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Chilled is a debilitating effect applied by many Frost Damage effects. It deals a single additional tick of Frost Damage, and also makes targets more vulnerable to certain subsequent Frost Damage effects, such as Wall of Frost immobilizing Chilled enemies. When an enemy is chilled, Minor maim debuff is applied for 4 seconds reducing their damage dealt by 5%. The status can be removed with a Cleansing effect.


Applying Status[edit]

Skill Duration Affects Cost Notes
Light Attack with Ice Staff (?) Single Target None (?)% base chance
Heavy Attack with Ice Staff (?) Single Target None (?)% base chance
Weapon with Frost Enchantment (?) Single Target None 20% base chance
Elemental Force (Destruction Staff) Passive Increases chances of inflicting Chilled by 50/100%
Destructive Reach (Destruction Staff) Single Target 2700 Magicka Always applied on initial hit when using Ice Staff
Impaling Shards (Winter's Embrace) 12 Area 3240 Magicka Increases chances of inflicting Chilled
Icy Rage (Destruction Staff) (?) Enemies in Range 250 Ultimate Guaranteed effect

Exploiting Status[edit]

Skill Effect Cost
Force Pulse (Destruction Staff) Deals Extra Damage 2700 Magicka
Wall of Frost (Destruction Staff) Immobilizes 3780-3240 Magicka
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