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Cover art of the soundtrack bundled with the Collector's Edition
Cover art of the DirectSong digital-only 'remastered' soundtrack

Morrowind's soundtrack was composed by Jeremy Soule, who also composed Oblivion's soundtrack and Skyrim's soundtrack. It is available for purchase from iTunes and was previously available from DirectSong.

The soundtrack was nominated for the Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition award of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science, but lost out to Medal of Honor: Frontline.[1]

OTN Original Title RTN Remastered Title File Name Length Type
01 Call of Magic 01 Nerevar Rising Morrowind Title.mp3 01:54 Special
02 Desperation 05 Bright Spears, Dark Blood MW battle1.mp3 02:07 Battle
03 Dark Caverns 04 Over The Next Hill mx_explore_1.mp3 03:05 Explore
04 Unity 03 Knight's Charge MW battle2.mp3 02:05 Battle
05 Peace At Last 02 Peaceful Waters mx_explore_2.mp3 03:06 Explore
06 Traveling Fanfare 07 Dance of Swords MW battle3.mp3 02:14 Battle
07 Main Theme 06 The Road Most Travelled mx_explore_3.mp3 03:15 Explore
08 Choices Made 11 Hunter's Pursuit MW battle 4.mp3 02:19 Battle
09 Separation 08 Blessing of Vivec mx_explore_4.mp3 03:16 Explore
10 Trick Suspense 09 Ambush! MW battle5.mp3 02:34 Battle
11 Rise to Reality 10 Silt Sunrise mx_explore_5.mp3 03:11 Explore
12 Break the Cycle 13 Stormclouds on the Battlefield MW battle 7.mp3 02:11 Battle
13 Love Lost 12 Shed Your Travails mx_explore_6.mp3 03:13 Explore
14 Forever There 15 Drumbeats of the Dunmer MW battle 8.mp3 02:03 Battle
15 Ending Theme 14 Caprice mx_explore_7.mp3 03:28 Explore
16 Darkened Depths mw_cavern.bik 00:51 Video
17 The Prophecy Fulfilled mw_end.bik 01:12 Video
18 Triumphant MW_Triumph.mp3 00:15 Special
19 Introduction mw_intro.bik 01:12 Video
20 Fate's Quickening MW_Death.mp3 00:18 Special
21 Nerevar Rising Reprise 02:14 Bonus

Jeremy Soule's Comments[edit]

Jeremy Soule has shared some of his inspirations and background information about some of the tracks:

Over the Next Hill
  • In a waking moment from a dream, familiarity somehow coexists with a strange newness that can overwhelm the senses. Anything tangible is overtaken by the feeling of being in two worlds, neither of which are distinct. This music was my impression of that state. It was an approach meant to diffuse aural focus in a shift to the visual nature of the Morrowind adventure. Melodic beats (which typically give strong narrative direction) were replaced with harmonic color, and the world becomes a dream. For this directionless frame of mind leaves an opening for many interpretations, all reinforcing a personal connection to the game.[2]
Nerevar Rising Reprise
  • Written as an exercise as a way to get my head back into TES, this was the very first track completed for Skyrim. [3]
  • Morrowind... as revisited right around the time I began work on Skyrim. So, the textures and arrangement were updated and inspired by the original. It was fun to come back and have another look at this theme, which is now a bit like an old friend. [4]


  • The 'remastered' digital-only album contains additional tracks and a modified order.
  • Most tracks were given a title on the Collector's Edition soundtrack CD ("Original Title"), and later a different title ("Remastered Title") when Jeremy Soule released a 'remastered' digital-only version of the soundtrack on his now-defunct website DirectSong.
  • Songs can additionally be found in the Morrowind data folder in MP3 format, except for Darkened Depths, The Prophecy Fulfilled, and the title theme reprise; Introduction is also not available as an MP3 in a Morrowind installation, but is embedded in the mw_intro.bik animation file played when starting a new game.
  • Six songs from the soundtrack are featured in Shadowkey.
  • All explore songs from the soundtrack (except the title theme, Call of Magic/Nerevar Rising) are featured in the Dragonborn add-on for Skyrim.
  • On the original CD release and lossless FLAC versions of the 2018 digital re-release, "Nerevar Rising" appears to be transcoded from the MP3 in the game data. All other tracks are true lossless, however.
  • "Nerevar Rising Reprise" only appears on the DirectSong release.


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