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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Stop the Covenant from exploiting a powerful artifact.
Zone: Stonefalls
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Vivec's Antlers — Stop the Covenant from getting the Coral Heart.
Quest Giver: Captain Noris, Sergeant Larthas
Location(s): Vivec's Antlers, Coral Heart Chamber
Prerequisite Quest: The Death of Balreth
Previous Quest: In With the Tide
Next Quest: To Fort Virak
Reward: Alexandra's Froststaff
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
ID: 3584
Sings-With-Reed joins the Coral Heart
Captain Noris came to Vivec's Antlers to defend against an incursion by Alexandra Conele of the Covenant. Alexandra wants to retrieve an artifact known as the Coral Heart from Vivec's Antlers. The Pact is barely holding its ground.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Free four soldiers near Vivec's Antlers.
  2. Free Lieutenant Galyn.
  3. Place Sings-With-Reed's eggs.
  4. Secure the Coral Heart for the Ebonheart Pact by defeating Alexandra Conele.
  5. Report to Holgunn.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Free Pact Soldiers from the mud piles

Captain Noris says the Covenant commander Alexandra Conele wants to use the Coral Heart to control Sadal, a Brother of Strife.

"I hope you're here to help. We're losing ground to Covenant forces.
We have to hold the line here, or they'll push us back to Ebonheart and take all of Zabamat."
Tell me what's happening.
"Alexandra Conele's army outnumbers us five to one. If the dreugh hadn't attacked us, we'd have been wiped out.
New the dreugh are burying my men in mud. Unless that stops, we can't keep Conele from getting the Coral Heart."
What's so important about this piece of coral?
"Lieutenant Galyn thinks Conele wants to use it to command a Brother of Strife. Sings-With-Reed knows more about that.
I need you to look for survivors in the mud mounds. Oh, and the Daggers caught Galyn. You need to rescue her."
I'll find Lieutenant Galyn and your soldiers.

The area where the survivors are trapped lies northwest of Captain Noris. You need to destroy the mud piles to free them, rescuing four soldiers. The last soldier you free will speak to you:

Pact Soldier: "The Covenant have Galyn ... she's on their ship. Help her. Please!"

Lieutenant Galyn is aboard the ship to the northeast, on the lower level.

"You don't look to be Daggerfall Covenant, and you're not one of ours. Who are you?"
I'm [character name]. I'm here to rescue you.
"Thank the Three! I thought I was going to die in here.
There's a powerful mage named Alexandra Conele leading these soldiers. She knows how to enter the heart chamber. She ripped the knowledge right out of my head!"
How do we stop this Alexandra Conele?
"I'll rally my soldiers and lead them to the Coral Heart chamber. She must be inside.
Have you seen my aide, Sings-With-Reed? She knows more about the coral than anyone. She must have some kind of plan."
Where is she right now then?
"Argonians! Always the unexpected. If I know Reed, she's already lurking near the Covenant camp. Look for her nearby.
If you can find her, bring her to the Coral Heart chamber. Then we can finish this."
I'll find Sings-With-Reed and meet you in the heart chamber.
Place the eggs in the coral clusters

Sings-With-Reed is on a rock near the Covenant camp to the south of the ship.

"You've been in the belly of the Covenant's beast. Tell me. Is Lieutenant Galyn safe?"
She escaped. She asked me to find you.
"My heart is at ease. I've decided how to contact the coral.
This won't be easy. The Coral Heart could unleash a Brother of Strife, but simply taking the heart would kill it. Ill winds are blowing, friend."
What do we do?
"The coral summoned the dreugh. If I can show the coral we're friendly, it may aid us by turning the dreugh against the Covenant.
Time is precious. If I'm to succeed, I'll need your help."
What do you need done?
"These are my eggs, the fruit of my tree. My roots must join with the coral for us to be truly of one mind.
Place my eggs at the three large clusters of coral around the antlers. Then meet me in the heart chamber."
I'll see it done.

You will need to place Sings-With-Reed's eggs in three coral clusters around the area. When you do so, the nearby dreugh will become tame and approach the coral. At the first cluster, a projection of Conele will appear.

Alexandra Conele: "Fool, you think to tame the coral?
I'll see you dead."

Sings-With-Reed appears at the second cluster.

Sings-With-Reed: "Quick, the coral weakens.
I feel it, the coral speaks to me."

