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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Visit Stros M'Kai to repay the debt to your rescuer.
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Quest Giver: Tumma-Shah on The Spearhead;
Captain Kaleen in Port Hunding;
Mihayya in Daggerfall
Location(s): Port Hunding
Previous Quest: Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
Next Quest: Buried Secrets, Innocent Scoundrel and Like Moths to a Candle; The Spearhead's Crew
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Captain Kaleen and her First Mate Lambur are looking for new crew members
I've been marooned on the island of Stros M'Kai with nothing but the wet clothes on my back. [if taken from Port Hunding]
I'm told Captain Kaleen saved me from a watery grave. She's in a place called Stros M'Kai now, looking for able-bodied crew for her ship. [if taken from Daggerfall]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Tumma-Shah.
  2. Find Captain Kaleen.
  3. Look for Neramo, Jakarn or Crafty Lerisa.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

An argonian called Tumma-Shah can be found just outside the cabin you awoke in. When spoken to, she will greet you with: "The withered stalk flowers again. It is good to see you, alive and well." Asking her how you got onto the ship prompts her to tell you: "We found you floating in the water. I've seen corpses with more life in them, but Captain Kaleen dove in and fished you out anyway." Further asking who Kaleen is will be answered with: "The captain of this vessel. She is currently ashore, recruiting for our latest contract. You might want to pay your respects, seeing as she saved your life." Responding that you will do that will start the quest.

Once off the ship, run down the docks and turn left at the end. You'll see Captain Kaleen and Lambur arguing about how they should be in Betnikh, but lack a crew to get there. Talk to Kaleen, who will greet you with: "Look at that, Lambur! Our half-drowned friend is up and about. We weren't sure you'd make it." Asking her if she saved you is answered with: "Really, I just fished you out of the water. Master Kasan got you breathing again. The important thing is you're alive. But if you're feeling grateful... I could use some help." Asking her to elaborate, she tells you: "A job. Anyone who helps is going to get rich. Right now I need a fresh face, someone this island's butcher-in-charge, Headman Bhosek, doesn't know and won't stop. Basically, you recruit the folks I need, you get a cut of the take. Interested?", at which point you can choose to say either that you will help, in which case she asks you to find Crafty Lerisa, Jakarn or Neramo, or that you don't want to help, in which case the quest will not advance, but when spoken to again she says: "So, what do you say?" and asking her who you should look for will result in the same response as agreeing to help her earlier.

You can ask her to elaborate on each of the crewmembers she is seeking:

  • Jakarn: "He's a thief but he's the best there is. He'd be a big help in the heist I've planned. Problem is, he robbed Bhosek. Nobody robs Bhosek. He's been tossed into the Grave, under Bhosek's palace." If you say that you will look for Jakarn, she will tell you how to find him: "There's an entrance off the river, under the palace. Watch out for traps and the other prisoners. They're all murderers down there, the worst scum on the island. That's the Grave. You can leave any time you want, if you can get out alive."
  • Neramo: "Neramo's nice enough for an Altmer, if you get past his Dwemer fixation. Thing is, the relics he finds in Dwemer ruins sometimes come in very handy. He just might have a device we can use for our heist." If you say that you will look for Neramo, she will elaborate: "There's a Dwemer ruin outside town - Bthzark. Neramo went there to dig up relics. Help him find some and he might just join us."
  • Crafty Lerisa: "She's an old friend, captain of the Maiden's Breath. She's also a master of disguise. We can use that. The Sea Drakes used their lighthouse tricks to run her ship aground near Saintsport. Rescue her, and she might join us." If you say that you will look for Lerisa, she has some further advice: "You won't find her. She stays well hidden. Your best bet is to look for her monkey, Howler. They're never far apart. Find that monkey, and you'll find Lerisa."

Jakarn is imprisoned inside the Grave north of Port Hunding, Crafty Lerisa is near Saintsport, a town at the southern end of Stros M'Kai, and Neramo is just outside the ruins of Bthzark in western Stros M'Kai. Find the one you chose to help and talk to them to complete the quest. The reward is some gold.

Alternate Start[edit]

If you leave Stros M'Kai before starting this quest, you will be able to acquire it from Mihayya in Daggerfall. You'll find her just inside the gates that lead to the southern docks of Daggerfall. She will tell you Captain Kaleen is in Stros M'Kai and that you should talk to Gilzir, their boatswain. Go down to the southern docks and walk onto the Spearhead at the end. You can go below decks and talk to Tumma-Shah. She will tell you that the crew mutinied, but not much more. Now talk to Gilzir on the deck and arrange passage to Stros M'Kai.


  • If you leave Port Hunding before talking to Captain Kaleen, the quest updates to "Search Stros M'Kai" and sends you off exploring. Talking to Neramo, Jakarn or Lerisa will still complete the quest.
  • If you have not started this quest by the time you find one of the potential crew-members, it will become unavailable, and you will instead be offered The Spearhead's Captain.
  • Between the release of One Tamriel and the release of Morrowind, Mihayya was not available as a quest giver, as all Daggerfall Covenant characters started directly on Stros M'Kai upon finishing the Soul Shriven in Coldharbour tutorial quest.
  • Prior to Update 10, you were dropped into Daggerfall upon leaving Coldharbour, and Mihayya was the primary starting point for the quest.


* This journal text does not always appear when talking to Tumma-Shah. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Broken Spearhead
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find someone on board the ship to take me to Stros M'Kai and find Captain Kaleen.
Objective: Talk to the Boatswain
Optional Step: Talk to Tumma-Shah
Tumma-Shah said Captain Kaleen saved my life. If I want to thank her, I should speak to her about the crew's latest job.
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
Latest start Captain Kaleen needs some folks with special skills for a heist she's trying to pull off. She wants me to help her recruit one or more of these folks. If I do, I'm in on the job.
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
Crafty Lerisa's in Saintsport, Jakarn's in the Grave, and Neramo's at the ruin of Bthzark. I need to recruit one or more of them for the heist Kaleen's planning.
Objective: Look for Lerisa, Jakarn, or Neramo
Finishes quest☑ Captain Kaleen asked me to look for Neramo at the ancient Dwarven ruin of Bthzark. I need to convince him to join Kaleen's heist.
Objective: Talk to Neramo
Captain Kaleen asked me to find a pirate captain named Lerisa who may be stranded in Saintsport. Because Lerisa is hard to spot, I'm looking for her monkey, Howler.
Objective: Find Howler
I agreed to recruit Jakarn for Captain Kaleen's heist. He's trapped in a prison called the Grave beneath Headman Bhosek's palace. First I have to find the entrance.
Objective: Enter the Grave