
mus_eclipse_01 00:26 02019BB4 Special
mus_dungeon_dlc_soulcairn_01 04:20 0200EF6D Dungeon
mus_dungeon_dlc_vampirecastle_01 03:57 0200EEB7 Dungeon
mus_dungeon_dlc_vampirecastle_02 04:41 0200EEB8 Dungeon
mus_explore_dlc_falmervalley_01 04:23 0200EF95 Explore


Dragonborn adds several tracks for exploring Solstheim and Apocrypha, the latter of which are reused from Dawnguard's Volkihar ambience tracks. Most of the music for exploring Solstheim has been taken directly from Morrowind's soundtrack. The new music has never been officially released.

Title File Name Length Form ID Type
mus_dlc2boatarrival_01 00:55 0403A4D8 Special
mus_dungeon_dlc2apocrypha_01 03:59 0403427F Dungeon
mus_dungeon_dlc2apocrypha_02 04:49 04034280 Dungeon
Over the Next Hill mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_01 03:05 04033919 Explore
Peaceful Waters mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_02 03:06 0403391B Explore
The Road Most Travelled mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_03 03:15 0403391A Explore
Blessing of Vivec mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_04 03:16 0403391C Explore
Silt Sunrise mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_05 03:11 0403A73D Explore
Shed Your Travails mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_06 03:11 0403A73E Explore
Caprice mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_07 03:28 0403A73F Explore
mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_08 04:30 0403D4A2 Explore
mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_09 07:05 0403D551 Explore
mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_10 05:38 0403D552 Explore
mus_explore_dlc2solstheim_11 03:36 0403D553 Explore

Skyrim Special Edition[edit]

The Special Edition added several tracks from the Oblivion soundtrack for use in various in various Creations. They were defined in Update.esm to make them available as a modding resource.[1] At first they were placed in Skyrim - Patch.bsa, but with the Anniversary Edition update, which removed that file, they were moved to Skyrim - Sounds.bsa along the rest of the soundtrack.

Title File Name Length Form ID Type
Daedra in Flight bgssse016_mus_combat_boss_01 1:01 0100301D Combat
Wind from the Depths mus_dungeon_01 1:42 0100304E Dungeon
Tension mus_dungeon_02 2:32 0100304F Dungeon
Ancient Sorrow mus_dungeon_03 1:05 01003050 Dungeon
Deep Waters mus_dungeon_04 1:11 01003051 Dungeon
Unmarked Stone mus_dungeon_05 1:06 01003052 Dungeon

Development and reception[edit]


Skyrim's soundtrack was nominated by the British Academy of Film & Television Arts for Best Score in the Game Music Category, but was beaten by L.A. Noire. It was also nominated by Game Audio Network Guild for Music of the Year and Best Original Soundtrack Album, but again lost. The main theme, Dragonborn, won the Game Audio Network Guild's Best Original Vocal (Choral) award.

Recurring motifs[edit]

Although most of the music is new, a few motifs from Morrowind and Oblivion make a recurring appearance:

  • "Dragonborn" is the latest version of what Todd Howard has called the "Elder Scrolls Theme". It first appeared as "Call of Magic" (aka "Nerevar Rising") in Morrowind and then as "Reign of the Septims" in Oblivion. The latest version is the first to include lyrics, sung by a men's choir in the dragon tongue. The original version and a translation appear in-game in the book Songs of Skyrim.
  • The track "The Jerall Mountains" originally appeared in Morrowind as "Rise to Reality" ("Silt Sunrise" in the Special Edition soundtrack) and in Oblivion as "Through the Valleys".
  • The piece "Wind Guide You" is a remake of "Minstrel's Lament", which also appeared in Oblivion.
  • "Unbroken Road" shares a motif with "Reign of the Septims," first recognizable at 0:26 in "Reign of the Septims" and 0:58 of "Unbroken Road."

Jeremy Soule's commentary[edit]

Composer Jeremy Soule has shared his inspirations and background information about some of the tracks on the soundtrack. Due to the length of his commentary, his remarks on each track have been hidden with collapsible show/hide tags.

From Past to Present
Ancient Stones:
The White River:
Standing Stones:
Sky Above, Voice Within:
Wind Guide You:
Skyrim Atmospheres:

Technical Information[edit]

Extracting in-game music[edit]

In previous games the music was available as MP3 files in the main game directory, but for Skyrim the files have been included in Skyrim - Sounds.bsa, and encoded with a ".xwm" extension. Once extracted from the BSA, they can be played using MPC-HC (no playback issues), the VideoLAN media player, or Audacity which are also able to convert them to other formats, such as MP3.

You can use the program BSAUnpack to extract files from .bsa archives. You can use the program Skyrim Audio Converter to convert .xwm files to .mp3

The music can be converted to wav via xWMAEncode.exe found in the Microsoft DirectX Software Developer's Kit. The SDK is about 500MB compressed and requires installation, but the basic .exe is a standalone encoder/decoder, thus best found and used without the kit.

The Main Theme can be found in the "special" directory.

Special Edition Format differences[edit]

The music format differs between the different platform versions of Skyrim Special Edition.

PC and Xbox One use Microsoft xWMA format (.xwm) at 48kbps to store music. PS4 uses Sony Atrac format (.at9) at 144kbps to store music, and is considered to be much higher quality due to the higher bitrate.


  • The trailers for Dawnguard and Dragonborn each have a unique theme which is not present in the game itself or available as individual releases.
  • A distinctly different rendition of "One They Fear" can be heard multiple times in the Behind the Wall - The Making of Skyrim video.
  • The song "Unbound" is on the official soundtrack yet does not appear anywhere in the game nor is present within the game's files. It was possibly originally intended to be played during the quest Unbound when Alduin attacks Helgen.
  • The song "Nerevar Rising Reprise" was composed and recorded for Skyrim [13], but ultimately released only on the Morrowind Special Edition Soundtrack.
  • The compression algorithms used by the game can cause parts of the soundtrack to drop out or be over-emphasized. For instance, the percussion section is far more audible in the in-game version of "Tooth and Claw" than in the soundtrack version. Compare the in-game version of "Tooth and Claw" to the soundtrack version.

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