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Home Settlement Black Heights
Location Vijari's House, the fountain, the bridge, the painters' warehouse, Colorworks
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection

Dak'radhi was a Khajiit painter who lived in Black Heights. He was Tuhada's mate and Vijari's father, and died a few years before the present. In life, he cared for his wife and son who were both afflicted by the same hereditary disease.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Black Heights[edit]

Dak'radhi is first mentioned by Vijari in the throes of the Bent Dance, as calling out to him. After Adara'hai asks you to investigate the village for what is causing the Darkness' strong hold on Vijari, you will begin to see Dak'radhi in the visions triggered by the tainted objects.

In the vision triggered by the Cracked Decanter within Vijari's House, Dak'radhi can be seen tending to his dying wife.

Dak'radhi: "Please, Tuhada. You must get up."
Tuhada: "She can't, Radhi. She has no strength left."
Dak'radhi: "Dak'radhi will carry you! He will carry you to the Sands Behind the Stars himself if he has to! Just do not leave him yet."
Tuhada: "If it were her choice—"
Dak'radhi: "This one will get you water!"

Dak'radhi heads over to the table.

Tuhada: "Radhi … Vijari …."
Dak'radhi: "Only a moment more! Vijari! Come help your mother!"
Tuhada: "She … she loves …."

Tuhada goes silent and Dak'radhi returns to see what has happened.

Dak'radhi: "Tuhada!"

When interacting with the Wishing Coins the fountain, Dak'radhi is seen trying to wake up a young Vijari-ma. It appears he is showing the same symptoms as his mother which devastates Dak'radhi.

Dak'radhi: "Vijari-ma, wake up! Vijari! Are you all right?"
Vijari-ma: "Don't ... don't tell momma Vijari was playing in the fountain again."
Dak'radhi: "Oh no, Khenarthi, no no no no no. Not again."
Vijari-ma: "Father? Wha—what's the matter?"
Dak'radhi: "Shh, shh. It's all right, Vijari. Papa is here. You fainted, but you're all right now."

While investigating a paw print of Dried Paint on bridge to the Colorworks, you can observe a past Dak'radhi praying to Khenarthi for his son's survival. Someone else answers instead.

Dak'radhi: "Khenarthi. Please. He is a boy. He is our only boy …. If you must take someone, take me!"
Shadow of Namiira: "She doesn't want you."
Dak'radhi: "W—who's there?"
Shadow of Namiira: "She never wanted you."
Dak'radhi: "Shut up."
Shadow of Namiira: "Or your wretched wife."
Dak'radhi: "Shut up."
Shadow of Namiira: "Or your wretched son."
Dak'radhi: "Shut up!"
Shadow of Namiira: "She's forsaken you. But I haven't. There's a place in the Dark for all you cast off, forgotten souls."
Dak'radhi: "You—you will save Vijari-ma."
Shadow of Namiira: "No, lonely creature. You will."

After observing the Claw-worn Brush in the painter's warehouse, you will see a vision of Dak'radhi painting on a canvas. Vijari-ma is nearby and wants to knows when his father is coming back home.

Dak'radhi: "It's late Vijari. You need to rest. This one will be finished soon."
Vijari-ma: "You said that last night."
Dak'radhi: "Tonight Dak'radhi will rest. He promises."
Vijari-ma: "Goodnight, father."

Vijari-ma turns away to head back home.

Dak'radhi: "Goodnight, son."
Dak'radhi: "Papa will not be gone forever."

Inside the Colorworks there is the Darkly Stained Mortar, which Dak'radhi can be seen using while he mixes a unique paint as per the Shadow's instructions.

