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Location Loriasel
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Maahi is an Argonian tree-minder found at the ruins of Loriasel. His students were killed in experiments by the Aldmeri Dominion and now lamias are eating their corpses. In the related quest, he asks that you help Akeenus, the Shadowscale who freed him, recover the bodies.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Swamp's Embrace[edit]

You'll initially find Maahi kneeling beside a torch and backpack in the tunnel east of Loriasel's first chamber. Talk to him and he'll say:

"So much death. My students, my egg-siblings ... none survived the Dominion's experiments. Now, the lamias take their bodies for food.
Please, help me recover their bodies so they can return to the Hist!"
What happened here?
"Dominion soldiers brought us here for that alchemist's experiments. Ruuvitar, I heard them say. None of my students survived, and now the lamias took their corpses.
A Shadowscale freed me and offered to recover the bodies, but she needs help."
I could help recover the bodies.
"Then work with Akeenus. She'd have the bodies already if the lamia cave didn't stink of death. She's blind, you see, but still a Shadowscale.
Mark the bodies with this paste. She'll track the scent and sneak the bodies from the lamia cave."
I'll mark the bodies for Akeenus to recover.

If you talk to him again, he says, "Thank you for pitying an injured tree-minder. I pray for your success. It's all I can do, for now."

Once you have helped Akeenus recover the bodies, you'll find him with her at the entrance to the Lamia Queen's chamber.

"The bodies of my egg-siblings were desecrated by the Lamia Queen! Until they're whole, I cannot return them to the Hist."
"Akeenus brought the bodies to me, but they're mauled. Broken apart!
What was stolen must be returned, or their angry spirits will haunt Loriasel until the void takes us all. The Lamia Queen did this, I'm sure of it!"
The Lamia Queen has what's missing?
"I saw her flaunting them as trophies. Slay her. Slay her, and bring what you find to me.
Akeenus and I return to the antechamber with the bodies. I'll wait for you there."

If you try to get more information, he says, "I must attend to my students' bodies in the antechamber. Please, return what the Lamia Queen took from them so they can find peace."

Returning to him in the antechamber after killing the Lamia Queen, he seems distraught:

"It's no use. Unless they're whole, the spirits of the departed can receive no comfort."
The Lamia Queen took these from the bodies.
"They say lamias can talk, if they wish it. From what I've seen, they're little more than beasts.
Please restore what's missing to the bodies. I'll guide their spirits back to the Hist."
I'll restore the bodies.

If you haven't finished restoring the bodies, he tells you, "Months ago, I taught my students this very ritual. Now I must use it upon them."

With the four students' bodies restored and their spirits set free, Maahi is relieved:

"It's done. My students return to the Hist."
What will happen to their bodies?
"Once the fighting dies down, Akeenus and I will reunite them with the swamp, as a fallen leaf returns to soil."
What will you do now?
"I'll not allow the wounded to become food for lamias. Pact or Dominion, I don't care. None deserve such a fate."

This completes the quest. If you speak with Maahi again, he thanks you: "Thank you for lending your aid to a stranger. I will not forget you, nor will the spirits of my students. Nor will the Hist."

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