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The Book of Life was a census record kept by the Nords in the early First Era. Mentioned in A History of Daggerfall, it is noted as "one of the first civilized acts the Nords performed".[1] It is believed to be the first census kept by humans on Tamriel. The book was used to keep track of the population of newly conquered High Rock,[2] including Daggerfall, which was founded by the Nords as a fort-town to support their raids.[3] On the settlement of Daggerfall the Book of Life says:

"North of the Highest bluffs, south of the moors, west of the hills, and east of the sea is called DAGGERFALL. 110 men, 93 women, 13 children under 8 years of age, 58 cows, 7 bulls, 63 chickens, 11 cocks, 38 hogs live here."

The exact length of the Book of Life remains unknown, but the info on Daggerfall is found on page 933.[1]


This census book seems to be the Tamrielic equivalent of the Domesday Book, with Nords replacing Normans and Bretons replacing British.