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Further investigate the Sea Sload threat.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Battlereeve Tanerline
Location(s): Alinor, Karnwasten, Welenkin Cove
Prerequisite Quest: Buried Memories
Next Quest: Sinking Summerset
Reward: Battlereeve's Abyssal Gauntlets
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
A Battlereeve sent a group of adventurers and a squad of marines to determine the extent of the Sea Sload's incursion into Summerset. After an initial report, the Battlereeve lost contact with the group. She asked me to investigate.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Battlereeve Tanerline in Alinor.
  2. Travel to Karnwasten.
  3. Talk to Cainar.
  4. Find and rescue Grog.
  5. Talk to Cainar.
  6. Find and talk to Miriya near Alinor.
  7. Collect the report pages around Welenkin Cove.
  8. Talk to Battlereeve Tanerline.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can find Squire Bayenor in Alinor as an alternate quest giver to start this quest:

"Ahem. Battlereeve Tanerline requests your presence at the Royal Palace. There is a situation developing and you have come highly recommended."
"Or so we have been led to believe."
What situation are you referring to?
"There are eager ears everywhere, so keep your voice low. The situation involves Sea Sload. The Battlereeve has been informed that you dispatched one of the foul creatures."
"I find that implausible, but as a lowly squire my opinion doesn't matter."
How can I help?
"I can tell you that the Battlereeve sent three adventurers and a squad of marines to determine the extent of the problem. After an initial report, contact with the group was lost."
"What the Battlereeve will ask of you, well, that's for her to impart."
I'll talk to Battlereeve Tanerlin [sic].

Talk to Battlereeve Tanerline next to the steps of Alinor Royal Palace to start the quest.

"I have no time to deal with whatever issue concerns you, newcomer. I recently received word that all of Summerset faces an imminent threat from a source we believed had disappeared long ago."
Razum-dar told you about the Sea Sload?
"Oh, I see. You must be the newcomer the Queen's cat was going on and on about.
If this threat is real and you actually killed one of the Sea Sload, then I suppose I could use your help. Will you lend your talents to the defense of our island?"
What do you need me to do?
"I sent a group of adventurers and a squad of marines to investigate the threat. They reported in. Said they were exploring a promising lead. That was the last I heard.
Cainar, Grog, and Miriya seem capable enough, but I'm concerned for their safety."
I'll locate the adventurers and find out what they uncovered.

If you started the quest through Squire Bayenor:

"I have no time to deal with whatever issue concerns you, newcomer. I recently received word that all of Summerset faces an imminent threat from a source we believed had disappeared long ago."
Squire Bayenor said you wanted my help with that imminent threat.
"Of course. You must be the newcomer the Queen's cat told me about.
If you really killed a Sea Sload, then you might be just what I need to keep the situation from completely spinning out of control. Will you help defend Summerset?"
What do you need me to do?
"A group of adventurers volunteered to investigate the possible incursion. I received a single report that indicated they were making progress, but that was the last I heard from them.
Cainar, Grog, and Miriya seem capable enough, but Sea Sload..."
I'll locate the three adventurers and find out what they uncovered.
"The mage Cainar radiated an air of confidence, as did the Redguard Miriya. They seemed extremely competent.
The Orc, though- Grog, I think he called himself- appeared to be in a constant state of inebriation."
"Drunk! He was as intoxicated as a Nord on festival day! I took a chance because the situation seemed desperate, and by the stars it appears that I'm going to do so again!
For all our sakes, I hope you don't disappoint me too."
Do you know anything else about the Sea Sload?
"Frankly, I thought Sea Sloads were just a myth.
Other than the report from Razum-dar, I have no solid evidence of this so-called incursion. That said, the disappearance of Cainar and the marines I sent out has given me cause for concern."
Why not send an army to deal with the Sea Sload?
"Without more information, there's no target to attack. Besides, I don't have an army at my disposal right now. The majority of our forces are committed to the continent and the Three Banners War.
I must rely on the forces at hand."

