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Location City of Ash; City of Ash II
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Gilraen in City of Ash I

Gilraen is a Wood Elf and one of the few survivors of the Daedra attack on the city of Whisper Grove. She is Fingaenion's wife.

Related Quests[edit]


Razor's Edge[edit]

"I'd welcome you to Whisper Grove, but it's little more than a city of ash at the moment.
Please, I don't have time to take care of visitors. My husband Fingaenion here has been injured, and I have an army of Daedra to deal with."
What happened?
"Followers of Mehrunes Dagon have set fire to our city.
They've opened an Oblivion Gate, and we can barely keep the incoming Daedra contained. Perhaps our home is lost, but we have to do something about that Gate, or this entire forest is doomed."
I can help.
"That is … generous of you.
We're being attacked on three fronts, and I need my archers here just to keep the Daedra from breaking through. If you could stop them from pushing the north and south fronts, we might have a chance."
I'll take care of the other fronts.
"I can't tell if you're crazy or daft, but you have my thanks.
If you can stop the Daedra at the other fronts, we should be able to hold here. I won't blame you if you fail or flee—we're prepared to defend our homes either way."
Tell me about yourself.
"My name is Gilraen. I took over as the headmer of Whisper Grove since our former leader … abandoned us.
Perhaps a story for another time. If you're going to help, you'd better get to it. Our barrier won't hold forever."
Do you have spare warriors I can take?
"I can dispense with an archer or two, but I need this central point defended ….
You could ask Laeneval, our healer, or Elolir, one of our longbowmen, for help."
Tell me about Laeneval.
"She was Whisper Grove's local healer before the attack.
Take her if you need someone to look after your wounds, but bring her back safe. If the city survives this, she'll be vital to our restoration efforts."
Tell me about Elolir.
"He's brash, but an excellent shot.
If you want someone to drop those Daedra from afar, you should ask Elolir to accompany you."
Where are the Daedra coming from, again?
"They're invading from just beyond this barrier. Came through an Oblivion Gate that these Dagon cultists opened.
Despite the Green Pact I … ordered the barricade up ahead to be built. We found plenty of dead wood after our enemy's first attack."

Returning after pushing back against both the north and south fronts, the Daedra will have broken through the barrier:

Gilraen: "They've broken through!"

Speaking to her in the midst of this catastrophe:

"We can speak later. Help us defend the barrier!"
Gilraen: "More of them coming! Keep those bows ready!"

Speaking with her after Dark Ember is defeated:

"By the Green Pact, they're a tenacious lot!
The Daedra on the other fronts would have closed in on us in that last attack if it weren't for you."
What's next? You mentioned an Oblivion Gate.
"It's up ahead, in the heart of our Grove, defended by the leader of the Dagon Cell we've been battling.
He's called Razor Master Erthas."
I'll deal with Erthas.
"Do not hesitate to kill him—Erthas will grant you no mercy. That Oblivion Gate must be closed before something worse comes through.
I was reluctant to ask for your help before, but I'm glad you followed through."
Tell me about Erthas.
"He was one of us.
Erthas was the leader when this community came together, during the formation of the Aldmeri Dominion. He voiced the dangers the rest of us saw in allying with the Altmeri and the Khajiit, and convinced us to reject the Dominion."
What happened?
"We built this city at his behest, and attracted some of the brightest Bosmer to live here.
We had no idea what was coming. He seemed a decent Elf, and lived that way for many years—until he put that Elf aside and revealed the Razor Master underneath."
What is his purpose?
"Who can say for sure, when it comes to the servants of Daedric Princes?
Wanton destruction comes to mind. Look at what he's done to all that he helped build. He had us leave our people, and now he wants to burn us alive."
Who is that on the ground?
"That's my husband, Fingaenion.
He was hurt in the Daedra's first attack, but Laeneval got to him in time. He'll live. I'm almost glad. If he were awake, he'd be screaming his head off."
"He has his uses, but he's stubborn, thick-headed, and a coward.
If it were up to him—and I am quick to remind him it is not—he'd leave the Oblivion Gate where it is and flee."
[Persuade] Not entirely unreasonable, considering the Daedra.
"What would you have us do? Escape and crawl to the Dominion for help? This community exists because we believe in the self-reliance of the Bosmer
No. We stay, and we clean up this mess we've created."

After killing Razor Master Erthas, Gilraen comes running in:

Gilraen: "I thought I would be more satisfied at his death. I guess it won't bring back those he's killed."

You can then speak with her to receive your reward.

"I didn't think we'd survive this day. Many have died, but some live.
Thank you for fighting on our behalf."
What will you do now?
"In time, our city will recover. Perhaps we'll parley with the Dominion and return to our people.
But for now, we'll have our hands full trying to close this damned Oblivion Gate."

After the quest is turned in, Mehrunes Dagon himself speaks through the Oblivion Gate.

Mehrunes Dagon: "I'm beside myself. You truly believe you've won.
I didn't expect our little friends there could kill Erthas, but I stand corrected. All this trouble because of one Bosmeri woman? You are Gilraen, of the Whisper Grove, are you not?"
Gilraen: "I am. Are you … Mehrunes Dagon?"
Mehrunes Dagon: "It was you who rallied this peasant village to contend with me. Fascinating that a mortal could be so troublesome. I need a replacement for your Erthas. Come. Meet with me, and I will close this Gate, spare your people."
Gilraen: "I think … I think I have little choice. Tell the others to get as far away from here as they can."

