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Location North of Bright-Throat Village
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Moss-Skin Tribe

Deed-Tei is an Argonian from the Moss-Skin Tribe and is tribe's suitor for the Bright-Throat's current Bonding Ceremony, which is being held at the Glade of Chimes, north of the Bright-Throat Village.

Like many of his tribe he is very mellow but he accidentally lost the gift that his betrothed gave him which he saw as a sign the bonding was not meant to be.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Unsuitable Suitors: Investigate the hold up of the bonding ritual at Bright-Throat Village.


Once you have agreed to help the Bond-Guru sort out the problems with the suitors, you can go and greet Deed-Tei who will say:

"Bright-Throat Village is very beautiful.
Do you feel how these pilings sway in the wind? How the reeds peel from the frame ever so slightly? A reminder that this stability is fleeting. I will enjoy it to the fullest."

After helping Waku-Mat and Beehuna you can go to Deed-Tei to find out why he is stalling.

"You look burdened, ojel. Please, sit and let the breeze carry your cares away. The Bright-Throats have brought us many nice things to share."
Shouldn't you be preparing for the bonding ritual? You are the Moss-Skin suitor, right?
"Yes, I was. My betrothed was very kind. It's a pity I must disappoint her, but these things happen."
Why aren't you participating in the bonding ritual?
"It will be a less personal disappointment than if I were to arrive without the seed-doll she gifted me for the occasion. It's the least I can do to return her kindness."
What happened to the seed-doll?
"A haj mota snatched it out of my hands as I soaked my feet by the guloo bridge. Very quick. Gone in an instant. Such is life.
I do not know why the haj mota would want such a thing, but the Hist must have thought it needed it. I hope it enjoys it."
If I recover the seed-doll, will you participate in the bonding ritual?

He can then be asked about seed-dolls and his tribe.

"I see no reason why I would not join the bonding ritual, but I do not have my betrothed's seed-doll. It is pointless to dwell on what's lost."
What is a seed-doll exactly?
"A cherished Bright-Throat craft. They take a seed from a tree with no name, nurture it to enormous size, and allow it to sprout its roots. With much care the roots are pared back again and again until a shape is formed.
Mine resembled a haj mota."
What can you tell me about your tribe? / What can you tell me about the Moss-Skins?
"There isn't much to tell. We were, we are, we will be. The Hist nurture us and we nurture them. Sometimes Sithis sees fit to disrupt this cycle when it grows too ordinary, so we Moss-Skins find a new routine until it's time for change again."
You just follow the path of least resistance?
"Why wrestle the world when the world will always win? We get everything we need by flowing with the stream. What's the point of struggling against it?
I know ojel don't understand. It's a shame. We would all be so much happier."

Once you have retrieved the doll, you can return it to him and ask him to join the ceremony.

"Hello again. You have been enjoying a good wallow, yes? The mud here is smooth and moist."
I have your seed-doll.
"And so the stream returns to its source. It's very pretty, isn't it? My betrothed is very skilled.
It seems some of the roots have bent. I will tell her it was from my overzealous embrace. That should make her happy."
So you'll be joining the bonding ritual?
"The Hist has made certain I stay on this course. I will not resist its desires. Not that I would want to. I think I will enjoy the bonding ceremony."
I'll let the Bright-Throats know you'll be participating.

After the bonding ritual is started, Deed-Tei can be found sitting with his betrothed.

'"My bonding partner is very pleasing, wouldn't you agree? She leads me like a gentle current to a place of great happiness."