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Captain Eugien Gaercroft
Home Settlement Northglen
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Evermore City Guard
Captain Eugien Gaercroft

Captain Eugien Gaercroft is a Breton member of the Evermore City Guard in charge of the forces facing the Dark Witnesses reachmen found at the settlement of Northglen.

Related Quests[edit]


Beyond the Call[edit]

When you meet him, he is desperate for help.

"I hope you're here to help me.
Duraeg and his Dark Witnesses attacked without warning. My best scouts go to gather information; only two returned. Isabeth disobeyed orders to look for them, and now she too is overdue. What else could go wrong?"
Perhaps I can help?
"Any help is welcome. Isabeth was last seen advancing toward the chapel to look for Hatmi.
The scouts' mission is to recover information and rescue civilians. We can't let the invaders reach Evermore."
I'll do what I can.
"Take this concoction Elgenie made. "It heals and conceals" according to her. If they're injured, they'll need it, but it only lasts so long.
They must come here straight away or risk the effects wearing off."
I'll do my best to find them.

Once you get your orders, he will say, "Thank you, I'd send Abir back out, but he's wounded, and no use to us in his condition."

After rescuing Isabeth and killing Duraeg, you can return to Captain Eugien in Northglen. The local Wyresses will have arrived as well. You will witness the reunion between father and daughter.

Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Isa—Scout Isabeth, you put this company at risk by disobeying orders."
<Captain Eugien walks upt to Isabeth.>
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Thanks to our new ally here, the Wyrd agreed to help us drive out the Reachmen."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "I've hope you've—Wyress Delphique, what is the meaning of this?"
<Wyress Delphique casts a spell on Isabeth, checking for corruption.>
Wyress Delphique: "I thought as much. Captain Gaercroft. Your scout is infected."
Wyress Delphique: "Kill her if you wish to maintain this alliance."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "I won't kill her based on your word."
Wyress Delphique: "Then trust your new ally's word."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "I'll make my own judgement! I don't take orders from you."
<Isabeth runs up to them.>
Isabeth Gaercroft: "Father, stop!"
Isabeth Gaercroft: "So it's true. I'm infected"

If you speak with him afterwards, he will just say, "This is absurd!"

When Isabeth makes her decision, the following will happen.

Isabeth Gaercroft: "I've made my decision, father."
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Isabeth, don't be foolish. You can't think straight."
Isabeth Gaercroft: "No, father. I've never been so clear."
<Isabeth walks some distance away.>
Isabeth Gaercroft: "Wyress Delphique? Do it. Now, before I change my mind!"
<A stream of fire flows out of Delphique's palm and hits Isabeth. Captain Eugien runs up to her.>
Captain Eugien Gaercroft: "Isabeth!"

When it is over, he will be kneeling next to Isabeth's body. Captain Eugien will be understandably angry with the wyresses.

"The Wyrd expects an alliance now after they murder my daughter in cold blood? They're lucky I don't have them all killed here and now!"
It was Isabeth's choice. And you need this alliance.
"After what the Wyrd did to my daughter? The wyress killed her without hesitation! I can't have that unpredictability among my soldiers."
Wyress Delphique may have saved lives by doing what Isabeth wanted.
"Isabeth was a foolish girl. I should have disciplined her better. Made her stronger. She never followed orders. I knew this way of life would get her killed.
How can I possibly consent to this alliance with her blood on there hands?"
She wanted this alliance. It will save Evermore.
"Yes, Evermore needs this alliance. But I need ….
Isabeth's sacrifice will be remembered. You've proven yourself as a great ally to Evermore. I'll agree to this alliance. Together, we'll drive out the Reachmen."

Before you move on, he will thank you, saying "Thank you for all you've done here. Today has given me a lot to reflect on."