Dak'radhi: "Dak'radhi brought what you asked."
Shadow of Namiira: "Pour it all into your art."
Dak'radhi: "Blood of a flightless bird."
Shadow of Namiira: "Too terrible and ugly for Khenarthi's sky."
Dak'radhi: "Petals, blue as the sky."
Shadow of Namiira: "Numbing dreams are as close as you'll come."
Dak'radhi: "The skin of her fallen children."
Shadow of Namiira: "Torn down by her own wind and claws."
Shadow of Namiira: "Come, my lost cat. Paint your mark for me and we'll dance on Khenarthi's graves."

Before he disappears, Dak'radhi can be seen twitching much like Vijari did while affected by the Bent Dance.

Passage of Dad'na Ghaten[edit]

Location Passage of Dad'na Ghaten
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 127,470 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile Class Chillfiend
Other Information
Condition Dro-m'Athra

Dak'radhi became a dro-m'Athra after corrupting the Wall of Life. His only goal is to save his son: as Vijari approached the end of his life, Dak'radhi called out to him. While Adara'hai managed to bring Vijari back to the light, Dak'radhi needs to be vanquished to entirely save Vijari and to prevent future Khajiit from being corrupted.

The dro-m'Athra can be found within the Passage of Dad'na Ghaten, beyond the wall.

While in the Passage, he can be heard calling out each time you ring one of the Khenarthic Bells. After you ring the first bell:

Dak'radhi: "Vijari-ma! Dak'radhi feels you near! Come to him! Come be free of this world!"

The second bell:

Dak'radhi: "The bells. Those damnable bells! Shrill and hollow! Empty as Khenarthi's promises!"

The third bell:

Dak'radhi: "Does the Wind come for my soul now? Where were you for Tuhada? Where were you for me?"

When you arrive at the area at the end of the path, Dak'radhi can be seen wandering around the several portals. Vijari and his wife will arrive soon after you and Adara'hai. While Adara'hai sings her canticles, you will need to defeat Dak'radhi. While he fights you, he will plead with you to let his son go.

Dak'radhi: "Have you not taken enough?"
Dak'radhi: "Give Dak'radhi his son!"
Dak'radhi: "Vijari belongs with us!"
Dak'radhi: "Dak'radhi can take his pain away!"
Dak'radhi: "Vijari … !"
Dak'radhi, vanquished from Nirni

While you destroy Dak'radhi's physical body, his spirit still remains and will speak directly with Vijari, trying to convince him to willingly come with him. However, Vijari will refuse to follow his path.

Dak'radhi: "Dance with me, Vijari! Down in the Darkness where death cannot find you. We will never be separated again!"
Vijari: "Vijari doesn't fear dying, father. He fears what you've become."
Dak'radhi: "Dak'radhi can't lose you too! He won't!"
Vijari: "Vijari won't follow where you want him to go."

As Vijari begins to leave, Dak'radhi calls out to him in despair.

Dak'radhi: "No! Vijari-ma! Vijari! Don't leave Dak'radhi! Don't leave him alone!"

To completely vanquish him, Adara'hai instructs you to strike the Advent Bell, and to ignore Dak'radhi's appeals to your empathy.

Adara'hai: "Go! Strike the bell! She will hold him firm!"
Dak'radhi: "Strike that bell and you kill all Dak'radhi has left!"
Adara'hai: "Do not listen! A Bent Cat's words are poison."

Once the bell is struck, Dak'radhi's spirit will be gone and the glade will have returned to normal.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

When he is fought within the Passage of Dad'na Ghaten, he will fight with and mixture of frost and void magic:

Ice Arrow
basic ranged attack that does minor frost damage.
Summon Ice Barrier
He summons an Ice Barrier that absorbs projectiles fired at it until destroyed.
Dak'radhi summons a purple orb from the sky that explodes when it hits the ground splitting into three projectiles. This attack can be interrupted or simply avoided.
Winter's Reach
Ice Barrier

As well as his personal abilities, Venomspit and Websnare Spiders will appear from the portals.


  • After the quest is completed, if Adara'hai is questioned, she will mention that it is entirely possible for Dak'radhi to return and cause more trouble in the future.