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Captain Cularalda
Home Settlement Velyn Harbor
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fists of Thalmor
Captain Cularalda

Captain Cularalda is the haughty and unprincipled commander of the Fists of Thalmor unit present in Velyn Harbor, who went missing during the dual Drublog and Ra Gada invasion of the city.

When she learned that the unit present at Velyn Harbor would form an honor guard for the Green Lady, Captain Cularalda pulled strings to gain command; something that Sergeant Linaarie points out with distaste. Linaarie mentions while the captain may have been a strict disciplinarian, she never thought that she had what it took to actually lead troops in battle.

Lieutenant Ehran, her second-in-command, respected Captain Cularalda however and fought valiantly to try and rescue her. He was unfortunately cut down leading the men into battle to which the captain gives a pithy response once she learns of his death.

While missing during invasion of the city, once the battle is won in the Aldmeri Dominion's favor, she is discovered hiding underneath the docks and arrested. Having lost the respect of her own troops, the testimony of the Velyn Harbor Militia and townspeople, the Dominion command has no choice but to relieve her of duty and lock her away.

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"This is outrageous! I am a captain of the Fists of Thalmor! By what authority does a mere sergeant keep me detained?
When my superiors hear what happened this day, Sergeant Linaarie will be court-martialed!"
What happened?
"We were inspecting ships when a sentry cried out "sail ho!" or something equally meaningless.
It didn't make any sense. After all, we expected a ship! I told the men to stay at attention."
Did you raise an alarm?
"And look like fools in front of the Green Lady? Of course I didn't sound the alarm!
When the enemy attacked, I immediately saw we'd be overwhelmed. I organized a retreat and hid until reinforcements arrived."
Why did you hide? Why not fight back?
"How dare you? I did what I had to do to save my command! The lieutenant's sacrifice was... unfortunate. If he'd waited, I'm sure the raiders would have taken what they could and left Velyn Harbor more or less intact.
He died for nothing."
I've heard enough.
"I've said everything I'm going to say about the attack on Velyn Harbor. I'm certain my superiors will see the wisdom in my actions."