Travel to Karnwasten. Find Cainar at the north side of the western-most wooden pier and talk to him.

"Haven't you lot learned by now that I have more than enough magicka to deal with the likes of—wait a moment. You're not one of these smugglers.
What brings you to this enchanting little hideaway?"
Battlereeve Tanerline sent me to find you.
"Well then, it appears that your mission has thus far been a success.
Since you're here, I could use your help. My associate Grog has been captured. I need you to free him while I try to learn everything I can about the Sea Sload called K'Garza."
Who captured Grog and where can I find him?
"Grog went off to investigate the undead near the bay. Figured they were the Sea Sload's handiwork. He didn't account for the smugglers, though, and they captured him.
Now he's chained up as a gift to appease K'Garza, the Sea Sload necromancer."
All right. I'll go rescue Grog.

You can find Grog chained up in the eastern-most cave of the two southeastern caves. Talk to him.

"Are you one of those double-dealing smugglers? I'm going to take a chance and assume you're not, because I really need you to get me out of these chains. You know, before the big slug notices me."
How do you propose I unlock the chains?
"How do I ...? What the tusk do I look like? A blacksmith? Sorry, sorry. Let me consider.
Well, the smuggler with the key went to chat with the Sload. Said something disagreeable and I heard him scream. Body's not far. Or if you can pick a lock ...?"
Tell me about the Sea Sload.
"Sure. I'll tell you everything I know. Right after you get me out of these chains!
Look, I'm tired, I'm thirsty, and I'm in no rush to have that slimy slug get its webbed fingers on me, so go get that key!"

You can now choose to unlock Grog's chains in one of two ways:

  1. Pick the lock (Intermediate) on his chains.
  2. Collect the Smuggler's Key from the Smuggler's Pack (a backpack) which can be found deeper into the cave, near the boss and a large crate.

When Grog is free talk to him again.

"Thanks for getting me out of those chains. My wrists were starting to chafe.
So, what's the plan? How do we get out of this Oblivion pit?"
I think you should tell me about the Sea Sload first.
"Look, I'm grateful and all that, and I really admire your tenacity, but we're not safe here. I'll tell you and Cainar everything I learned—right after we get out of this place!"
[Persuade] Summerset's in danger and time is of the essence. Tell me what you learned.
"Fine. But then we really need to get out of here.
The Sea Sload's name is K'Garza. Some sort of necromancer, based on all the undead I ran into. But that's not all. I heard it talking to someone. A High Elf, I think. Said some interesting things."
What did the Sload and the High Elf talk about?
"Something about a cabal of some sort. Multiple Sea Sloads working together. They discussed another one of the big slugs operating to the south. Said they had a way to sink the island!
Could we get out of here, now, please?"
There must be something you can tell me before we go.
"You just go on and on, don't you?
All right. How about this? The smuggler's captain keeps a journal. I heard her say she had detailed notes about her dealings with the Sea Sload. It probably contains everything the Battlereeve wants to know."
Where can I find this journal?
"The smugglers have a shanty set up on the ridge overlooking the bay. I'm pretty sure the captain keeps her stuff in there.
If you're going after the journal, well, good luck with that. I'm getting out of here!"

If you persuaded Grog, you now need to escort him back to Cainar. If you didn't, you need to find the journal Grog mentioned. Head out to the main cave of Karnwasten. Follow the southern wall and head up a hill. Read the Night Runner Captain's Journal which is lying atop a barrel in a small wooden shelter and collect the Captain's Journal. Now go back to Cainar at the docks.

"Good to see you survived the perils of Karnwasten, my friend. But where's Grog? I expected him to return with you."
After I set Grog free, he ran off on his own.

Leave Karnwasten and find Miriya on the beach near Alinor. Talk to her.

