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Medyn Hleran
Home Settlement Seyda Neen
Store Caravaner Tower
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Caravaner
Medyn Hleran

Medyn Hleran is a Dark Elf caravaner who can be found on top of the Caravaner Tower in Seyda Neen. He can take you to Gnisis or Suran.


When you speak to him, Medyn will be knowledgeable about various rumors around Vvardenfell, though he will get key points wrong.

If you are a Dunmer:
If you are another race:
"Suran has a man dressed in blue running around. The fetcher keeps helping thieves and capturing travelers. Calls himself the Cobalt Crusader.
Or wait, was it—was it blue? Well, never mind. Can I take you somewhere?"
"Have you heard about Vivec City? Apparently a strange cat has started haunting nightmares. Scratches your face and you wake up dead! Or wait, was it—was it a dog …?
Well, no matter. Where can I take you?"
"Heard those mushroom towers are great for your health. All that fungus in the air helps clean out the lungs. Wish my home was made of that stuff.
Now, do you need a ride?"
"All them fancy families in Vvardenfell are always talking to the dead. I tell you, it's all smoke and mirrors! Just trying to put on airs to make themselves look better than the rest of us.
Well, enough of that. Where can I take you to?"
"Heard about an egg-mine with singing kwama in it. They're so good the miners can't even work! They just keep clapping! Imagine that.
Do you need something?"
"I'll tell you what, don't trust them Ashlanders. They all worship some dead crab! Swear to Vivec it's true, heard it from a very reliable source.
Now, what can I help you with today?"

You can then ask about transport:

Where can your silt strider take me?
"We travel to Gnisis and Suran. And we know the paths that avoid the worst of the lava flows. Would you care for a ride?"
I'd like to go to Gnisis.
I'd like to go to Suran.