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This article is about the Bosmer in the City of Ash. For the Bosmer in the Orc's Finger Ruins, see Fingaenion Forestsmasher.

Location City of Ash II
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Fingaenion is a Bosmer and the husband of Gilraen. In City of Ash I, he is one of the few survivors of the Daedra's first attack, thanks to Laeneval saving him. He will later return to Whisper Grove in City of Ash II to rescue his wife and the Undaunted he hired to save her.

Related Quests[edit]


At the central barricade, he will lay unconscious:

<Ragged breathing is the only sound coming from this Bosmer.>

After you complete the quest, Mehrunes Dagon speaks to Gilraen:

Mehrunes Dagon: "I'm beside myself. You truly believe you've won. I didn't expect your little friends there could kill Erthas. But I stand corrected. All this trouble because of one Bosmeri woman. You are Gilraen, of the Whisper Grove, are you not?"
Gilraen: "I am. Are you … Mehrunes Dagon?"
Mehrunes Dagon: "It was you who rallied this peasant village to contend with me. Fascinating that a mortal could be so troublesome. I need a replacement for your Erthas. Come. Meet with me, and I will close this Oblivion gate, spare your people."
Gilraen: "I think … I think I have little choice. Tell the others to get as far away from here as they can."

She runs into the gate, and it closes behind her. Fingaenion arrives moments later:

Fingaenion: "What's happened here? Where is Gilraen? Spread out and search for her."

You can speak to him after:

"My wife—where is my wife? Where is Gilraen?"
Gilraen agreed to meet with Mehrunes Dagon in exchange for closing the Oblivion Gate.
"She … she left me? She always did put the needs of the community above her family. I suppose I'll have to respect her wishes. And she'll have to respect that I'll tear down the fabric of reality to get her back."
What will you do?
"Our home here won't last. Not with the damage that's been done. Gilraen would want me to get everyone to safety. I'll return them to the Dominion—maybe they can help me get my wife back.
Think I saw a copy of "On Oblivion" at home …."

Return to Ash[edit]

"I was up in that tree for hours! Damned senches. Thank you for the assistance, stranger, I—it's you!
You helped me before—saved my village. What brings you back? I—never mind. I need your help again. Will you give it?"


There is one achievement associated with this person:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Undaunted Rescuer.png Undaunted Rescuer 10 Rescue all of the members of the failed Undaunted expedition to the Deadlands of Mehrunes Dagon.
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