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Resolve Swims's and Delvin's dispute
Episode: The Lost Treasure
Opponent Name: Delvin Mallory
Opponent Class: WillpowerAgility Monk
Lanes: Heist/Shadow
Starting Health: 30
Special Conditions: Heist Lane: Creatures in this lane have Pilfer: Gain 1 magicka.
Other Characters: Swims-at-Night
Previous Quest: Offer From a Friend
Unlocks Quest: Streets of Riften
Reward: Playset of: Daring Heist

The Lost Treasure: Ragged Flagon[edit]

The Ragged Flagon is a location available in The Lost Treasure. It is one of the two initially-available locations, along with the Thornwell Farm. You and Swims-at-Night will have to confront Swims's old friend Delvin Mallory. Once you complete it for the first time, you'll receive a playset of Daring Heist.


Delvin Mallory: "Swims-at-Night. You've got nerve showing your face here. Think we forgot that cargo you 'lost'?"
Swims-at-Night: "You're not really still mad about that."
Delvin: "Mad's got nothing to do with it. This is just business."
During the match:

After Delvin's health is reduced to zero, he'll say, "All right boys, I… I think he's learned his lesson. Won't be… stealing from us again."

Delvin: "There was a thief boasting about a magic ring. Argonian called Sails-Through-Storms. But she got arrested some weeks back."
Swims-at-Night: "Sails-Through-Storms got caught? She's a legend!"
Delvin: "So I gathered. And the guards know it too. She's not in the usual jail, and no one's saying where she is. We've no notion of how to free her."
Swims-at-Night: "Hmm. I have a really bad idea."

Opponent Decklist[edit]

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Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
1 Willpower Cheydinhal Sapper Creature (Imperial) 1 1 3 1Common Common Drain
1 Agility Mournhold Guardian Creature (Dark Elf) 1 2 1 1Common Common Guard
2 Agility Palace Prowler Creature (Khajiit) 1 1 1 1Common Common Drain
Pilfer: Gain 1 magicka this turn.
1 Agility Shadow Shift Action 1 1Common Common Move a friendly creature.
Draw a card.
1 Willpower Cathay-raht Veteran Creature (Khajiit) 2 1 5 1Common Common
1 Agility Finish Off Action 2 1Common Common Destroy a Wounded enemy creature.
2 Agility Helstrom Footpad Creature (Argonian) 2 3 2 1Common Common
2 Agility Thieves Guild Recruit Creature (Argonian) 2 1 2 1Common Common Summon: Draw a card. If it costs 7 or more, reduce its cost by 1.
1 Agility Blacksap Protector Prophecy Creature (Wood Elf) 3 3 3 2Rare Rare Prophecy, Guard
2 Willpower Riverhold Escort Creature (Khajiit) 3 1 6 2Rare Rare Guard
Pilfer: Move.
1 Agility Thievery Action 3 1Common Common Deal 3 damage to your opponent and gain 3 health.
1 Agility Back-Alley Rogue Creature (Dark Elf) 4 5 3 2Rare Rare Summon: Steal Cover from another creature.
1 Agility Torval Crook Creature (Khajiit) 4 1 4 3Epic Epic Charge
Pilfer: Gain 2 magicka this turn.
1 Agility Cliff Racer Creature (Reptile) 5 4 4 2Rare Rare Charge
1 Agility Snowy Sabre Cat Creature (Beast) 5 3 7 3Epic Epic May attack an extra time each turn.
1 Willpower Bandit Ringleader Creature (Khajiit) 6 3 5 3Epic Epic Summon: Other friendly creatures in this lane gain "Pilfer: Draw a card" this turn.
2 Agility Highland Lurcher Creature (Lurcher) 6 7 5 1Common Common
2 Agility Ransack Prophecy Action 6 2Rare Rare Prophecy
Deal 3 damage and gain 3 health.
1 Agility Soulrest Marshal Creature (Argonian) 6 4 4 2Rare Rare Summon: If you have more health than your opponent, the next card you play this turn costs 6 less.
1 Agility Chaurus Reaper Creature (Chaurus) 7 5 4 1Common Common Summon: Give all enemy creatures in this lane -1/-1.
1 Willpower Renowned Legate Creature (Imperial) 7 5 5 4Legendary Legendary Breakthrough
Summon: Summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt, then gain 1 health for each friendly creature.
1 Willpower Sanctuary Raid Action 7 1Common Common Destroy an enemy creature. Give all friendly creatures in its lane +1/+1.
1 Willpower Auroran Sentry Creature (Daedra) 8 5 7 4Legendary Legendary Guard
When Auroran Sentry is dealt damage, you gain that much health.
1 Agility Eclipse Baroness Creature (Dark Elf) 8 5 5 3Epic Epic Summon and Last Gasp: Draw a card and reduce its cost by 2.


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