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This article is about the Nord clan. For the rebel organization, see Stormcloaks.

The Stormcloak Clan was a Nordic clan from Windhelm.

Circa 2E 582, Mera Stormcloak served as a thane of Windhelm, and was a trusted subject of Jorunn the Skald-King.[1] Skegglund Stormcloak, a prestigious champion of the Fighters Guild, once served as a city guard.[2] By far the most notable member of the clan is Ulfric Stormcloak, who inherited the title of Jarl from his father Hoag Stormcloak in 4E 183.[3] He began the Stormcloak Rebellion in 4E 201 in order to usurp Torygg as High King and restore Talos worship.[4] The family also owned a vineyard during the First Era, which was known to produce extremely rare vintages on occasion.[5]


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