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The Amulet of Infectious Charm is a legendary magical trinket once owned by the Nord chieftain Hrothmund the Red of Solstheim, the first chieftain of Thirsk. The amulet is enchanted to boost the personality of the wearer hugely, but at the cost of being constantly fatigued and susceptible to disease. According to legends, Hrothmund was ugly as a troll, but received much womanly attention due to the amulet. The amulet was buried in Hrothmund's Barrow high in the Moesring Mountains after he was killed and eaten by Ondjage, the Fell Wolf.

In 3E 427, a nervous Breton mage from Ald'ruhn called Louis Beauchamp began to search for the amulet, hoping that it would aid him in his failing love life. He constructed a patchwork airship using Dwemer technology and hired a crew to fly from Ald'ruhn to Solstheim to recover the amulet from the barrow. The crew would be able to find the barrow from the sky by searching for Hrothmund's Bane, a stone geoglyph in the shape of Ondjage's head, with the entrance to the barrow located in the wolf's eye. However, the airship was poorly constructed, and began to fall apart the minute it took flight. The ship came within sight of Hrothmund's Bane before a severe blizzard struck, ripping the vessel apart. It crashed south of the barrow, in the Moesring Pass, killing the entire crew apart from Captain Roberto Jodoin. The captain soon succumbed to either the cold or the snow wolves.[1]

Having received no word from the crew, Beauchamp sent the Nerevarine to Solstheim to look for them. The Nerevarine discovered the crash site and successfully recovered the amulet from the barrow. Beauchamp went on to use the amulet to great effect on the women of Ald'ruhn, although at the cost of his health.[2]

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