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Legends:Bthardamz Secret Passage

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Attack the Reachmen
Episode: The Betrayal
Opponent Name: Doomfang Chieftan
Opponent Class: IntelligenceWillpower Mage
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Talym Rend, Porcia Loran
Previous Quest: Grove of Mara
Next Quest: The Betrayal
Reward: None

The Betrayal: Bthardamz Secret Passage[edit]

Bthardamz Secret Passage takes place in the Dwemer ruin of the same name, located in Skyrim


Before the start of the match:

Porcia: "Our alchemists have managed to refine the flowers into a gas that, if our intelligence is accurate, should negate the poison. But we don't have much of it. We have to contain the situation."
Talym: "There's a secret passageway that will allow us to attack the ruin. I think it's the only way to move our troops in, but I'd bet they know about it."
Porcia: "Then it's settled. You and I will guide the troops into the passage. My guess is that they'll wait until we've committed the bulk of our forces to release the poison. and that's when we'll deploy the antidote."
Talym: "And if the antidote doesn't work?"
Porcia: "My intelligence was sound. It will work. It has to."
Talym: "Let's go then."

During the Match, after you fill your lane and the poison is released:

Porcia Loran: "They've released the poison. Quickly, use the antidote!"
Porcia Loran: "They're reacting but... Something's wrong. No! Get down!"

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