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The Shadowkey soundtrack consists of six songs taken from the Morrowind soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Soule. See the Morrowind article for more information.

Original Title Remastered Title File Name Length Type
Unity Knight's Charge battle2.ogg 02:00 Battle
Traveling Fanfare Dance of Swords battle3.ogg 02:11 Battle
Choices Made Hunter's Pursuit battle4.ogg 02:18 Battle
Peace At Last Peaceful Waters explore2.ogg 02:45 Explore
Main Theme The Road Most Travelled explore3.ogg 03:06 Explore
Separation Blessing of Vivec explore4.ogg 02:59 Explore


  • The tracks are shorter and of much lower quality than their Morrowind counterparts. This is likely due to the necessary compression needed for a mobile game.