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Sergeant Linaarie
Home Settlement Velyn Harbor
Location Greenshade
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fists of Thalmor
Sergeant Linaarie

Sergeant Linaarie is an Altmer member of the Fists of Thalmor. She is part of the team leading the charge to retake Velyn Harbor.

Related Quests[edit]


She can be found next to Lieutenant Ehran on the path to the south of Velyn Harbor, overlooking the defenses. When spoken with she will express disbelief at her captain's demise:

"Where's the captain? I can't believe she and the rest fell to the Redguard Ra Gada that quickly."

House and Home[edit]

"Nice work. I'll train our volunteers as quick as I can.
Lieutenant Ehran wouldn't wait for us. He took a few of the more hot-tempered civilians and headed across the bridge. He thinks the captain is still alive."
You want me to stop him?
"No, but I don't want a good officer dying for one that might already be dead.
Lieutenant Ehran is young, but he's one of the best lieutenants we have. The captain? Let's just say we can always get more like her.
You don't have a high opinion of the captain?
"Sharp, aren't you? When the assignment came down for us to be an honor guard for the Green Lady, Captain Cularalda pulled as many strings as she could to get command.
Recognition is everything to her. Fighting isn't."
I'm ready to go find the Lieutenant.
"Head across the bridge and meet the lieutenant. I'll give these civilians a quick course in handling weapons and follow as fast as I can."

Later in the quest, she'll be in the burned out house on the east side of town next to Lieutenant Ehran, where she'll say:

"I arrived too late. By the time the latest recruits and I got here, the lieutenant was already on the ground.
I saw the bastard that did this to him. Oh, yes. I saw him."

One Fell Swoop[edit]

After Lieutenant Ehran's death, she'll say:

"Lieutenant Ehran's gone. Damn idealistic bastard … I tried to protect him, but he wouldn't let me.
Look, we've got to do what he asked. We must free Velyn Harbor. But do something for me first. Kill the bastard that killed him."
You know which Drublog killed him?
"Chief Makhug, the leader of the Drublog. I didn't realize what he'd done until I got in here. When it was too late ….
I bet he's in the town hall—the big, unburnt building behind this one."
All right. I'll find him.
"Much as I want that bastard's blood on my sword, I can't. I told the lieutenant I'd protect the civilians.
I'll start moving the militia toward the warehouse district. Meet me at the bridge when Chief Makhug is dead."
I'll take care of it. See you at the bridge.
"Once you kill the Drublog's leader, I hope those Orcs lose interest in the town.
Curse it! Lieutenant Ehran was a good leader, and dedicated to the Dominion, if a bit hot-tempered. I'll do my best to keep things together, but it'll be hard without him."
[Persuade] You can't blame yourself for his death. Are you all right? How are you feeling?
"Tired. Angry. Sad. I want to kill every Drublog and Redguard in Velyn Harbor! Lieutenant Ehran was ten times the leader the captain was! He didn't deserve to die.
You know, I bet the Drublog are only in this for pay. They'll quit when they see we aren't easy marks."
What if the Drublog don't leave after Chief Makhug is dead?/What if the Drublog don't quit?
"Then we'll fight until they leave, or help arrives. The Queen will send an army to protect the Silvenar and Green Lady once she hears what's happened in Velyn Harbor.
So I fight. And I'll keep fighting, no matter what."
You respect your captain less than Lieutenant Ehran did. Why is that?
"I don't feel the same way about the captain as the lieutenant does … did.
Captain Cularalda was always a bit of a martinet, which isn't bad in and of itself, but I never thought she has what it takes to lead troops into battle."
What do you mean?
"Nothing … everything. I don't know. It's just a feeling I have. Despite what the lieutenant says … said … I think the Ra Gada landed very easily.
We should've had some warning. Anyway, nothing we can do about it now."
All right. I'll put an end to Chief Makhug.

If you speak to her before leaving, she'll reiterate the dialogue, only slightly different:

"I've sent word to the militia to gather here. Once they're together, we'll head toward the warehouse district.
Meet me at the bridge after you've killed the Drublog chief."
All right. I'll meet you there.
"Once you kill the Drublog's leader…" From here it's the same as above.

At the bridge...

