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Take the flowers by force
Episode: The Betrayal
Opponent Name: Priests of Mara
Opponent Class: WillpowerEndurance Spellsword
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Talym Rend, Porcia, Priestess of Mara
Previous Quest: Bthardamz Dungeon
Next Quest: Bthardamz Secret Passage
Reward: None

The Betrayal: Grove of Mara[edit]

Grove of Mara takes place in the area of the same name. Porcia seeks to get the flowers from the area to make potions for the Reachman toxin


Before the start of the match:

Priestess of Mara: "Absolutely not. Our order has guarded this grove for generations. We will not allow its sacred flowers to be used for war."
Porcia: "The Doomfang clan is coming here to kill you and burn the grove!"
Priestess of Mara: "Then we will die. Better that than to surrender the flowers."
Talym: "We'll have to find another way then."
Porcia: "No, these people are dead either way -- and those flowers mean life for our troops."
Talym: "Porcia, you don't want this on your conscience."
Porcia: "For the Empire, I will bear the guilt. We attack. And may the gods forgive us."

After the Match:

Porcia: "Divine mother, forgive me."
Talym: You did what you have to do. Let's collect the flowers and go."
Porcia: I found this message inside. It says they plan to attack the Shrine of Mara, because the sacred flowers growing there represent the only cure for a poison gas their warleader has devised."
Talym: "Sound like we better get there first."

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