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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate the disappearances in Narsis.
Zone: Deshaan
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Narsis — Find the missing villagers from Narsis.
Quest Giver: Sergeant Ren, Lieutenant Rarili
Location(s): Narsis
Previous Quest: The Llodos Plague
Next Quest: Unwanted Guests
Reward: Hlaalu's Protection
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 3610
Something is afoot in Narsis
The threat of the Llodos plague has allowed paranoia to run rampant. Many people in Narsis claim that friends and family members have vanished in the night.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Councilor Ralden in the Hlaalu Kinhouse.
  2. (Optional) Talk to the Narsis townspeople.
  3. Search Eastern, Western and Southern Narsis for clues.
  4. Return to Ralden.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talking to the Townspeople[edit]

Speaking to Sergeant Ren in Narsis reveals that some of the villagers might have been "stolen" in the middle of the night. You can offer to talk to the house leaders at the kinhouse. You may also wish to speak to the local townsfolk before visiting the leaders.

  • Dala Marys is standing outside, tending a cart near the Merchants' Stall. She says the guards aren't searching for the missing family members because House Hlaalu's council members didn't tell them to. They only seem concerned with the plague.
  • Halyen Thunder-Fury is not too far from her, sitting by the fire near the stall. He's concerned about getting the plague because he won't be able to fight it. He doubts the house leaders will be able to save the city.
  • Seron Denelu is smithing on the east side of town, near his house. He says that people are leaving Narsis in waves because they're afraid of the plague, and rightly so.

Councilor Ralden is inside the Hlaalu Kinhouse. He says his friend Giron had the guards look into the disappearances. No one has seen any of the missing people leave Narsis. You offer to look into the disappearances, and Ralden hires you. Speaking to him more reveals that Giron wants to seal off the city to protect it. Ralden disagrees because Narsis is a trade center, although he admits recent events have caused a drop in visitors. He doesn't know what to do. There are three areas of Narsis to search: the south, the east and the west.

The West[edit]

On the west side of, you will again talk to Dala Marys. She is looking for her husband, Evis, who was dealing with a botched delivery before he disappeared. He is in Varlas House to the west being interrogated by Naryu Virian. She reveals that she and her associates have tracked shipments of Llodos plague into Narsis, but they don't know what happened after they arrived. Depending on how you react to her, she will either disappear in a cloud of smoke, leaving a letter to Evis behind, or she will give you the letter and continue to interrogate Evis.

The letter mentions crates and someone called Vox. Intimidate Evis, and he will give you more information. The shipment contained something for the Maulborn camped outside the town.

The East[edit]

To the east past the kinhouse, Seron Denelu is still at his blacksmithing station. He is missing his apprentice. He says his apprentice claimed they received the wrong crates in their last shipment, and that "kids" came in the night and took what was in them. You look through the crates outside of the shed. There is a note in the crate about diluting a concoction in water signed by M. After you investigate the crates, you are attacked by a Maulborn Rogue:

Maulborn Rogue: "You're looking into matters that don't concern you, outsider."

Dispatch the thug and continue your investigation.

The South[edit]

In Sadri House, in the southern area of Narsis just across the street from the kinhouse, you can talk to a sweeping Dunmer named Anila. She is talking to herself about shipments. Her master is a writer and keeps a journal. Up the stairs behind Anila, in the room to the left, is an anonymous journal. The journal refers to Vox, putting the plague in wells and needing more bodies, which Narsis will provide.

You should return to Councilor Ralden to tell him of your discoveries. The Councilor decides to close off the city.

Quest Stages[edit]

For Their Own Protection
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A House Hlaalu guard informed me that if I want to offer my help, I need to speak to a councilor at the kinhouse.
Objective: Talk to a House Councilor
Optional Step: Talk to the People of Narsis
Hidden Objective: Talk to Seron Denelu
Hidden Objective: Talk to Halyen Thunder-Fury
Hidden Objective: Talk to Dala Marys
Councilor Ralden of House Hlaalu hired me to investigate the truth behind the disappearances. I should search around town and speak to anyone who might know what's going on. Perhaps I can discover something the guards missed.
Objective: Investigate Disappearances
Objective: Search Eastern Narsis for Clues
Objective: Search Southern Narsis for Clues
Objective: Search Western Narsis for Clues
Finishes quest☑ I gathered information about the disappearances, including evidence linked to the Llodos plague. I should return to the kinhouse and talk to Councilor Ralden about this.
Objective: Talk to Councilor Ralden
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