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Blades OST

The Blades soundtrack was composed by Inon Zur. It is available from Amazon and iTunes and is available for streaming on Spotify. And there are 17 themes in all.

Track number Title Composer Length Plays in
01 The Elder Scrolls Blades Main Theme Inon Zur, Mark Lampert, Frédéric Tardif 2:02
02 Coming Home Inon Zur 3:14 Town
03 Darkness in the Light Inon Zur 3:15 Forests
04 A Worthy Foe Inon Zur 1:59 Combat (normal)
05 The Elves of Old Inon Zur 2:07 Ayleid Ruins
06 Of Stone and Secrets Inon Zur 1:40 Dungeons
07 En Garde! Inon Zur 2:05 Combat (normal)
08 Hearthfire Inon Zur 3:22 Town
09 A Woodland Tale Inon Zur 1:50 Forests
10 Glowing Beauty Inon Zur 1:42 Caves
11 Danger Looms Inon Zur 1:10 Combat (boss)
12 In the Shadows Inon Zur 1:37 Dungeons
13 Ancient Fragments Inon Zur 2:08 Ayleid Ruins
14 Anew Inon Zur 2:58 Town
15 Hidden, Hostile Inon Zur 1:45 Caves
16 Kill or Be Killed Inon Zur 2:03 Combat (boss)
17 The Elder Scrolls Blades Main Theme (Alternate Mix) Inon Zur, Mark Lampert, Frédéric Tardif 1:27


  • An alternate unused main theme can be found in the game's data files.