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Location Vivec's Antlers
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Sings-With-Reed is an Argonian mage of the Pact found in their camp located at Vivec's Antlers. She sacrifices herself to protect The Coral Heart, a powerful artifact found at the site.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Required for Cadwell's Almanac ON-qico-Zone Story.pngThe Coral Heart: Stop the Covenant from exploiting a powerful artifact.


"Quietly! The enemy abounds. What do you seek?"
What's the Covenant after here?
"Long ago, a magical artifact imprisoned Sadal, the Brother of Strife. That artifact's become the heart of the coral.
That's what the Covenant is after. Alexandra Conele wants it, and she is without mercy."
So Conele wants to unleash a Brother of Strife?
"Just so. The Brothers of Strife are destruction incarnate: flaming fury, crushing all in their path. They cannot be controlled or channeled, only imprisoned.
Ebonheart is near, and Conele would like it burned to the ground. We have to stop her."
How do we do that?
"The coral summoned dreugh to defend itself. The coral thinks and reasons. We must ally ourselves with it. If we show we're peaceful, it will turn the dreugh against out enemies.
I'm still working on how to do that."

After rescuing the Lieutenant:

"You've been in the belly of the Covenant's beast. Tell me. Is Lieutenant Galyn safe?"
She escaped. She asked me to find you.
"My heart is at ease. I've decided how to contact the coral.
This won't be easy. The Coral Heart could unleash a Brother of Strife, but simply taking the heart would kill it. Ill winds are blowing, friend."
What do we do?
"The coral summoned the dreugh. If I can show the coral we're friendly, it may aid us by turning the dreugh against the Covenant.
Time is precious. If I'm to succeed, I'll need your help."
What do you need done?
"These are my eggs, the fruit of my tree. My roots must join with the coral for us to be truly of one mind.
Place my eggs at the three large clusters of coral around the antlers. Then meet me in the heart chamber."
I'll see it done.
"My eggs must twine with the coral, if it's to join us against the Covenant."

As you place the eggs in the coral clusters, you can hear Sings-With-Reed's voice in your head:

Sings-With-Reed: "Quick! The coral weakens."
Sings-With-Reed: "I feel it! The coral speaks to me."
Sings-With-Reed: "I'll meet you in its heart."

Inside the heart chamber:

Sings-With-Reed: "My friend! Ca you hear me?"
Sings-With-Reed: "The coral is dying. The Breton stole its heart!"
Sings-With-Reed: "The dreugh serve us now, but it's not enough. Find me at the heart."

Entering the heart of the cave:

Sings-With-Reed: "Alexandra stands now inside the coral. She has stolen its heart, and it dies a slow death. We are joined, and I feel its pain as I feel my own."
Sings-With-Reed: "I fear touching the mind of the coral is not enough. We must merge, body and soul. Alexandra has ripped the heart out of the coral ... it may only live if it finds another one."
Sings-With-Reed: "I will not lie. I'm scared of what's to come. But I'm glad that you and Galyn are here with me. Keep the heart safe. Goodbye."
Lieutenant Galyn: "We will. Goodbye, old friend."

After defeating Alexandra Conele and taking the Coral Heart off of her corpse:

Sings-With-Reed: "Take our heart. Keep it safe. The coral and I can now live without it."

Speaking to her after this:

"The heart is yours, yet the coral lives. Once I saw it was dying, I had no choice but to merge myself with the coral
We are one now: one tree with the same roots."