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Location Daggerfall, Port Hunding, Stonetooth Fortress
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Boatswain

Gilzir is a Redguard boatswain found in Daggerfall, Port Hunding, and Stonetooth Fortress. He offers passage aboard The Spearhead.

In Port Hunding and Stonetooth, Gilzir can be found aboard the ship. Confusingly, in Daggerfall, he can be found near the Lighthouse at the city's western Harbor District, even though The Spearhead can be found at the southern docks.

Older version of Gilzir's garments

Related Quests[edit]


If spoken to on Stros M'Kai, he will say:

"How may I serve?"
"Can you arrange passage for me?"
"It depends where you need to go. This is a working ship. We don't traverse all of Tamriel's seas."
Where do you sail?
"Hmm. From here, we travel to Stros M'kai. A bit tricky, but we should be able to make it before the weather changes.
Or you could head into the city. Perhaps stretch your legs a bit, try the local brew. It's up to you."
Stros M'Kai, please.
I'm looking for an adventure. / What else do you suggest?
"Have you been to Betnikh? I can get you there in one piece. Most likely. Probably. No guarantees, though."
Betnikh, please.
What do you recommend? / What else do you suggest?
"Daggerfall. You shall find there everything you need, and then some. There have been a few storms on the way, but nothing we can't handle. Let us pray our charts are current."
Daggerfall, please.

The Broken Spearhead[edit]

If you are in Daggerfall and have started The Broken Spearhead, you can also ask about Captain Kaleen:

I need to find Captain Kaleen.
"She should be back on Stros M'Kai, securing a new crew. I can take you there, if you wish."
What do you mean a new crew?
"There was a vigorous dispute between the captain and her old crew.
Tumma-Shah knows the whole story. She's below decks, if you'd like to know the details."
<Ends dialogue>
Take me to Stros M'Kai then.
<Teleports to Stros M'Kai>


  • Gilzir was located aboard The Spearhead at the Daggerfall Southern Docks until Update 10, when the dock's map marker was removed. This is still evident by him (still) saying Tumma-Shah is below decks.
  • Gilzir does not offer passage to the Stonetooth Fortress if you have not yet completed the Stros M'Kai questline.