"Whoever you are ... if you aren't an illusion ... you need to take word to Alinor. Tell Battlereeve Tanerline—"
Battlereeve Tanerline sent me, and I'm as real as you are.
"The marines ... we followed rumors of some kind of magic. Discovered the geysers."
Geysers? I don't understand.
"Sea Sload magic. Something to do with abyssal pearls. The geysers spout ... terrible sea creatures and undead. B'Korgen ... the Sea Sload ... is working to increase their power.
Our report contains ... all the details."

Find the report pages along the coast near Welenkin Cove. Collect the following items:

As soon as you collect the last part of the report it will combine into Indirim's Report. Now head back to Alinor and talk to Battlereeve Tanerline to complete the quest.

"You're back. Cainar returned and said you went in search of Miriya and the marines. Tell me, is the Sea Sload threat as dire as the Queen's cat intimated?"
The Sea Sload threat is real. The marines didn't make it, but here's their report.
"Eight protect us! A cabal of Sea Sloads … High Elf traitors. Magic geysers that can sink the island I [sic] ask you to look into one threat and you bring me a multitude!
Still, this confirms the rumors. Now that we know, we can plan accordingly."
How will you respond to the Sea Sload threat?
"Normally, I'd dispatch every soldier at my disposal to deal with these geysers. However, the ongoing war has depleted our forces. It might be time to reach out to more people like you and Cainar's adventurers.
For now, take this with my thanks."


  • The lorebook Night Runner Captain's Journal is currently only available during this quest, and only if you choose not to persuade Grog. If you do persuade, he will not send you to look after the journal, making this book unobtainable.


  • When talking to Grog after freeing him, his spoken text does not match the on-screen text. His spoken text references you bringing him back to Cainar, which you have not done.
"Ugh. Thanks for making sure I got back to Cainar. We'll tell the Battlereeve what we know, but you've got to find Miriya." ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Abyssal Cabal
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The Battlereeve asked me to go to the Karnwasten caves to locate the mage Cainar and his companions. I need to find out what they learned.
Objective: Talk to Cainar
Cainar's associate Grog has been captured and left as a gift for the Sea Sload. I need to find him before anything awful happens.
Objective: Find Grog
I need to either get the key to unlock the chains that bind Grog, or I can pick the lock. Either way, I need to get him out of those chains.
Objective: Rescue Grog
Objective Hint: Find the Key
Objective Hint: Pick the Lock
I unlocked the chains and set Grog free. Now I should talk to him and find out what he's learned about the Sea Sload.
Objective: Talk to Grog
(The following text appears if you don't persuade Grog)
Grog suggested that the smugglers' captain keeps a journal in which she recorded information concerning her dealings with the Karnwasten Sea Sload. I should look for it near their shanty above the bay.
Objective: Find the Captain's Journal
(The following text appears if you don't persuade Grog)
I should return to Cainar and show him the captain's journal. It contains some interesting information concerning the Sea Sload.
Objective: Talk to Cainar
(The following text appears if you persuade Grog)
I should escort Grog back to Cainar so we can tell him what we know.
Objective: Return to Cainar
(The following text appears if you persuade Grog)
I should talk to Cainar and tell him what Grog learned in Karnwasten.
Objective: Talk to Cainar
To find information on the other Sloads in Summerset, I should meet with Miriya. Her expedition was last seen southwest of Alinor.
Objective: Talk to Miriya
The marines accompanying Miriya retreated down the coast after they were ambushed by the yaghra. I need to find them and their mage, Indirim, who assembled a report about the Sea Sload's geysers.
Objective: Find Miriya's Marines
I found a page from Indirim's report on the Sea Sload threat. I need to continue to search the coastline and find the rest of the report.
Objective: Assemble the Report 0 / 5
I should bring the reassembled report to Battlereeve Tanerline in Alinor.
Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Tanerline
☑Finishes quest I should talk to Battlereeve Tanerline about the Sea Sload threat we uncovered.
Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Tanerline