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Lieutenant Ehran
Home Settlement Velyn Harbor
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fists of Thalmor
Lieutenant Ehran

Lieutenant Ehran is an Altmer member of the Fists of Thalmor leading the defense of the town of Velyn Harbor. After the town is saved, Ehran will be killed in action, and he will be buried in a gravestone near the river on the eastern side.

Related Quests[edit]


"Good. You've made it. Thank you for rallying these brave men and women. We stand a chance now."
Sergeant Linaarie urged caution.
"She does? I'm surprised. The sergeant's one of the hardest fighters I know.
We can't let up. The captain either died fighting, or she needs our help. Either way, we have to push on."
What if your captain is dead?
"Until I know for certain, it's my duty to attempt a rescue. Captain Cularalda and her men were on the docks when the Ra Gada landed.
She might've gotten safely into the lighthouse, but I don't know.
What should we do next?
"We need to alert the rest of the Broken Coast. I want to send a runner to Deepwoods, just in case we can't take back the harbor.
I'll keep pushing forward, on the slim chance the captain's alive. But I've an idea that needs your help. "
What do you need?
"The Drublog hold the landward gate out of Velyn Harbor. I need you to clear the way for the runner.
When the road's clear, blow this signal horn, and one of our sprinters will take word to deepwoods. "
Clear the road and blow the signal horn? I can do that.
"The rest of the militia and I will stop the Drublog from burning this area to the ground.
I'll make one of the buildings atop the hill into a makeshift headquarters. When the runner clears the gate, meet us up there."
"Just clear the way for my messenger in case someone sends reinforcements … or attacks the Dominion elsewhere.
We'll take back Velyn Harbor, one district at a time."

After sounding the horn, he'll be in the burned out house on the east side of town where he'll say:

"The militia? Are they all right? I tried to lead them, but the Drublog …."
The militia is here. It looks like they made it.
"I couldn't wait for them. Ran ahead, too far ahead. Impatience. My curse! The captain … if she's alive ….
Sergeant Linaarie's in charge. She's got to … to save Velyn Harbor now."
Lieutenant Ehran's gravestone

Following the completion of the quests, Ehran's gravestone will read:

Fist of Thalmor
He fought when others fled.
He died while others lived.
He rests in peace while we await judgement.
In his memory, we stand on guard.


  • The Lieutenant will give you Lieutenant Ehran's Horn, at the appropriate dialogue stage.
  • If you try to speak to him after his last dialogue, the message <The lieutenant is dead.> will appear like normal dialogue.
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