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ON-icon-skill-Winter's Embrace-Arctic Wind.png Arctic Wind
Line Winter's Embrace
Line Rank 20 Cost 4320 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 10 seconds
Target Self
Morph ON-icon-skill-Winter's Embrace-Polar Wind.png Polar Wind
Increases the healing over time, and causes the healing to also target a nearby ally.
ON-icon-skill-Winter's Embrace-Arctic Blast.png Arctic Blast
The initial heal is based on your offensive stats rather than Health. Converts the heal over time into damage over time that stuns enemies.
Values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000.
Arctic Wind
Arctic Wind: Envelop yourself in winter winds, instantly healing for [4800 / 4852 / 4905 / 4958] Health and an additional [959 / 969 / 980 / 990] Health every 2 seconds over 10 seconds. This ability scales off your Max Health.
Polar Wind: Area: 12 meters, Target: Area.
Envelop yourself and an ally in winter winds, instantly healing for 4958 Health and healing for an additional [1190 / 1203 / 1216 / 1229] Health every 2 seconds over 10 seconds. This ability scales off your Max Health.
Arctic Blast: Duration: 20 seconds, Area: 6 meters, Target: Area.
Envelop yourself in winter winds, instantly healing for 7940 Health. The winds persist for 20 seconds and chill your foes to the bone, dealing [1154 / 1165 / 1177 / 1191] Frost Damage every 2 seconds and stunning them after 2 seconds for 3 seconds after activating. The damage has a higher chance to apply the Chilled status effect.

Arctic Wind restores your Health, both instantly and over time, scaling off your Maximum Health. Polar Wind also heals an ally if there are any around, while Arctic Blast heals based on your offensive stats instead, deals Frost Damage over time to nearby enemies and stuns them after a short delay.



  • Healing on allies from Polar Wind is scaled according to your health, not the ally's health, so it's most effective if you are playing a hybrid tank/healer role with a larger health pool from which to scale the effect.
  • Arctic Blast is a recommended morph for the Warden Initiate build.

Patch Notes[edit]

  • Increased the initial heal done by this ability and its morphs to 12% of your Max Health from 10%.
  • Increased the initial heal from this ability and its morphs to 15% of your Max Health from 12%.
  • Arctic Blast: This morph now fires a projectile that stuns the target in addition to healing you. It requires an enemy target to cast the ability. This ability also no longer deals damage over time based on your maximum health.
  • Increased the Heal over Time from this ability and its morphs to 3% of your Max Health, up from 2%. These abilities now properly rank up in healing with each rank, and their tooltips state the actual heal value.
  • Arctic Blast (morph): Increased the travel speed of the projectile so it's similar to Destructive Touch's speed. Also updated the tooltip to state it requires an enemy to cast.
  • Polar Wind (morph): Increased the radius to 12 meters from 8 meters for the allied heal.
  • Updated the healing from this ability and its morphs to happen faster and be focused more on the initial heal, rather than the heal over time.
  • The initial heal now scales off 25% of your Max Health, up from 15%.
  • The Heal over Time remains at 3% of your Max Health per tick, but happens every 1 second for 5 seconds instead of every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • This ability and its morphs have regained the original function of Arctic Blast, and deal Frost Damage in a 6 meter area around the caster while the Heal over Time persists. This damage scales with your Max Magicka and Spell Damage, to prevent compounded power for tank builds.
  • Arctic Blast (morph):
    • This morph no longer converts the ability into an awkward projectile stun. Instead, this ability has inherited Permafrost's old functionality, where enemies hit 3 times in rapid succession with the ability are stunned. This stun cannot be blocked.
  • Reduced the base heal of this ability and its morphs by 20% and the Heal over Time from this ability and its morphs by approximately 17%.
  • Arctic Blast (morph):
    • This morph now requires enemies to be damaged 5 times in order to be stunned, up from 3.
    • Reduced the duration of the stun to 3 seconds, down from 4.
    • Increased the duration of the stack counter to 3 seconds, up from 1.
    • Developer Comment: Right now, this ability is offering too much offensive nature for the Warden, allowing them to line up their burst perfectly with Scorch to remove counter play. By increasing the stack count required, there should be less of a guarantee with this combination and require more reactive play from the caster, while the increased duration of tracking helps also reduce the ease of counter play by backing off for 1 second from the Warden to completely avoid the stun.
  • This ability and the Polar Wind morph no longer deal damage over their duration.
  • The Healing over Time effects now tick once every 2 seconds over 10 seconds, rather than once every second over 5.
  • Increased the healing per tick to 6% of your Max Health, up from 2.5%.
    • Polar Wind (morph):
      • This morph now causes the initial heal and Heal over Time to target an additional ally, rather than only the initial heal.
      • Increased the healing over time by 20%.
    • Arctic Blast (morph):
      • This morph now causes the initial heal to scale with your highest Offensive stats, rather than Max Health.
      • This morph now causes the Heal over Time to be converted to Damage over Time.
      • This morph no longer ranks up in cost reduction.
      • This morph now stuns immediately upon cast, rather than requiring hitting the same target 5 times in succession. The stun is no longer unblockable.
      • Increased the duration of this morph to 20 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
      • Reduced the damage per tick by approximately 3%.
      • Increased the chances of applying a status effect with this morph to 15%, up from 1% per tick.
    • Developer Comment: We’re readjusting (again) the requirements and differentiations of these morphs to help improve their gameplay distinctions for different types of activities. The base ability and Polar Wind will now have their added functionality act closer to a Heal over Time ability, while Arctic Blast will be centered on allowing more offensive oriented Ice Wardens to gain access to extra damage and a long time requested on-demand stun ability.
  • Arctic Blast (morph): Removed the target cap from the damage of this morph, as the damage is no longer tied to stunning enemies.
  • Arctic Blast (morph):
    • The stun from this morph now fires after a 2 second delay, rather than immediately. Recasting the ability before the delay completes will reset the delay timer.
    • Fixed an issue where the stun ignored line of sight rules.