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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Restore the two guardians of Balreth.
Zone: Stonefalls
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Ash Mountain — Imprison Balreth inside Ash Mountain.
Quest Giver: Garyn Indoril
Location(s): Ash Mountain
Prerequisite Quest: To Ash Mountain
Next Quest: The Death of Balreth
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience
Ragebinder summoned
Garyn Indoril led a force of Pact soldiers to Ash Mountain. They were following the Brother of Strife, Balreth. Using the information I learned from Mavos at Othrenis, we're going to imprison the Brother of Strife again.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Collect ten Daedra hearts.
  2. Summon and defeat Ragebinder and Blaze.
  3. Talk to Walks-in-Ash.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak with Garyn Indoril to begin the quest.

"Now we'll get things done. By Vivec, Balreth will be bound again!"
I know what to do. The mages of the past shackled Balreth with guardian atronachs.
"The atronachs? Well ... that's bad. I banished them when I cast Father's spell.
We were sure we could control the creature. Damn it. I suppose we'll have to summon them again, somehow."
How do we do that?
"They stood watch over Ash Mountain for centuries. All we need to do is grab their attention again. Kill Daedra, take their hearts, burn them at the ruin alters. That should draw them out.
Walks-in-Ash is waiting for you at the top. Good luck!"
I'll get started.

To imprison Balreth once again, you must now re-enact what you learned in Othrenis. Travel north across the bridge, and begin killing Daedra. Any Daedra in the nearby area will drop a Daedra Heart, even ones outside the circle marked on your map. These cannot be used for crafting, and Daedra hearts taken from other sources cannot be used for the quest.

Use the summoning bowl to call Ragebinder to Ash Mountain

After collecting ten hearts, locate the small summoning bowl on a dais surrounded by sarcophagi and urns. One such bowl may be found on a small island surrounded by two thin rivers of lava, the other further south towards the entrance of the ruins. Activating a bowl will summon either Blaze or Ragebinder, who will immediately become hostile, and must be defeated in combat.

Once defeated, each atronach will say that they are willing to help.

After you've pacified both Ragebinder and Blaze, talk to Walks-in-Ash, who is near the Altar of Binding's location during Rending Flames. She will begin The Death of Balreth.

"The wind has carried you here with your scales unburnt.
What do we do now?"
I've defeated the guardian atronachs. I should be able to call them to us.
"Cool rain on my scales. We'll reforge the shackles Garyn and his father destroyed. The Brother of Strife will be returned to his rest."


  • Although a circle appears on the map to indicate the area in which hearts may be collected, it is possible to collect hearts from outside this area and have them count towards the quest as long as they are collected around Ash Mountain. Any scamp or clannfear on the volcano's slopes is fair game.

Quest Stages[edit]

Restoring the Guardians
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
To imprison Balreth, I must gain control of the guardians at Ash Mountain. To summon the guardians, Garyn wants me to harvest the hearts of lesser Daedra.
Objective: Collect Daedra Hearts
Now that I've collected the hearts of the lesser Daedra, I should be able to summon Ash Mountain's ancient guardians. I'll need to perform rituals at the ruined altars on the mountainside.
Objective: Summon and Defeat Ragebinder
Objective: Summon and Defeat Blaze
Finishes quest☑ I've defeated the guardians. Now I must meet Walks-in-Ash at the top of the path.
Objective: Talk to Walks-in-Ash
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