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Isabeth Gaercroft
Home Settlement Northglen
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Evermore City Guard
Isabeth Gaercroft

Isabeth Gaercroft is a Breton member of the Evermore City Guard and the daughter of Captain Eugien, the officer leading the charge against the Dark Witnesses who destroyed the settlement of Northglen. She was on a scouting mission when she saved the life of Wyress Zylle and then went on to find the Reachmen's leader, Duraeg.

Related Quests[edit]


She can be first found in basement of one of the abandoned farmhouses near Northglen. She will be in trance while Duraeg performs a sinister ritual on her. Once he is dead, there will be a flash of light and Isabeth will wake up and run upstairs.

Isabeth Gaercroft: "I'm badly injured. I need to go."

Once she is outside you can speak with her.

"For the love of Mara, I didn't think I'd see the end of this day. Did Captain Gaercroft, my father, send you?"
Yes, he did. We need to return to his camp.
"I know Duraeg's plan. He has stores of seeds he plans on using to turn the innocent into pawns for this army.
You must destroy the stores. With Duraeg out of the way and his weapon destroyed, it will leave this army without a leader and a plan."
I understand.
"I'm badly injured. Whatever Duraeg was doing to me, probably trying to implant one of those seeds like the others, it's left me too weak. You need to go. Finish the mission without me.
Besides. If he was successful, I may compromise everything."
Try this poultice. It might help.
"Perfect! One of Elgenie's, I bet. This will do nicely." (Isabeth will use the poultice and become stealthed.)
What was he doing to you?
"Trying to implant me like the rest. He said he was adding me to his ranks. That I'd be the perfect weapon, and he'd watch as I attacked my own father and my father would have to kill me.
I fell unconscious from the pain moments later."
I'm not badly injured, though./What were you saying about the poultice?
"I recognize it, and it's one of Elgenie's best.
The poultice does more than heal. It grants invisibility. But if you engage any of the Reachmen after you use it, the spell will break."
Are you all right?
"No. I only found one survivor and the Glenmoril Wyrd wouldn't let her go. I found Ulmad and Bendais dead. But Hatmi, did you find her, too? I never should have left her alone.
My father … that is, Captain Gaercroft will be disappointed."
He'll be happy you're safe.
"You don't know him.
He only acknowledges me when I'm doing something wrong. He calls me Isabeth the Impatient. Isabeth the Ignorant. Since I disobeyed orders, I bet he's got plenty to say about me today."

Once you have completed your task, you can return to the Northglen camp to witness the reunion between Isabeth and her father.

Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Isa—Scout Isabeth, you put this company at risk by disobeying orders."
<Captain Eugien walks upt to Isabeth.>
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Thanks to our new ally here, the Wyrd agreed to help us drive out the Reachmen."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "I've hope you've—Wyress Delphique, what is the meaning of this?"
<Wyress Delphique casts a spell on Isabeth, checking for corruption.>
Wyress Delphique: "I thought as much. Captain Gaercroft. Your scout is infected."
Wyress Delphique: "Kill her if you wish to maintain this alliance."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "I won't kill her based on your word."
Wyress Delphique: "Then trust your new ally's word."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "I'll make my own judgement! I don't take orders from you."
<Isabeth runs up to them.>
Isabeth Gaercroft: "Father, stop!"
Isabeth Gaercroft: "So it's true. I'm infected"

After this dire pronouncement, you can speak with Isabeth to see what she wants to do.

"That must be why Elgenie's poultice didn't fully heal me. I wasn't conscious for a while after they capture me. He had time to … to ….
Is what Wyress Delphique says true?"
Yes, it's true.
"Everything I've been through? For this? And my own father won't even acknowledge me as his daugther [sic]. But it's worth it right? My life for an alliance that will save Evermore."
Are you sure you want to do this?
"I'll let Delphique know I'm ready. I'm sure she won't hesitate, and my father won't stop her.
Evermore has always taken priority for him. Evermore and duty. Maybe I follow in his footsteps afterall 
I'll make sure he knows that.

She will then tell Wyress Delphique to do what needs to be done.

Isabeth Gaercroft: "I've made my decision, father."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Isabeth, don't be foolish. You can't think straight."
Isabeth Gaercroft: "No, father. I've never been so clear."
<Isabeth walks some distance away.>
Isabeth Gaercroft: "Wyress Delphique? Do it. Now, before I change my mind!"
<A stream of fire flows out of Delphique's palm and hits Isabeth. Captain Eugien runs up to her.>
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Isabeth!"