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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Go to Khenarthi's Roost to find the Khajiit who saved you.
Zone: Khenarthi's Roost
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Quest Giver: Razum-dar in Eagle's Strand;
Captain Tremouille in Vulkhel Guard;
Zaeri at Shattered Shoals or Temple of the Mourning Springs;
To My Friend From the Beach
Location(s): Eagle's Strand, Shattered Shoals, Temple of the Mourning Springs, Mistral
Previous Quest: Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
Next Quest: The Perils of Diplomacy
Concurrent Quest: Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons
Reward: Gold Fleet's Beacon
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Razum-dar, who saved you from the sea
An Aldmeri Dominion fleet was shipwrecked here by a hurricane. I wasn't part of the wreck, but perhaps I can use the chaos as cover. [if taken from Raz or Zaeri]
After escaping from Coldharbour, a Khajiit named Razum-dar pulled me from the storm-tossed waters of Khenarthi's Roost and put me on a boat to Auridon. [if taken from Vulkhel Guard]
I found a letter addressed to me while exploring Khenarthi's Roost. Someone named "Razum-dar" wishes to pay me for information. [if you find "To My Friend From the Beach"]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Razum-dar, then talk to Commander Karinith and Ealcil.
  2. Complete Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons.
  3. Find Razum-dar in Mistral.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Razum-dar will be waiting for you outside the Ruined Tower you awoke in. He will say that you must become more familiar so your presence won't be suspect. Apparently you fell from the sky, and while before he wasn't sure how you would fit into his mission, he has now decided you may be of help. He will urge you to keep your arrival a secret by claiming to be just another soldier. Then, he will have you speak to Commander Karinith, who will then send you to speak with Ealcil. Karinith needs you to help search for survivors of the storm in the Shattered Shoals area to the west. Ealcil, on the other hand, is a scholar who has just returned from a temple with a mysterious rock that produces endless water. He was attacked by skeletons and barely escaped with his life and the stone, leaving behind the rest of the expedition.

Follow Razum-dar back to the north exit. He will suggest that you to help one or both of them in order to obtain the trust of the locals, then meet him in Mistral, a port city to the north. You will need to complete the two objectives and the quests they lead to (Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons) to complete this quest. Once you have done so, head to Mistral. When you arrive, Razum-dar will be on the north end of the long bridge leading into the city.

Alternate Start[edit]

If you leave Khenarthi's Roost before starting this quest, you will be able to acquire it from Captain Tremouille in Vulkhel Guard. He is standing on the deck of the ship you wake up in; you can't miss him. He'll say you slept all the way from Khenarthi's Roost, right through a hurricane. A Khajiit called Razum-dar fished you out of the ocean and paid for your passage, then went to Eagle's Strand, an old fort on the island. If you want to go back to Khenarthi's Roost, he says to find a boatswain called Sugar-Claws. She is on the eastern side of the docks. At first, she'll think that you're there about some worrying business with fish, but she offers to take you to Khenarthi's Roost for free.

Once there, you will be on the shore, facing the south entrance to Eagle's Strand. Head on in, and Razum-dar will approach you.


  • If you leave Eagle's Strand before speaking to both Commander Karinith, Ealcil, and meeting Razum-dar at the statues, then you will fail the current objective and be told to find Razum-dar back in the camp. There will be a note from him there, giving you the quest's objectives (Shattered Shoals and Temple of the Mourning Springs) and telling you to meet him in Mistral.
  • If you complete Cast Adrift or Tears of the Two Moons without starting this quest, Zaeri will appear at those locations once the quest is complete to direct you to the other objective.
  • If you bypass everything including Eagle's Strand, Shattered Shoals, and the Temple of the Mourning Springs, there is a notice at the Temple of the Crescent Moons and a note outside Silat's House at Windcatcher Plantation entitled To My Friend From the Beach. Engaging in a dialogue with this notice starts the quest.
  • If you head straight to Mistral, you are able to start The Perils of Diplomacy without completing this quest.
  • Between the release of One Tamriel and the release of Morrowind, Captain Tremouille was not available as a quest giver, as all Aldmeri Dominion characters started directly on Khenarthi's Roost upon finishing the Soul Shriven in Coldharbour tutorial quest.
  • Prior to Update 10, you were dropped into Vulkhel Guard upon leaving Coldharbour, and Captain Tremouille was the primary starting point for the quest. During this time, the objectives to complete the quests at Shattered Shoals and the Temple of the Mourning Springs were optional.

Storm on the Horizon
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
If I want to meet Razum-dar on Khenarthi's Roost I should speak with Sugar-Claws, the boatswain in Vulkhel Guard. She should be able to take me there.
Objective: Talk to the Boatswain
Sugar-Claws took me from the docks of Vulkel Guard to Khenarthi's Roost. I should look for Razum-dar at Eagle's Strand.
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Latest start Razum-dar approached me in Eagle's Strand. He seemed to know more about my situation than I do. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Razum-dar saw my unorthodox arrival. I'm not sure why he wants to help me, but he seems sincere. He asked me to follow him to Eagle's Strand.
Objective: Talk to Commander Karinith
Razum-dar introduced me to Commander Karinith, who thinks I'm a Dominion recruit from the shipwreck. She suggested I speak with Ealcil before heading off to investigate the strange happenings on Khenarthi's Roost.
Objective: Talk to Ealcil
After speaking with Ealcil, Razum-dar wanted to talk to me in private. I should meet him at the statues just north of Eagle's Strand.
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar at Eagle's Strand's Entrance
I've been asked to investigate some of the strange occurrences on Khenarthi's Roost.
Objective: Investigate Temple of the Mourning Springs
Objective: Investigate Shattered Shoals
Hidden Objective: Complete Tears of the Two Moons
Hidden Objective: Complete Cast Adrift
Razum-dar waits for me in the town of Mistral. I should meet him there and tell him what I've learned.
Objective: Go to Mistral
Objective Hint: Sea Vipers Can Create Storms with Ritual Magic
Objective Hint: The Mourning Stone Is a Source of Ritual Power
☑Finishes quest Razum-dar waits for me in the town of Mistral. I should meet him there and tell him what I've learned.
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar