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Amili Yahaz
Home Settlement Gnisis
Store Caravaner Tower
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Caravaner
Amili Yahaz

Amili Yahaz is a Dark Elf caravaner who can be found on top of the Caravaner Tower in Gnisis. She can take you to Balmora or Vivec City.

Amili has given the name Old Risa to her silt strider.


When you speak to her, Amili will say one of the following lines:

"A word of advice? Don't look down. The last Khajiit who rode Old Risa decided not to heed that warning. And despite the saying, no, he did not land on his feet.
Now where can I get you to?"
"Old Risa doesn't take kindly to n'wah riders. Keep still and keep quiet, and you may get to your destination alive.
Would you like a ride?"
"Remember, no sudden moves around the silt strider. Old Risa's hungry, and I wouldn't want to lose another customer this early in the day!
Now, where can this old gal take you?"

If the player is a Dunmer, she has different lines:

"The s'wits and n'wahs from distant lands actually fear my silt strider. I told one Nord that Old Risa was hungry, and he paid extra for a seat as far from her mandible as possible! Too funny!
Now, where can I take you, f'lah?"
"Normally I'd give you all sorts of warnings and instructions, but I know you'll keep your head about you. It's those other races I don't quite trust.
Where do you wish to go?"
"House Hlaalu couldn't care less about this backwater egg-mine. It's up to us lesser Dark Elves to watch out for each other, so far from the big city.
I'm sure you can't wait to leave. Where to?"

You always have the same dialogue option:

Where does your silt strider travel to?
"My silt strider can take you to Balmora or Vivec City. She's fast, friendly, and almost never snacks on our customers.
Almost never."
I'd like to go to Balmora.
I'd like to go to Vivec City.