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Halls of Submission
Discoverable No
Dungeon No
# of Zones 1
Aelif, Irazur, Oru, Razan, Sees-All-Colors
Daedric Burst, Dremora Churl, Dremora Hauzkyn, Dremora Kyngald, Dremora Kynval, Watcher
Quest Chain
Fighters Guild
Solo Instance Solo Instance
Solo Only Yes
Loading Screen
For the Dunmer, Molag Bal is one corner of the House of Troubles, and the arch-enemy of the "Good Daedra" Boethiah. For the Bosmer, he is the terrible demon who consumed Gil-Var-Delle. To some Ayleid clans he was Mola Gbal, and worthy of veneration.
The Outer Courtyard of the Halls

The Halls of Submission are a stronghold in Coldharbour where Molag Bal has hidden the Mortuum Vivicus. You, Merric and Aelif will come here in search of Sees-All-Colors.

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Halls of Submission[edit]

The portal from the Fighters Guild Hall will take you into the Halls. You'll find yourself inside the tight, misshapen corridors of a Daedric ruin. The ruin is quite linear, and you'll need to traverse it to find the Mortuum Vivicus. The halls are lit by candles and the occasional patch of blue glowstalks. The hallway south of the central room contains a puzzle which you must solve by channeling energy through one of three crystals with your two companions.

Outer Courtyard[edit]

The outer courtyard is an open-air location surrounded by black, jagged mountains. A Daedric ruin partially submerged in Azure Plasm is located here, with three pavilions located to the north, south and east. The Mortuum Vivicus is being kept in the center of the courtyard. Sees-All-Colors will be facing the Vivicus when you arrive with your companions. You will have the option of killing her or sparing her.

No matter which you choose, Aelif will betray you after your choice is made, and Colors is either dead or spared. She will disappear after her betrayal is revealed, summoning Daedric Bursts from the Vivicus to each of the pavilions. The bursts will activate blood fonts and summon three powerful minions and several Dremora. To the north, Aelif calls Irazur, a harvester. On the southern pavilion, a watcher named Oru, and an ogrim named Razan appears on the eastern platform. You must deactivate the blood fonts using the font pinions on each pavilion.


Map of the Halls