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The Shadow of Namiira is an aspect of Namiira which is heard during a Cantor Trance at the village of Black Heights in Southern Elsweyr. While she makes no physical appearance, the impact she had on the lives she interacted with is devastating. Another aspect of Namiira also appears in Shadowfen, as the Aspect of Namira.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

While helping Adara'hai free her brother-in-law from the grip of the dro-m'Athra, she will ask you to investigate the village through a trance to see the sources of the corruption. The visions follow Dak'radhi after the death of his wife and his son's onset of illness. With the third vision, he is seen standing on the bridge praying to Khenarthi for his son's survival. The Shadow of Namiira answers instead and taunts him:

Dak'radhi: "Khenarthi. Please. He is a boy. He is our only boy …. If you must take someone, take me!"
Shadow of Namiira: "She doesn't want you."
Dak'radhi: "W—who's there?"
Shadow of Namiira: "She never wanted you."
Dak'radhi: "Shut up."
Shadow of Namiira: "Or your wretched wife."
Dak'radhi: "Shut up."
Shadow of Namiira: "Or your wretched son."
Dak'radhi: "Shut up!"
Shadow of Namiira: "She's forsaken you. But I haven't. There's a place in the Dark for all you cast off, forgotten souls."
Dak'radhi: "You—you will save Vijari-ma."
Shadow of Namiira: "No, lonely creature. You will."

The Shadow kept its word and had Dak'radhi gather reagents for a special paint. In the fifth and final vision in the Colorworks, the Shadow of Namiira enacts a ritual with Dak'radhi.

Dak'radhi: "Dak'radhi brought what you asked."
Shadow of Namiira: "Pour it all into your art."
Dak'radhi: "Blood of a flightless bird."
Shadow of Namiira: "Too terrible and ugly for Khenarthi's sky."
Dak'radhi: "Petals, blue as the sky."
Shadow of Namiira: "Numbing dreams are as close as you'll come."
Dak'radhi: "The skin of her fallen children."
Shadow of Namiira: "Torn down by her own wind and claws."
Shadow of Namiira: "Come, my lost cat. Paint your mark for me and we'll dance on Khenarthi's graves."

While the vision ends here, it is known that Dak'radhi went to the Wall of Life to paint his mark which corrupted the mural. This caused it and the Passage of Dad'na Ghaten to become a beacon for the dro-m'Athra.