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Fallowstone Hall
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Stony BasinThe Rift
West of the Eastmarch gate
Loading Screen
The vaults beneath Fallowstone Hall have long served as a museum and mortuary for the Companions. Immaculate and gleaming with trophies when new, the vaults have recently suffered somewhat from neglect.
Fallowstone Hall

Fallowstone Hall is a fort in the northern Rift, west of the Eastmarch gate. It is the headquarters of the Companions. It has come under attack by the Reachmen alliance.

Related Quests[edit]

Fallowstone Hall[edit]

Hall of the Dead
Dragon Skull

Fallowstone Vault[edit]

Within the tomb are various relics from the past, acompanied by a plaque that describes their history:

Dragon Skull

<A plaque sits beside this enormous dragon skull>
"A trophy from the time of the Dragon War. Said to be from a beast by the name of Dukaanfinsot"

Broken Statue

<A plaque lies at the foot of the statue>
"Ysgramor's much-beloved son, Yngol. He was drawn into the depths aboard his ship, Harakk, during the crossing of the Atmoran Strait."

Bear Skull

<A plaque sits beside the skull>
"The skull of Arteg the Redfang, beast of legend. Slaughtered 15 stout warriors before it was brought down by Companions of Fallowstone Hall."

Broken Display Case

<Sitting beside this empty display case is a small plaque.>
"Icecleaver, the blade of Bron Darkhammer."


Fallowstone Hall Wayshrine

The Fallowstone Hall Wayshrine is located south of the Hall, and west of Shor's Stone.


  • Fallowstone Cave is seen in Skyrim, although it bears no apparent relation to Fallowstone Hall, and is located in a different place.


A map of Fallowstone Vault
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