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Location Blackguard Caravan, Dead-Water Village
Race Naga Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dead-Water Tribe

Guhcin is a Naga hunter of the Dead-Water Tribe who can be found in Dead-Water Village. He is one of the Naga you rescued from the Blackguard Caravan during Missing in Murkmire and thus recognizes you when you come to ask him questions about the Skin Taker.

Afterwards, he makes the decision to visit the Bright-Throat Village and learn their ways.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Questioning the Witness[edit]

When you go to Dead-Water village, you can find him near Nisswo Uaxal. He can then be asked about his encounter with the Skin-Taker, who he saw as a coward.

Completed Dead-Water Village Objective:
Objective not completed:
"It's good to see you, beek-ojel. I have not forgotten your freeing me from the Blackguards.
What brings you to Dead-Water Village?"
"I remember you. You freed me from the Blackguards. What brings you to our village?"

Either way, you can tell him:

I'm searching for the Skin Taker. Sulosya says you chased them off.
"Would that I had killed her. When I was captured, one of the Blackguards seared my leg with a hot poker to prevent my escape. It remains difficult to run."
So the killer's a woman? Did you get a good look at her?
Greeting One:
If player is human (Redguard[verification needed — see talk page]):
If player is Argonian:
"The Skin Taker moved under cover of darkness, but the moonlight betrayed her. The woman had skin as pale as Veeskhleel scales. It caught the light easily.
She was dressed in Blackguard leathers, two curved blades at her hip."
Where did you encounter the killer?
"Our paths crossed during the night, but I saw details. The Skin Taker was Mahleel—a woman of Man. Like you, but pale skinned. The moonlight betrayed her to me.
She wore Blackguard leathers and carried two curved blades."
Where did you encounter the killer?
"The Skin Taker thought the mantle of night would protect her, but it could not hide the stink of Saxhleel blood. I followed the scent to its source: a Mahleel woman. Pale skinned and darkly dressed, like a Blackguard. Two curved blades at the ready."
Where did you encounter the killer?

He will answer in two different ways:

Answer One:
Answer Two:
"I crossed paths with the Skin Taker by the Dead-Water pools near our village. I wish you better luck in your pursuit than I.
Kill this Skin Taker and I should very much like to hear about it."
"I crossed paths with the Skin Taker by the Dead-Water pools near our village.
I will maintain the vigil here. You have a safe haven among the Dead-Water."
How are you recovering?
"They did not take my eyes or hands, so I am still of some use.
Dead-Water are no strangers to pain. Our medicines are strong. I will recover."
Who was the victim you found?
"Not one of ours. That's all I can say for certain. We await members of the other tribes to account for their missing. With the body lost to the Dead-Water pool, there is little else to be done."
If the Skin Taker is a Blackguard, she might not be working alone.
"A possibility. The Blackguards have sent brutal messages in the past, but they were clear with their intentions. This Skin Taker has kept her identity in shadow."

Bringing Back News[edit]

Once you have dealt with the Skin Taker, you can return to the village to tell Guhcin the news. He will now be in the center of the village along with Dajaleen. What he'll say depends on the identity of the Skin Taker. If it was the young Julitta, he will at first be elated by the news but then have second thoughts when he learns it was a fellow tribe members actions which motivated the Skin Taker.

"You return. There has been no news of the Skin Taker.
What of your hunt?"
I found the Skin Taker. She won't hurt anyone again.
"I had faith that you would. What honorless toad did this? Whose kin shall we seek in retaliation?"
The Skin Taker had no kin left.
"Then their muddied line will trouble us no more. End a battle with finality and you need only fight it once."
These killings were in retaliation for Jaxsik executing her mother.
"We are not accustomed to considering the concerns of others. Something we must look to the Bright-Throats to learn. We will never be so unguarded, but tempering our strategy with restraint may be a boon.
The lesson is appreciated."

Afterwards, he will state his plans, "I may spend my recovery among the Bright-Throats. Observe them."

However, if the Skin Taker is someone you have met before, he will instead say:

"You return. There has been no new sightings of the Skin Taker since we last spoke.
Though this Bright-Throat woman arrived. She was asking for you."