At the third one, Alexandra Conele appears again.

Alexandra Conele: "You won't stop me. The Coral Heart is mine!"
Take the Coral Heart

Head towards the Coral Heart Chamber. Once inside, Sings-With-Reed calls to you, asking you to find the coral heart. When you meet her and Lieutenant Galyn, she will explain what she is about to do.

Sings-With-Reed: "Alexandra stands now inside the coral. She has stolen its heart, and it dies a slow death. We are joined, and I feel its pain as my own."
Sings-With-Reed: "I fear touching the mind of the coral is not enough. We must merge, body and soul. Alexandra has ripped the heart out of the coral ... it may only live if it finds another one."
Sings-With-Reed: "I will not lie. I'm scared of what's to come. But I'm glad that you and Galyn are here with me. Keep the heart safe. Goodbye."

Sings-With-Reed joins with the heart, then Alexandra Conele appears. Defeat her, and you receive your next instruction from Sings-With-Reed.

Sings-With-Reed: "Take our heart. Keep it safe. The coral and I can now live without it."

Take the Coral Heart and give it to Holgunn for your reward.

"Well, you're a warm hut in a blizzard.
What news? Could you keep that Coral Heart out of the Covenant's hands?"
The Heart is ours.
"Then Ebonheart is saved! We are once again in your debt. Maybe we'll make you the new Thane of Whiterun. After all, they'll take anyone!
I'll keep the Heart safe. This Brother of Strife must remain bound."

Quest Stages[edit]

The Coral Heart
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
(If started from Sergeant Larthas)

I met an injured Pact soldier on the road from Vivec's Antlers. The Covenant has invaded the area, and the Pact is heavily outnumbered. The soldier asked me to speak to his superior, Captain Noris, in a camp by the north sea.

Objective: Talk to Captain Noris
Latest start Captain Noris has asked me to help free his men. They've been taken by the dreugh. I need to save the Pact soldiers by digging out dreugh mud mounds.
Objective: Search Mud Mounds for Survivors: 0/4

Captain Noris said that an Argonian named Sings-With-Reed may know more about the Brother of Strife, the Coral Heart, and Alexandra Conele's plans to acquire it. She may also be able to tell me more about what's happening in Vivec's Antlers.

Optional Step: Talk to Sings-with-Reed
One of the rescued soldiers told me the Covenant is holding Lieutenant Galyn inside their ship. It's on the north side of Vivec's Antlers. I need to rescue her.
Objective: Rescue Lieutenant Galyn from the Ship
I've rescued Lieutenant Galyn. While she rallies her soldiers, she asked me to find her aide, Sings-With-Reed. She has a plan to turn the coral against the Covenant. Sings-With-Reed is probably watching over the Covenant camp.
Objective: Find Sings-with-Reed
Sings-With-Reed believes she can contact the coral and turn it on the Covenant. She needs my help. While she enters the chamber and contacts the coral, I must place her eggs in three coral clusters around Vivec's Antlers.
Objective: Place Egg in North Coral Cluster
Objective: Place Egg in Southwest Coral Cluster
Objective: Place Egg in South Coral Cluster
I've placed Sings-With-Reed's eggs in the coral reef. Projections of the Breton mage Alexandra Conele taunted me at every step. I must hurry to the Coral Heart chamber, so I can find Lieutenant Galyn and Sings-With-Reed.
Objective: Enter Coral Heart Chamber
I have entered the heart of the coral. Sings-With-Reed is in here somewhere, as is the Coral Heart. I must find Sings-With-Reed and see what progress she's made in contacting the coral.
Objective: Find the Coral Heart
Lieutenant Galyn and Sings-With-Reed said they would meet me in the Coral Heart chamber. I must find Lieutenant Galyn and stop Alexandra Conele.
Objective: Wait for Sings-With-Reed
I must work alongside Lieutenant Galyn and Sings-With-Reed to kill Alexandra Conele and retrieve the Coral Heart.
Objective: Kill Alexandra Conele
Optional Step: Talk to Lieutenant Galyn
Alexandra Conele is dead. The Coral Heart floats before me. I must retrieve it.
Objective: Collect Coral Heart
Finishes quest☑ I have the Heart. I should bring it to Holgunn at the forward camp for safekeeping.
Objective: Give Coral Heart to Holgunn
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