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Bone Dragon
Location Fang Lair
Species Bone Dragon
Thurvokun, a Bone Dragon

Bone Dragons (or Skeletal Dragons) are large undead skeletons of Dragons, great divine-like beings that once roamed Tamriel but are now almost entirely extinct. They do not possess the same souls or consciousness as their living and more powerful counterparts, but are still very formidable foes. Daedric Titans are similar creatures.


Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngCasting the Bones: Investigate a necromancer cult searching for a long-dead Dragon.
  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngCadwell the Betrayer: Stop Zumog Phoom before he can unleash Cadwell the Betrayer on Northern Elsweyr, and find a way to use the Dragonhorn.

Unique Bone Dragons[edit]

Pets and Mementos[edit]

These pets use the same model as real bone dragons at a smaller scale, but are described as being a made up of various bird and reptile bones:

A memento from the Scalecaller Crate summons a spectral bone dragon:


  • Early plans for the Frozen Colossus skill involved summoning a bone dragon wyrm instead, and though it was later replaced, Zumog Phoom uses this version of the skill to summon a small bone dragon.
  • Skeletal dragons first appeared in Skyrim, and later reappeared in Legends and Blades.
  • They use the same base models as Cliff Striders, but possess many more unique animations.
  • Various parts of dragon skeletons were intended as undercroft furnishings before being deprecated.


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