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Location North of Bright-Throat Village
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Root-House Tribe

Beehuna is an Argonian of the Root-House Tribe who is the tribe's suitor for the latest Bonding Ceremony held at the Bright-Throat Village. She can be found in one of the pavilions in the Glade of Chimes which is under guard. She is annoyed that her dowry was taken from her.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Unsuitable Suitors: Investigate the hold up of the bonding ritual at Bright-Throat Village.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

If she is spoken to once you have agreed to help Bond-Guru Topeth, she will say:

"Enjoy the village? Much here is worth scavenging."

After you have helped out the Black-Tongue group, she can be asked about why she is delaying the ceremony.

"Wasseek eyes are watching. Can you feel them?
I do not like it."
Is that why you haven't joined the bonding ritual? Are you nervous?
"I do not fear the limp-fins. I want my dowry.
I took it from my betrothed fairly. I want it back."
What happened to your dowry?
"Guards took it. Hid it from me. Topeth tells me my betrothed has gifts for me instead, but I do not want gifts. I want my dowry.
I would take it back, but I am watched."
You're saying you stole your dowry from your betrothed? Why?
"Because it is my dowry. The Hist meant it for me. Bright-Throats do not understand this. If they will not respect our custom, I will not respect theirs.
No dowry, no bonding."
All right, I'll try to get your dowry back.

She can then be asked further questions:

"The Wasseek goods-keeper took my dowry to the storehouse for keeping-safe. Go find it."
Do you always just take the things you want? / Do you always have to steal things?
"It is our way. The Root-House People do not make.
When we need meat, the swamp provides. When we need crafts and treasures, other tribes provide. The Hist compels them to make these things. They do not know that the Hist means for us to take them."
Most would call that stealing.
"If I leave out a bowl of slugpaste and a nettle-toad eats it, this is no theft. The Root-House People heed forces greater than limp-fin law.
The Bright-Throats do not see. It is the will of the Hist that I have my dowry."
Can't you just ask for the dowry? The Bright-Throats might be convinced to give it to you.
"Root-House People do not ask. We claim."
Does your tribe dwell nearby?
"The Root-House people do not build. If the Hist wants us to have a village, we take one.
In an old-time, we claimed this village. But we tired of it, so we burned it down."
You burned down Bright-Throat Village?
"Yes. Why would we not?
My gulweet egg-sire always says, burn what you cannot carry. Otherwise, the tribes will not make new things."
And the Bright-Throats welcomed you back?
"Of course. The Bright-Throats remember to forget. Would you have them drag grudges like stones? That is the dryskin and stone-dweller way.
Your questions are dry and stupid."

Once you have recovered her dowry, you can tell her the good news. In the meantime, she has been cut off by the brewer.

"The brewer tells me I drank all the celebration phlegmwine. Now he asks coin for more. I would thunk his head in if this was not a bonding.
Find my dowry so I can leave this place."
Here's your dowry. Now will you participate in the bonding ritual?
"Finally, the Hist provides. It sours my stomach that I had to rely on you to take what, by right, is mine. But suitors must be flexible. I guess.
The custom is met. I will join in the bonding."
I'll let the Bright-Throats know you've agreed to participate.

After the Bonding Ceremony is commenced, Beehuna can be found with her bond-mate Klor. She finds him acceptable.

"My betrothed has nice adornments. They will be suitable trophies."


  • She can only be spoken to once Unsuitable Suitors is started.