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Fort Zeren
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Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Skyshards 1
Bal Foyen
Southern Bal Foyen
Fort Zeren

Fort Zeren is a fort at the southern end of Bal Foyen.

Related Quests[edit]

Fort Zeren Keep[edit]

Fort Zeren Keep

The keep within the fort. Darj and many Pact Soldiers are inside.

Fort Zeren Manor[edit]

Fort Zeren Manor

A manor within the fort. You get to go inside this building if you choose to help Darj and play through Zeren in Peril. It is empty, save for an important quest NPC.


Fort Zeren Wayshrine

The Fort Zeren Wayshrine is located next to the Keep on the west side of the fort.


  • Fort Zeren originally functioned as a Quest Hub at release and could be cleared by completing an Objective tied to the quest Zeren in Peril. Since the quest can't be obtained if you choose to do If By Sea instead, this meant that either Fort Zeren or Bal Foyen Dockyards could never be cleared. The Objectives for both locations were later removed to address this.
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