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Location Orkey's Hollow
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
The siblings are reunited

Eiman is a Nord trapped inside Orkey's Hollow. He is a brother of Rolunda, who will request that you help free Eiman. Eiman and Rolunda are adopted by Tillrani Snow-Bourne and Narrald Snow-Bourne after their parents died. They do, however, have their own house in Bleakrock Village.

He is the author of two fish recipes.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Frozen Man[edit]

When you've freed Eiman inside Orkey's Hollow, he sounds confused:

"What happened? Did ... did you see those Covenant soldiers?"
Covenant soldiers?
"I saw a group of them exploring the cave. They laughed at me, hanging in the ice.
Then the Frozen Man got them."
Let's get out of here, Eiman.

He replies back to you while he heads outside:

Eiman: "You don't have to tell me twice."

Once outside, he will reunite with his sister:

Rolunda: "Eiman!"
Eiman: "Rolly! You came to save me!"
Rolunda: "You're lucky I came at all."

The Missing of Bleakrock[edit]

Rolunda will take him back to the village after you warn her of the presence of the Daggerfall Covenant on the isle:

Rolunda:"We're going. Dumb ox,"
Eiman: "You should've seen it, Rolly. The cave is incredible."
Rolunda: "Don't call me Rolly."
Eiman: "He had treasures! He was child-sized, like an evil baby man."
Rolunda: "Go in there again, and I'll leave you to rot."

Back at the village, Eiman will be found working outside his house. He tells you that he's still thinking about the cave:

"All the stuff that was in there! We have to go back and get some. The evil baby man must be gone now, right?
Wow! Did you see that, and that other, and, and....
Aw, come on, Rolly!"

Sparking the Flame[edit]

Immediately before you start the evacuation, several villagers have gathered outside the Last Rest. Eiman and Rolunda will also be there, Eiman wondering:

"Rolly, what happened? How could they do this?"

Escape from Bleakrock[edit]

After you disabled the traps in Last Rest, he will be among the refugees to cross safely.

After you have arrived to Bal Foyen with the refugees, Rolunda will inform you that she has sent Eiman off with some other villagers to keep him safe.

"Rolly, what are you thinking? You've got that look in your eye."

If By Sea[edit]

After you check the watchtower, he will relocateFort Zeren with the other refugees who aren't battle-ready:

"Darj told me to stay out of the way. He said I shouldn't look threatening during the battle.
I think I can do that."

If you aid Captain Rana at the docks, Eiman will die, leaving his sister Rolunda alone with Trynhild and Aera Earth-Turner. If you help Darj at the fort, Eiman will live and Rolunda will die.

Zeren in Peril[edit]

Throughout the siege, he will be taking shelter in one of the towers of the fort.

After the fort is saved:

"I can't wait to tell Rolly I lived! She'll be so happy!"

After saving the fort, you can find Eiman in several locations throughout Stonefalls with the remaining Bleakrock survivors.


Davon's Watch[edit]

Eiman is sitting at the funeral procession for those lost at the docks. He's having a hard time comprehending the death of his sister.

"Rolly. Rolly, why did you have to leave me?
I'm so sorry I went to the cave, sister. I'll never do it again."


Eiman will be standing by the cooking fire with the other Bleackrock survivors, sharpening a knife.

"Sometimes, I still talk to Rolly in my head. I ask her things, like, "What should I do now?"
The Earth-Turners are joining the army, but I'm much better with a cookpot than I am with a blade."


He has no dialogue in Kragenmoor, but can be seen near Laughs-at-All's performance, close to a tree by the bridge, gathering mushrooms. They're probably for a meal.