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Mages Guild
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Aldmeri Dominion
The Firsthold Mages Guild

The Firsthold Mages Guild is a guildhall in southwestern Firsthold, which houses a branch of the Mages Guild. It is an Altmer-style two-story building. There are few storage containers outside, all of which are not owned. A note, Things to Do, can be found on the left of the front door. Inside the guildhall is divided into the Mages Guild Main Floor and Mages Guild Upstairs areas. A large circular hall dominates the ground floor. It is used as a studying area as well as the dining hall. It is furnished with tables, chairs and benches. A note, Letter to Telenger, lies on one of the tables. Quite a few alchemical ingredients and drinks can be found here, although all of them are owned. The main hall has several bookshelves that can hold skill books.

Two doors in the hallway lead upstairs. The top floor is used mainly as a storage area with barrels, crates, kegs, sacks, and a backpack, all of which are owned. However, all the residents seem to never visit this part of the guildhall, making it convenient for thieving characters. There is another bookshelf here. A door found at the end of the hall, provides a balcony access.

The guildhall services become available only after the successful completion of the Sever All Ties quest during which you need to clear Firsthold of Veiled Heritance and their Daedric allies.

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