Gilraen then jumps into the Oblivion Gate, and the portal closes. Fingaenion comes rushing in, flanked by two Grove Defenders, looking for his wife.

Fingaenion: "What's happened here? Where is Gilraen? Spread out and search for her."

Return to Ash[edit]

When you return to the City of Ash, Fingaenion will be trying to find Gilraen—even if it means entering Mehrunes Dagon's realm. As you approach Urata the Legion, you also find Gilraen.

Gilraen: "Fingaenion? How in Oblivion did he get here—damn it!"

Once Urata is defeated there will be a reunion between Gilraen and Fingaenion, though things have gotten more complicated since the last time they met.

Fingaenion: "Gilraen! You look—are you all right?"
Fingaenion: "What did they do to you?"
Gilraen: "Never mind that. How about you try not getting yourself killed? The Valkyn and his pet Titan—we're going to slay them before they do the same to us."
Valkyn Skoria: "I will see to it the Golden Flame erases you."
Gilraen in possession of Mehrunes' Razor

You can then speak with her, she has received several burns since the last time you met.

"It's you! How many mercenaries did my husband feed into that Gate? No one was supposed to follow me here. Not my husband—not you.
But perhaps I can use your strength to my advantage. Go on ahead. It's the only way out."
You don't sound like you want to be rescued.
"Does it seem like I needed the help? I had everything under control before Fingaenion and his hired swords stepped into this plane.
The ruler of this region, the Valkyn, will do everything he can to slay my husband—and you."
How did you manage to survive here?
"It was a pact I made with Mehrunes Dagon that brought me here. He gave me the means to remain here indefinitely as a Razor Master.
I don't care to share the details. Let's just say it's been a pleasure giving the Daedra their own medicine."
What happened to you since we last met?
"My husband won't stop asking, either. I've lived close to the wilderness my whole life, and though this place is Daedric, I've grown used to it.
Only difference is the game—I liberate a dozen Dremora from their heads every day."
We need to leave.
"Indeed. And the Oblivion Gate to Whisper Grove must be closed. If nothing else, we ensure that. The only reason I'm here is to keep that forest—and my husband—safe.
I'm glad you're here. With you, there's hope."

As you continue on:

Gilraen: "The Daedroth are fighting over your friends' souls. If we're lucky, they'll keep it up."
Fingaenion: "You don't even sound like that bothers you! We have to help them."
Fingaenion: "What now? We can't get past that thing."

After defeating Horvantud the Fire Maw you find some of the Undaunted survivors.

Gilraen: "Seems Fingaenion's new friends aren't as meek as you lot. And you call yourselves "Undaunted."
Zantan the Magnificent: "Quiet, you! It's been a bad day!"

As you travel to the Ash Titan, the Gilraen and Fingaenion will have a conversation.

Gilraen: "We have to keep moving. What're you looking at?"
Fingaenion: "What do you think? It's been months! Are you all right?"
Gilraen: "I'm fine. I got used to it."
Fingaenion: "Got used to what? What did you do? How'd you survive?"
Gilraen: "I went native. Keep up."
Fingaenion: "I'll try."

If you talk with her:

"Fin can be such a primitive. A heavily defended keep lies ahead, containing a Daedric device called a Sigil Stone. Destroy it, and we'll find our way home.
Of course, there's still a Daedric Titan and a Valkyn standing between us and the Stone."
(Replies are a copy from above.)

To unlock the bridge to Valkyn Skoria, you will need to disrupt the two ritual sites on either side. The pair will stand at the edge of the lava pit where Valkyn Skoria is below:

Gilraen: "I'll distract him. Fingaenion, you stay here!"
Fingaenion: "Gilraen, don't you dare die on me now! Be careful!"

This where Valkyn Skoria, he will make a point to Gilraen:

Valkyn Skoria: "You don't have to come down here for me to hurt you."
Gilraen: "No! Fingaenion!"
Gilraen: "Tear his heart out! I'll tend to my husband."

After you beat the Valkyn and head towards the sigil:

Gilraen: "You beat the Valkyn? Remind me never to anger you."
Fingaenion: "Is that the Stone up ahead?"
Gilraen: "It is."
<They both approach the sigil.>
Fingaenion: "Can't believe this is over. I'm glad you're safe."
Gilraen: "I don't know if any of us are safe. What happened today—this might not be over at all."
Fingaenion: "I know so. I know it in my heart."
Gilraen: "Ever the optimist. I'm glad you're here, Fin."
Fingaenion: "This is it. That's the Stone we want. Destroy it, and Oblivion will let us home."

Once you have destroyed the stone, everyone will be returned to Tamriel.

Gilraen: "I never expected to be back. Oblivion had become home."
Fingaenion: "We can go anywhere you want. Just say the word."
Gilraen: "We were involved in the death of a Valkyn. This ordeal may not be over, Fin."
Fingaenion: "Try to put it out of your mind. We won't be near any Oblivion Gates for a while."

You can then talk with Gilraen.

"You have my thanks. Without you, my husband would likely have been mauled by senches, let alone Daedra.
Only Dagon left to deal with, now."
What do you mean?
"I mean I have something of Dagon's. It helped me survive out there. And on top of that, we just killed one of his personal guard.
He's going to come for me—and I assume, you. I'd watch your back. There are many Oblivion Gates out there."


  • Her appearance changes in City of Ash II, as she has a different hairstyle, now has some burn scars, has no epaulets and different gauntlets, and carries Mehrunes' Razor.