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Location Northglen
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Evermore City Guard

Hatmi is a Redguard scout of the Evermore City Guard and part of the forces fighting the Dark Witnesses at the settlement of Northglen. She is the sister of her fellow scout, Abir.

Related Quests[edit]


Hatmi can be found injured in the abandoned chapel near Northglen. As you approach her she will spit out "Reachman filth."

But when you speak with her, she will realize that you are not with the enemy.

"You're no Reachmen. Stendarr's finally seen it fit to grant me a little mercy."
I'm here to help. Captain Gaercroft sent me.
"He did? Not Isabeth? I'd hoped she'd gotten the others to the camp by now."
Do you know where Isabeth went?
"She rescued a wyress, and a villager named Laetille. The wyress said they're holding an area beneath the Ayleid ruins. Isa said she'd go and see about an alliance.
I told them to leave me here. I'd only slow them down with these wounds."
A wyress?
"Yes, one of the women of the woods. I was taught to never trust them, but Isa thought they could help us retake Northglen, and keep the Reachmen out of Evermore.
She might still be with them on the shore. There's an entry to the ruins there."
I'll find them. Use this poultice and get back to camp.

Once you hand her the poultice she will stand up and say:

Hatmi: "Thank you. I hope you see back at the camp."
<Hatmi turns invisible.>
Hatmi: "Elgenie's outdone herself."

After dealing with Duraeg and finding Isabeth. Hatmi will have returned to the camp by the time you get back.

"I'm in your debt for finding me. Elgenie says I'm going to be fine. I think Abir was more relieved than I was."

Once Beyond the Call is completed, she will comment, "Stendarr must be in a giving mood today."