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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Use an ancient tomb to escape from the attacking Covenant forces.
Zone: Bleakrock Isle
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Bleakrock Village — Look for people missing from Bleakrock Village.
Quest Giver: Captain Rana
Location(s): Bleakrock Village, Last Rest
Prerequisite Quest: Sparking the Flame
Next Quest: If By Sea
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Villagers are evacuating from Bleakrock
The Daggerfall Covenant has assaulted Bleakrock Village. Captain Rana sent the surviving refugees to Last Rest, a tomb near the town. Rana and I must clear a path through the tomb for the refugees.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Open the door for Rana and the villagers.
  2. Unlock the door with flower stones by it.
  3. Open the final door for Rana and the villagers.
  4. Travel to Dhalmora and talk to Rana.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You and Captain Rana enter Last Rest, the tomb behind Rana. Once inside, Rana is waiting to the left. She asks you to pull a switch at the other end of the first room while she does the same thing at the front. There is a path to the left, allowing you to bypass some of the spike traps, but you must cross the last three to get to the switch.

Once the switch is pulled, a countdown starts while you wait for refugees. If the quest The Missing of Bleakrock was completed the saved villagers will run through the door. Otherwise, Rana will walk towards you.

Rana needs you to unlock a door with flower stones to the left and right of it. Make your way through an icy room, then a room with more spike traps. The door is at the end of the spike room on the south side. The door is unlocked, and Rana runs out. She asks you to trigger a switch in the Lower Halls at the bottom of the stairs.

The switch is east, in front of an altar. Activate the switch and exit through the south door.

Rana says the cove is just ahead, and you must wait for the refugees again.

Once outside, join Rana on the boat to Dhalmora, a small town located far down the coast. Once in Dhalmora, Rana tells you to warn Davon's Watch of the invasion and gives you some gold.

Quest Stages[edit]

Escape from Bleakrock
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to enter the tomb.
Objective: Enter Last Rest
I need to talk to Captain Rana and find out her plan.
Objective: Talk to Captain Rana
To disable the traps, I must flip a switch on the far wall of the first room.
Objective: Use the Switch
Captain Rana has disabled the traps and summoned the refugees. I should wait for the refugees to reach safety.
Objective: Wait for Refugees
I need to speak to Captain Rana to find out the next step.
Objective: Talk to Captain Rana
Captain Rana needs me to unlock a door deep inside the tomb. The door has two stones on it. Each one bears the likeness of a flower.
Objective: Unlock the Door for Captain Rana
I unlocked the door. I should catch up to Captain Rana and find out the next step in clearing the tomb.
Objective: Talk to Captain Rana
Captain Rana will unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs. I must enter the room beyond.
Objective: Open the Door
Captain Rana needs me to flip the switch in this room so she can enter the door above it.
Objective: Use the Switch
We must be close to the far side. I need to talk to Captain Rana.
Objective: Talk to Captain Rana
Captain Rana wants me to wait for the refugees to leave the Last Rest before I move on.
Objective: Wait for Refugees
We're saved! Captain Rana is speaking with someone on one of the boats in the cove. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Captain Rana
Finishes quest☑ I made it to Stonefalls, along with Captain Rana and the refugees. I should check in with Captain Rana.
Objective: Talk to Captain Rana
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