"I hope you've had as much luck as we have. Is the Drublog's leader dead?"
Yes, he's dead.
I've had a bit of luck myself. I sent our militia toward the dock. They're waiting for me so we can attack the invaders."
I can meet you at the docks.
"No, we need a distraction so I can get the militia into position. The invaders are unloading supplies … setting them on fire should be plenty distracting.
The supplies, I mean. Burning's too good for the invaders."
What will you do while I burn the supplies?
"My team will hit them from behind. By the time you're done burning their supplies, they'll be split up and scattered. We'll hit them on the docks while you attack from the warehouse side.
We'll exterminate them like the vermin they are. You in?"
Why are they unloading supplies?/Why would invaders unload supplies in Velyn Harbor?
"That is beyond me. If I have to guess, I'd say this isn't some minor piracy, but the spearhead of an invasion. But I'm no officer—I fight for a living.
Anyway, burn the supplies and that'll get their attention. Ready?"
Why not burn all the supplies in the warehouses?
"The warehouses contain Velyn Harbor's food supply. While I'd rather burn it than give it to the invaders, things aren't that desperate.
Let's keep the destruction to a minimum. We still have a chance to take the town back."
Yes. I'm ready to go./I'm ready, let's go./I understand. I'm ready to go.
"I'll order the militia to strike when we see enough smoke. If we can catch them by surprise, we'll drive the invaders toward the lighthouse.
If not … well, it was an honor."
"I hope you'll cause a distraction in the warehouse district. The destruction of the pirates' booty should keep them occupied.
We'll get over to the docks as quickly as we can."

After burning the supplies, meet Linaarie at the Lighthouse:

"You did it! The militia gave a good account of themselves. We managed to trap the Ra Gada captain in the lighthouse!
I'll leave you the honor of gutting him."
I can do that.
"I'll keep the militia fighting. We'll keep the rest of the Ra Gada off your back while you deal with their leader. Once he's dead, they'll break, I'm sure of it.
We've come so far. We'll win this yet!"
Who are the Ra Gada?
"It's what Redguards from northern Tamriel call themselves. Velyn Harbor used to trade with Redguard merchants, so they grew to call them "Ra Gada" as a sign of respect.
From this point on, I'll bet it's a curse."
All right, I'll head inside the lighthouse.
"To the lighthouse! Finish off the Ra Gada captain! We'll take care of things out here."

Defeat Captain al-Hallim and she'll be waiting outside for you:

"You've done it! By the gods, the lieutenant would be proud.
We've killed or rounded up most of the Ra Gada invaders. The militia won't have a problem with them anymore!"
It sounds like you did well out here.
"Yes, we did. The Drublog fled the town as soon as they learned you'd killed their leader. We defeated the remaining Ra Gada, other than a few holed up on their ship. We'll take care of them later.
In the meantime, we made an interesting discovery."
What's that?
"Captain Cularalda, leader of Velyn Harbor's Fists of Thalmor, the honor guard for the Silvenar and the Green Lady, was found hiding beneath the docks! Without a scratch on her."
Where is she?
"Still in her hidey-hole. I put some guards on her, in case she tries to disappear … or the civilians try to lynch her. She has an interesting tale to tell. You should hear it."
I'll talk to her./I'll go talk to the captain now.
"You should. You'll see what the lieutenant and I had to deal with.
I'm heading back toward the center of town to make certain everything's secure. I'll meet you in the warehouse district."
Are you all right?
"Victory heals wounds as well as laughter does, and I've had a touch of both today.
Of course, there's grim work ahead of us, cleaning up after the invaders. But at least the city's ours again."
"You've saved Velyn Harbor from devasation [sic], and the Fists of Thalmor from a great embarrassment.
Speaking of great embarrassments, please talk to Captain Cularalda."

After speaking to the captain, you'll find Linaarie at the banks with some Thalmor and the Green Lady herself, where she'll say:

"The captain's men are as disgusted with her as I am. With the townsfolk willing to testify against her, the Fists of Thalmor will have no choice but to cashier her.
She'll be locked up until we receive word from Elden Root."
What will you do next?
"My job. We were sent here to escort the Green Lady, but the town's defenses will need a bit of work first.
I'm sure our paths will cross again someday."

After the quest:

"Velyn Harbor is safe, the townsfolk praise your name, and you've shown our captain's true colors.
A busy day for you, eh?"