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Vuljotnaak (RefID: 000FDBAF)
(lore page)
Location Northeast of Sunderstone Gorge (map)
Species Dragon Soul Dragon
Level Radiant (10-50) Type Monsters
RefID 000FDBAF BaseID 000FE430
Other Information
Health 905-3071 Magicka 150
Stamina 130-264
Primary Skills Archery, Block, One-handed, Sneak
Perks Dragonskin
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Dragon Faction
Dragon Loot
Vuljotnaak roaring
Vuljotnaak at his dragon mound

Vuljotnaak is a dragon which can be found flying around its burial site. Although not marked, the site can be found northeast of Sunderstone Gorge and southwest of Sleeping Tree Camp after your first confrontation with Alduin. He has been observed using either frost or fire breath as means of offense.

If the mound is visited after starting “Diplomatic Immunity” but before starting “A Cornered Rat”, you can witness Alduin resurrecting and speaking with Vuljotnaak before the latter attacks you.

Vul Jot Naak means "Dark Maw Eat" in the dragon language.


  • He has the same dialogue as other named dragons who have yet to be resurrected from a burial mound by Alduin. ("Speak, if you have aught to say worth the listening.")
  • During the time that Diplomatic Immunity is an active quest (after being briefed by Delphine of her plan), you can see Vuljotnaak being resurrected by Alduin.
  • It is mentioned in the book Atlas of Dragons that Vuljotnaak was killed during or soon after the Dragon War.
  • It is possible to find Vuljotnaak resurrected but simply slumbering in his mound.
  • The level of Vuljotnaak is set when you talk to Delphine in Sleeping Giant Inn after Sahloknir is killed in A Blade in the Dark.
  • According to Alduin’s own pronunciation, the “j” in Vuljotnaak’s name is pronounced the same as in “Jon” and “J’zargo”, instead of the consonant sound in “Bromjunaar”and “jarl”.